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Our company works day in, day out to remove all kinds of junk and debris from households and properties around the city Philadelphia. If you have anything you need cleaned out or removed from your property or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer competitive rates and serve the whole of the city of Philadelphia.
Trash Clean Up

Trash Clean Up

At EZ Clean Up, we make sure that your trash cleanup experience is as seamless and hassle-free as possible. We’re experts in waste removal and

How Much to Dispose of Tires

How Much to Dispose of Tires

Tires are one of the most common kinds of round junk to accumulate at home. Landfills are often full of tires of all shapes and

junk removal how much to remove couches

Remove Couches: Junk Removal

Table of contentsjunk removal how much to remove couchesHow Do You Get Rid of Old Furniture and Couches?How to Get Rid of a Sofa?How Much

junk removal help

how to start a junk removal company

Starting a junk removal company be a difficult task. You can find yourself asking many questions on how to actually go about doing so. This

tips for eco friendly junk removal

tips for eco friendly junk removal

Getting rid of junk often involves sending your old furniture or trash to a dump. This service can often seem it contributes to waste and

Junk Removal

How Much to Charge for Junk Removal

If you’ve decided to start performing junk removal services, it’s important that you understand junk removal pricing. Have you been wondering, ‘how much does junk

Who Takes Junk Cars

Who Takes Junk Cars

There are many people who have junk cars just lying around in their house, and you may be one of them. Many people do the

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