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Trash Clean Up

Trash Clean Up

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At EZ Clean Up, we make sure that your trash cleanup experience is as seamless and hassle-free as possible. We’re experts in waste removal and have been serving the city of Philadelphia for years now.

We operate on a zero-waste policy. We like to clean as much trash as we can, recycling the recyclable materials and donating any savable furniture to charities across Philadelphia.

We’re the best and fastest trash removal service in the city, so if you need some waste removed, give us a call and let’s see what we can do to help.

We operate with a 10% discount on all of our trash cleanout services for seniors, so if you need some disposal work taken care of, we’re there to help.

All you have to do is send us a picture of the cleaning site with some information, and we can get back to you with a quote.

While we’re experts in trash removal project work both large and small, we understand that sometimes there’s no need to call us out. That’s why we’ve put together some short tips and an FAQ section to help you with your own trash cleaning.

Trash Cleaning Tips

Set a Schedule

The biggest obstacle you should face when you’re trying to clean up is getting started. It might seem like a large and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

First, before you start cleaning, set up a schedule on what you plan to work on. Rather than spending large sweeping amounts of time all in one go, break the cleanup into one or two hour periods over a couple of days.

When you can see the constant progress you’re making, it should help to keep you motivated.

Use The Tools at Your Disposal

If you have any tools available to you, no matter how big or small, use them.

You don’t need to do the entire job by hand. Not only is that more time consuming, but it’s also dangerous.

If you have bin bags, use them. Even if all you have to help is a sweeping brush, it should make things much easier.

That goes for people, too. If you have friends or family that can help, then great! Even some neighbors might be willing to help you out depending on your community.

Try Keep Green With Your Garbage

It’s not always easy, but you should try recycling as much as you can. This is better for the environment and can even save you money.

Try to recycle or donate any appliances that you are throwing out. There are electronic business property locations in certain city areas, including Philadelphia, that allow you to turn in your old electronic goods.

Have separate bags for your recycling and your rubbish, and try to separate the good items that can be saved from the bad items.

Cleaning Up the Neighborhood Street

If you’re cleaning up the neighborhood street and not your own property, then you have a bigger job ahead of you.

Rather than tackling the problem by yourself, you would be better off trying to get some of the residents on your street to give you a hand.

Cleaning the streets for spring cleaning can be a good way to connect with the residents that live around your home, but it’s not mandatory.

If you have a specific issue with your streets in Philadelphia, PA, you can always contact the city Streets Department about it.

Stay Covid 19 Safe

If you are going to clean up litter with other people, regardless of whether it’s in your own bubble or with people that live on your streets, you’re going to want to stay Covid safe.

Make sure you’re maintaining social distancing and wearing a face mask.

If there is anyone around that is a high risk, then consider avoiding the help altogether.

Cleaning up litter and recycling is important, but not more important than you’re own safety.

Waste Removal FAQs

If you’re worried about the potential covid implications that cleaning up litter yourself comes with, you should take advantage of the services that our junk removal company EZ Clean Up provides.

Are You Covid Safe?

We take the health of our team and your family incredibly seriously, which is why we strictly adhere to all relevant covid guidelines while supplying our services.
If you have any specific questions about the health precautions that we maintain, then you can give us a call, and we would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

How Long Are Your Services?

It’s impossible to say how long our cleanout service should take. It fully depends on the litter and the job that we’re needed for.
We can have most jobs done in a day, but it all depends on how much recycling and removal that needs to be done.
If you send us a picture of the site, we can get back to you with a quote on our service as well as an estimate of how long we should be out there. We aim to be as fast as possible with all of the different service options that we provide, and we’ve been doing this for years, so we don’t waste time.

Do You Remove All Rubbish?

We remove every kind of rubbish and material, whether green or otherwise. If you have events that need cleaning up after, biohazard material, or just a regular home cleanup, we can take care of the problem for you.

Do You Serve Every Neighborhood in the City of Philadelphia?

Yes, we do. We serve every single street in Philly all year round.
Philadelphia is a big city that has some of the nicest neighbors in all of America, and that’s a level of community spirit that we embody in all the things that we do.

What Way Do You Clean?

We have our own specific strategies and methods over the multiple year-long periods of cleaning up Philly.
You can rest assured that all of our cleaning procedures are up to a professional standard.

EZ Clean Up

Hopefully, you’ve found these tips helpful. We’ve worked in the city of Philly for year after year at this point, and we like what we do more after every single job.

We’re passionate about cleanliness, so let us clean up your home.

If you need any more information from us, give us a call and let’s have a chat.

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