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Couch Removal Philadelphia

A few clicks, and your old couch is gone!
We offer couch removal services in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas. Our professional & licensed team will not only remove your couch but also leave the place perfectly clean.
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Couch Removal Philadelphia
A few clicks, and your old couch is gone!

The EZiest way to dispose of an old couch

When it comes to buying a new couch, there are plenty of great options out there. But when removing a couch, there’s only one good option – using a couch removal service by a licensed junk removal company

Using a junk removal company’s service will save you time, energy, and, most importantly, your precious back.

Why should you choose EZ CleanUp?

  • We are a licensed & insured junk removal company.
  • We’re eco-friendly – we recycle 90% of all Items!
  • If your couch can be recycled, we’ll get a few extra bucks for it & We’ll credit the profit back to you.
  • We offer competitive rates.
  • You don’t have to pay for a full truck!
  • We offer a 10% senior discount.
  • We have 120+ reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.8/5 
  • We take the hassle out of couch removal. Learn more about us here.

3 Great reasons why it’s better not to DIY this time

Your time

Disposing of an old couch is more complex than taking out the garbage. In most cases, you can’t leave your couch on the curb for the trash truck to pick it up.

Different municipalities have different rules about this matter, but in general, if you want to do it yourself, you would have to disassemble your couch first, and still, its pieces might be too big for the requirements!

Your planet

Even if you’re up to the task of disassembling your couch to pieces that your municipality junk removal truck accept, with EZ CleanUp, the chances that your old sofa will end up in a better place are much higher.
We’re an eco-conscious junk removal company and recycle 90% of all Items!

Your back

Throwing away an old couch is a back-breaking job, period.
We are used to lifting heavy weights and furniture of all kinds, so it’s not an issue for us. We will remove your couch safely without risking anyone’s health.

Couch removal Philadelphia FAQ

What will you do with my old couch?

There are a few options here:

  • Donate it  – if your couch is still in decent shape, someone in need might be happy to have it.
  • Recycle it – 90% of the junk we haul is recycled to save the environment; if your couch is recyclable, we will get a few bucks for it & We’ll credit the profit back to you! Everybody wins!
  • Sell it – When possible, we will sell your couch and credit the profit back to you.
  • Dispose of it – If your couch can’t be recycled, sold, or donated, we will dispose of it in a proper landfill; however, since that’s the least eco-friendly solution, it’s always our last option, and in 90% of the cases, we don’t reach the landfill.

Do I have to pay for an entire truck if I only want to get rid of one couch?

No, You don’t.

We understand that not all people need a full truck; that’s why we offer different paying options according to the amount of junk required.

You can choose between:
1/8 truck load, 1/4 truck load, 1/2 truck load, 3/4 truck load, or a full truck load.

Do you offer same-day couch removal services in Philadelphia?

Call us at (215) 678-2040, and we’ll be on our way!

Can you haul away other items too?

Of course.

Getting rid of your old couch is an excellent opportunity to throw away other things you don’t need, and the more junk you have, the better price you get!

We also offer yard waste removal services and all kinds of furniture removal services. Whatever junk you have, we’ll be happy to haul it!

Are there any discounts?


As we mentioned, we will do our best to recycle your old couch and credit you the money. 

We also offer a 10% senior discount.

Which areas in Philadelphia do you serve?

We provide couch removal services in all of Philadelphia and neighboring counties such as Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware.

So you’re a licensed & insured junk removal company, why is that important?

Unfortunately, some companies offer junk removal services without a license and insurance; if you work with such a company and anything goes wrong, you’re not covered.
EZ CleanUp is both licensed & insured.

Save yourself the hassle, call us at (215) 678-2040, and your old couch will be removed in no time!

Couch Removal Philadelphia
A few clicks, and your old couch is gone!
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Excellent4.4 Based on 173 reviews from review us onReuvan M.Reuvan M. ★★★★★ I am using this company for about 10 years. They are absolutely the best. Always on time very professional and flexibility. I ued 3 other companies before no copesment in level of service. Also very reasonably policed.Higly recommend them.Michele B.Michele B. ★★★★★ Juan and Josh were the best! Due to the amount of trash they had to come out twice, but worth every penny. Both times they came out, they were efficient and even had a third person on the second day knowing what was left to remove from the house. Highly recommend them if you need a house cleaned out!Aprilmarie S.Aprilmarie S. ★★★★★ workers were friendly and did a great jobJosh & Nancy P.Josh & Nancy P. ★★★★★ They showed up early, worked hard, and got everything cleared out quickly.Good service. Thanks!Michael D.Michael D. ★★★★★ Update - EZ Cleanup reached out to explain that they had mechanical issues the day of my appointment, and they rescheduled me at a discounted rate. I very much appreciated their quick response and actions to remedy. It is rare to work with a company this dedicated to customer service.Booked an appointment online, and they no showed/no called. Appointment was marked as completed in the portal, and I received an email soliciting a review…so here I am.Peter A.Peter A. ★★★★★ Pleasant experience from beginning to end. Easy to schedule an estimate, They were able to start immediately - took 3 1/4 truck loads over two days for two professional guys to clean out several rooms and a large basement overflowing with junk. They were careful to ask about items that I might have wanted to save, and were consistently polite. I am more than satisfied!Shontay S.Shontay S. ★★★★★ This was my second time using this company and I still have no complaints. They were actually early very very friendly and got in and got out. I would definitely recommend this company because each time I've used them and it's only been twice, I have experienced the most professional, polite, respectful and, on time team.Amy H.Amy H. ★★★★★ On time and professional. They cleaned out all of the debris from my living room renovation -- sheet rock, plaster and lathe, etc. They swept and worked efficiently.js_loader
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