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Five Tips on How to Dispose of Your Old TV

Old TV

If you’re planning on upgrading your old TV for a more modern one, it’s essential that you look for a proper way to dispose of your old model. TVs and other electronic appliances aren’t as easy to dispose of as regular trash. If you take them into a standard bin bag, they can be harmful to the environment after being dumped into a landfill.

Why Should You Dispose of Your Old TV?

TVs are usually made from steel, plastic, aluminum, and other hazardous toxins. You need to dispose of these items responsibly if you want to help minimize damage to the environment. Here is a small guide with five tips on how to dispose of your old TV and where to take it.

Five Tips

1. Donate it to Someone Else

If the TV still works, it’s best if you donate it to a friend, family member, or local charity. While an old TV may not be useful to you anymore, it can be highly valuable for someone else. If you don’t have any friends or family that want your TV, you can search online for local charities that may accept it. This way, you’re not adding up any waste since you’re just giving the TV to someone else.

2. Sell it Online

If donating it isn’t an option for you, you could also get your TV on an online website. Sites like eBay work perfectly for that purpose since you can sell any used items there. This doesn’t ensure that you instantly get rid of your TV, but you’re helping to take care of the environment.

3. Look for a Local Recycling Program

Regardless of the area you live in, there’s always a recycling program accepting old items to be recycled. These recycling programs offer specific pick-up and drop-off locations for electronics and other large items. Make sure that you look for an E-Steward certified program since those people are trained to handle hazardous waste from old TVs.

4. Take it into the Landfill

If you can’t donate, sell, or take your TV to a recycling program, you can also take it to the landfill if it’s not such a large model. However, keep in mind that not all cities accept throwing off electronics into the landfill because of their hazardous components.

5. Hire a Professional Junk Removal Service

The fastest and most effective option to get rid of your old TV is by calling an expert to take it. By hiring a junk removal service, you ensure that your TV gets taken to a safe place where it can be recycled without causing damage to the environment.

EZ CleanUp – Television Disposal Philadelphia

Our junk removal professionals at EZ CleanUp are trained to take your old TV from your home and recycle it responsibly. If you need a television disposal service in Philadelphia, PA, all you have to do is call us, tell us what you need, and we’re going to be there as quick as possible!

Old TV

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