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Several ways to get rid of the old refrigerator

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Get Rid of an Old Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is one of the most hardworking appliances in the kitchen.

But just like any item in the house it can wear out, break down and get replaced with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

When time comes you may ask, ‘how to get rid of a refrigerator?’

You’ll quickly realize that disposing of an old fridge isn’t as easy as throwing it out the curb.

For one, it’s heavy and your floor can suffer when you’re trying to move it yourself.

Also, most garbage removal companies won’t pick up something as huge as a fridge on such short notice.

Still, there are some ways on how to throw out your fridge.

Let’s take a look at each of them one by one.

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Donate Your Used Refrigerator

Is your old refrigerator still working?

Then you may want to consider giving it away for a good cause.

Call up local charitable organizations in your area and ask if they can make use of your used appliance.

If they say yes, then you just have to bring it to the designated drop-off center or straight to the charity’s

Some institutions can come to your house and collect large appliances, so it’s just a matter of asking them
who will pick up my old refrigerator.

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Opt for a Trade-In

Thinking of upgrading to a new fridge?

You can eliminate a pain point in buying a new appliance by availing of a trade-in program.

Major appliance stores and brand outlets usually offer a 1-on-1 trade deal, where you can have them come
and do a refrigerator haul away and bring your new appliance straight to your doorstep at the same time.

Some stores will only take same-brand refrigerators and ones that are still working, while others take any
brand regardless of state or condition.

Also, they may charge a fee to haul your old appliances away.

Make sure to inquire as to how their trade-ins work so you’ll be better informed.

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Recycle Your Old Fridge

If you’re looking to dispose of your old refrigerator in an earth-friendly manner, consider having it recycled.

The first thing to do is look up your state’s current recycling programs- some organizations and utility
companies sponsor them to increase awareness and lessen the number of items that would otherwise end up
in the landfill.

Recycling’s benefits are many- you help prevent toxic substances from leeching into the earth, save on
energy use and reduce ozone damage and gas emissions.

The only downside is that you may need to bring your old unit to the recycling center yourself.

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Throw It Out

You may be so busy that you don’t have the time to plan an old refrigerator removal for recycling or donate it to a local charity.

Throwing out your fridge is perhaps the easiest way to dispose of the item, but you can run into serious problems later on.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s bad for the environment?

First, your local trash collectors may not be equipped to handle such a large appliance and leave it by your

Homeowners will usually have to call them up and inform them in advance.

In some states, large appliances such as washing machines, TVs and refrigerators are banned as they take up significant space in landfills.

In an effort to reduce waste, local governments are promoting the practice of recycling large household items such as stoves, refrigerators and others.

And if that’s not enough,

you will be required to bring your old fridge to a nearby transfer station for processing.

Removing the door before handing it over is mandatory;

you’re not allowed to tape the doors shut either or they won’t be able to accept it either.

If all those things don’t discourage you from using this method, the fact that you need to hire a technician to
take out the coolant and compressor and pay a fee for disposal will.

Simply put, we don’t recommend this course of action.

Residential Trash Removal Philadelphia, PA

Hire a Refrigerator Removal Service

To avoid the hassles and headaches that come with getting rid of an old refrigerator, you can hire a refrigerator removal company. It’s that simple!

Most junk removal companies like EZ Clean Up offer a quick and easy way to relieve homeowners and business owners of their unwanted appliances and trash.

Moreover, you can rest easy knowing that your used appliance will be properly handled and recycled so they don’t end up in landfills.

With EZ Clean Up, you won’t have to worry about old refrigerator disposal and having to carry out something as heavy out to the curb.

Yes, there will be a fee to get your refrigerator taken away but the time and energy you’ll save will be worth it!

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Professional Philadelphia Junk Removal

If you’re looking for the best refrigerator disposal company in PA, you’ve come to the right place.

EZ CleanUp offers professional removal services which include junk cars, materials such as bricks, rocks, concrete and large appliances like refrigerators and air-conditioning units.

You can rely on EZ Clean Up to arrive on time and take away your old and heavy appliances.

We knows where to have your old fridge properly processed and disposed.

Cost-Effective Refrigerator Removal

EZ Clean Up focuses on providing excellent service in Philadelphia.

You won’t be charged exorbitant fees on items you want removed from your home or office.

Our honest and reliable crew can relieve you of your burden as soon as possible.

Other junk removal services make you wait all day, but not EZ Clean Up.
You can set the time when you want your old fridge removed and expect us then.

You won’t have to lift a finger as everything will be done for you.

Experience the best removal service for your old refrigerator when you hire EZ Clean Up to pick up your
used refrigerator.

We guarantee upfront, honest pricing, zero surprise fees and trouble-free refrigerator disposal in Philadelphia.

In the end, you’re free to worry about other things and move on with your life.

Hire EZ Clean Up for hassle-free appliance disposal today!

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