Who Can Pick Up My Old Refrigerator?

Who Can Pick Up My Old Refrigerator?

Who Can Pick Up My Old Refrigerator?

Disposing of junk, especially larger objects, can be a hassle to do on your own.

If you live in the Philadelphia area, you should know that throwing away electronic objects into the trash is illegal and morally questionable.

So how do you get rid of large electronics?

You could try to get a friend to help you move it to an appropriate recycling dump. However, if neither one of you has a truck, then delivering an item like a refrigerator is impossible to do efficiently. A waste management company is a solution to your vexing problem!

Here at EZ CleanUp, we remove almost everything that you need to dispose of. Naturally, you won’t have to worry about any legal issues, such as fines, when a waste company picks up your trash. EZ CleanUp handles all of the tedious work for you, so it doesn’t matter if you need to throw away furniture or the refrigerator, we have you covered.


EZ CleanUP offers an eco-friendly answer to the age-old question, “who can pick up my old refrigerator?” Do you enjoy professional cleanup services that are available at any moment? Feel free to take advantage of our offer to go to your home for waste management whenever you need us! Our refrigerator removal services are highly cost-efficient and are completed more efficiently compared to our competition.

Efficiency is essential to energy conservation, and recycling your fridge sooner, rather than later, plays a significant part in this eco-friendly era.

Our refrigerator haul away service is designed for your convenience, as moving a large, heavy object several miles away can be taxing on your car. If you lack a pickup truck or another vehicle designed for holding large objects, then having somebody else to do the job for you is a huge boon.

Carrying the fridge alone poses a significant danger to your health, as its weight can lead to severe injury or possibly death. This danger makes moving it to a vehicle of transport on your own ill-advised, so leave it to the professionals.

Why Should I Get Rid of My Old Refrigerator?

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Older fridges are more prone to electrical mishaps, which can be disastrous for your electrical bill. Aside from that, a refrigerator that isn’t in use takes up a fair amount of space, which could be used by something more productive.

Recycling is more beneficial for energy conservation efforts than seeing it rot away doing nothing.

How Do You Guys Handle My Old Refrigerator

The Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act (also known as the CDRA) states that all electronic waste must be recycled, so throwing electronics such as your refrigerator into a state landfill is illegal.

As a result, we take your fridge into a recycling center (if it’s broken) or to a company that can refurbish the old refrigerator (if there are parts that are still usable). One good thing to note is that if your fridge has some valuable parts in it and a company pays for it, we use that credit to pay off part of your bill.

Knowing where to recycle your refrigerator is our job. With our knowledge of the Philadelphia landscape, we can assure you that your fridge can be adequately disassembled in its designated location.

If you illegally dump it elsewhere, the chemicals from the appliance can tarnish the ozone layer, which is essential to prevent the sun’s UV rays from harming us. Instead, you should give us a call so we can pick up your electronics for proper disposal.

Who Does EZ CleanUp Serve?

EZ CleanUp serves both residential and commercial businesses. It doesn’t matter if the old refrigerator is your grandma’s or from the office, we are willing to do our part in waste management for your convenience and safety. It doesn’t matter how many fridges you need to recycle, as EZ CleanUp is here for you when you need us. A refrigerator to throw away is a fridge we can repurpose!

We are proud of our quick and efficient junk removal services, offering it to whoever needs to get rid of something. Of course, we aren’t just limited to refrigerators and similar appliances, so if you need to throw away other objects alongside your old, handy-dandy refrigerator, then we can accommodate your trash needs.

Most garbage removal companies won’t pick up your fridge, especially on short notice, but we offer a way to dispose of your refrigerator properly!

If you have other waste that you need to dispose of, then we can handle it too! If you’re unsure as to if we can take your junk, feel free to send us a picture and we can send you a free, no-obligation quote. Our junk removal services cover a wide array of items, so something like a refrigerator qualifies.

When you need to toss out the old appliance and live nearby Philadelphia, don’t forget to call EZ CleanUp for high-quality waste management services. Just remember, it’s easy to clean up with EZ CleanUp!

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