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Junk Car Removal – Cash For Junk Cars

If you want the fastest & easiest way to get rid of your junk car and get paid, we at EZ CleanUp make it easy for you.
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How long has that junk car been rusting in your yard?

Let EZ Clean Up haul it away for good. If we can get money from the sale or scrap, we’ll credit you with the proceeds from the profit. We haul away and remove more than junk cars in Philadelphia.

Junk Car Removal Philadelphia, PA

EZ Clean Up will gladly remove

car junk removal

Junk cars

Junk Car Removal Philadelphia, PA


Junk Car Removal Philadelphia, PA


Trailers, Tractors, RV’s, Boats and More…

We can remove, haul, and pick up just about any scrap vehicle in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. If you’ve got other junk lying around, we’ll take that away, too. We’ll leave your yard clean, empty, and ready for your next vehicle purchase.

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Junk Car Removal Philadelphia, PA

Doesn’t Run? Doesn’t Matter.

We have never been presented with a vehicle that we have been unable to haul away.
Some of them have been difficult and require special tools and equipment, but we’re experts at removing junk vehicles in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. We love a challenge, so if you’ve got a vehicle that you want to be removed and are not sure who can do it, trust us with the job.
Junk Car Removal Philadelphia, PA

The Risk of Doing it Yourself

Can you remove your old car yourself? Possibly. In some cases, your junk car is so rusted that it makes it difficult and dangerous to remove yourself. Old cars can have many sharp edges.
Pieces fall off unexpectedly. Junk vehicles also often leak hazardous fluids. We have the experience and equipment to pick up and remove old scrap vehicles and cars in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania that are stuck in the mud or falling apart. If we have to break it down into parts and haul it away in a truck, it will be gone.

We Resell or Recycle

Sometimes your junk car is useful to someone else or can be sold as scrap metal. We will always try to get some money for everything we remove on your behalf and we will credit your bill with the proceeds from the profit. If we cannot re-sell, we will recycle it responsibly.

How It Works?


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Accept your offer

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Get paid & Get rid

We will reach out to take your car and give you the payment.

car junk removal

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