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How Much to Charge for Junk Removal

Junk Removal

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If you’ve decided to start performing junk removal services, it’s important that you understand junk removal pricing. Have you been wondering, ‘how much does junk removal cost?’ You’ve come to the right place! Waste removal can incur dramatically different costs from different junk removal companies. Junk removal prices can vary depending on the type of equipment that is required to perform the junk removal, as well as the kinds of materials that you need to handle as part of the job. Factoring these into your junk removal costs is the best and fairest way to know what to charge customers for waste disposal.

Which Materials are You Handling?

When wondering how much does it cost to get rid of junk, a large part of this is the type of hunk you need to haul away. Standard trash removal doesn’t cost as much as junk hauling from construction sites, for example. Also, companies charge a higher average price for different hauling services and sometimes charge more for a full truckload. You should make sure to factor waste management and relevant disposal fees into your final price. For example, if you need to haul away construction debris, scrap metal, or hazardous materials, you may want to charge more.

It’s also fair to charge more for a service when you’ve hauled away a full load of junk or waste. Load size is an important part of calculating removal costs. This is also why it can be difficult to determine a national average cost for waste removal. However, junk removal companies often charge per truck load or by weight. If you’re starting out providing a trash removal service and are unsure of what a fair average cost might be, you can try to get quotes for other junk removal services in your area. Basing the price of your junk removal service on local junk removal prices is a good way to ensure your removal cost is both competitive and reasonable.

Equipment and Gear

Sometimes, charging prices per load or truckload isn’t sufficient, because you need to use a dumpster or other equipment as part of the disposal of your customer’s trash. As such, you may want to quote an extra fee if you have used a dumpster (or several) as part of the clean up. Most trash removal companies also have a dumpster rental service, which your customers may find is useful in and of itself. This way, you don’t need to assist the customers in directly dealing with debris. All you have to do is collect the dumpster once they are done and quote a price or costs for the service of disposing of the waste.

Another way to calculate cost is by size. You can ask your customers to pay per cubic meter of items handled, for example. If you don’t want to calculate pricing by cubic meter, then you can figure out the price based on the time required to carry out junk removal for your customer. Whether you decide to use pricing based on time or cubic meter is up to you and your company. It may take some experimentation before you know what kind of average

pricing you like best, as well as what customers have to pay on average for the kinds of services you offer.

Or You Can Work with EZ CleanUp!

Providing a quality junk removal service can be challenging and time consuming. Instead of worrying about the removal cost and the best way for you to dispose of your clients’ waste, why not EZ CleanUp in Philadelphia deal with it? In addition to offering a quality junk removal service, this means you don’t have to worry about figuring out the cost of junk removal for your customers. We work hard to provide competitive pricing, and always try to dispose of items and debris in an eco friendly way.

Our Senior Discount

Our company recognizes the contribution of our seniors to our community and country. As such, we offer a 10% discount to all seniors for our services! While our junk removal prices are already highly competitive, seniors get an even better price per load or for removal and disposal of old items and junk.

Affordable, Professional Service

You never have to pay too much with our company. We work hard to keep our services affordable and always ask for a reasonable price. With us, you can get a top service for a fraction of the cost of some of our competitors.

If you find that you’ve accumulated lots of old items or have far too much junk, then hire us today. We keep the cost low and provide a professional, quality service to customers and households around Philadelphia.


Sometimes, your items don’t have to be thrown away. Depending on the kind of items you have, they might be suitable for recycling or donation. Don’t throw that old hot tub into landfill.

Let us take care of it! Our truck fleet can accommodate large items and furniture and we always donate or recycle furniture or goods that we find to be in good enough condition. Also, we make sure our truck use isn’t excessive, which is another way we can limit our impact on the environment.

We recognize that donating furniture is often the best outcome for the community.

If we take your old couch away in our truck and leave it at a donation center, someone who needs furniture might be able to use your couch at home.

This helps them save money on things that they require without more waste building up in landfill, which is damaging to the environment.

Knowing how much junk removal with a truck should cost is important when you perform the service for hire. However, you need to know how much to ask for when dealing with your customers’ junk, in order to charge a fair price for your junk removal services.

With these tips, you should be able to figure out what is reasonable to charge before you start working with your own customers.

Summary: we give tips on how to charge for junk removal, as well as the advantages of working with us directly.

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