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Bulky Items Removal

A few clicks and all the Bulky Items are gone…
We take all your bulky items, no matter the size so that you don’t have to keep shoving them to the side.
Bulky Items Removal
A few clicks and all the Bulky Items are gone…

You can’t throw heavy items in the trash!

Today, you have to be mindful of what you set out on the curb for trash pickup. The city of Philadelphia has limits on trash collection, which may be an obstacle in your clean-up project. 

Bulky Items You May Get Rid of Include:

Mattresses | Household Furniture | Outdoor Furniture | Old Appliances | Remodeling Debris | Scrap Wood or Metal | Tires | Old Car Parts | Electronic Equipment | Anything that does not fit in a trash bin.

Philadelphia Trash Collection Has its Limits

According to the City of Philadelphia, you can set out up to two bulky items per week that can be compacted by a trash truck. These include mattresses, box springs, and household furniture. The mattresses and box springs, though, need to be placed in a sealed bag before collection. 

As for appliances and tires, you need to take them to an appropriate sanitation yard. Electronic equipment also needs to be appropriately recycled at a sanitation site. 

rental property junk removal Philadelphia PA

The Problem With This

When you have big projects and want to clean out your bulky items, waiting around for a sanitation truck only to pick up two items per week gets time-consuming. Plus, your car may not be big enough to fit all the items for one trip to the sanitation yard- you might have to take multiple, which is also a waste of time. 

Got Some Bulky Items?

A few clicks and they are gone…

Quick and Easy Removal of Bulky Items

Bulky Items Removal

EZ Cleanup does what Philadelphia sanitation can’t. We take all your bulky items, no matter the size so that you don’t have to keep shoving them to the side. It’s fast, simple, and, above all, affordable.

Make room for your big project by calling us today at 215-678-2040 !

Removing Bulky Items Is Difficult

Doing the dirty work yourself can sometimes get dangerous. Bulky items are typically on the heavier side. Transporting them to your car, curb, or anywhere else can risk your safety if you don’t know what you are doing. 

The experts at EZ Cleanup have tons of experience lifting, transporting, and removing heavy items from homes and businesses- literally! With our professional service, you don’t have to risk hurting yourself, nor do you have to come up with fancy contraptions to move your items around. We’ve been in the junk removal business for years. We’ve seen it all! Therefore, let us take care of your bulky items for you.  

Proper Disposal of Your Bulky Items

The City of Philadelphia can only take certain bulky items, like mattresses and box springs. However, that leaves out a lot of potential bulky materials. EZ Cleanup is the Junk Removal Philadelphia service to turn to when Sanitation cannot take care of your removal needs. 

We comply with all Philadelphia and Pennsylvania trash removal laws. We make up for what the sanitation department cannot do, which usually falls into your hands. We properly dispose of all materials in the correct facilities. 

We at EZ Cleanup understand the role that we play in trash removal and the environment. Improper disposal of certain materials can lead to damaging effects on our climate. We assume the responsibility of proper junk disposal so that you don’t have to worry about where your trash ends up. 

Bulky Items

Minimum Requirements

Unlike the City of Philadelphia, we have a minimum requirement of bulky items, not a maximum. As a junk removal service and clean-up contractor, we must meet a specific requirement to invest out resources. For this, you should make sure that you have enough bulky junk for us to come by and collect.

With that being said, show us your worst, and we can take care of your bulky junk that you no longer need. 

How it Works

Getting rid of bulky items should not be difficult. Follow these three steps to see your bulky materials disappear. 

Take a Photo

First, take a picture of the items you want to dispose of. 

Upload and Send the Photo

Upload your photo so that you can send it to us. Make sure to include any essential details about the junk. You can contact us by phone or email.

Get Your Price

Once we see your materials, we send a free, no-obligation quote. If you think the price is fair, then choose a pickup date that works for you. From there, we can haul away your bulky items. 

EZ Cleanup Makes Junk Removal, Well, Easy!

Following the trash removal guidelines set by the City of Philadelphia can get confusing. There are multiple rules and regulations to follow. Luckily, we understand it so that you don’t have to. 

Contact us for quick, easy, and stress-free removal of your bulky items. We also offer clean-up services, dumpster rental, demolition services, and cash for junk cars.

Call us today for expert junk removal service that can safely dispose of your bulky items!

Bulky Items Removal
A few clicks and all the Bulky Items are gone…
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On time and professional. They cleaned out all of the debris from my living room renovation -- sheet rock, plaster and lathe, etc. They swept and worked efficiently.
Amy H.
Amy H.
18:13 16 Jan 23
They did a great job removing construction debris and junk from our basement and yard. They were on time, professional
Clay P.
Clay P.
16:17 06 Jan 23
This group was amazing. They cleaned all the terrible debris from my basement so fast. They had an issue with my neighbor who blocked their truck out and so they had to walk half a block with all my stuff and they stayed super positive about it. After they removed, they cleaned the area and it was spotless. I was so amazed with the quality work. Will certainly use again. Great company, great employees, easy and reasonable pricing
Cibi Ann K.
Cibi Ann K.
22:21 20 Dec 22
Great job! There was a slight scheduling mishap but they were quick to fit us in the next business day. They were on time, professional, helpful, and friendly. Would definitely use them again. Thanks!
Kenneth N.
Kenneth N.
18:21 13 Dec 22
Juan and Jose came out to a rehab and were on time professional and fast. They were polite and ready to work and I will definitely call them in the future!
01:22 29 Nov 22
So glad that EZ cleanup crew took all our trash pretty much as soon as I called!
Victoria-Taeeun S.
Victoria-Taeeun S.
21:49 08 Nov 22
We have utilized their services for many years. They are extremely professional and it is easy to schedule an appointment.Their employees are prompt courteous, kind, and hard working.Recommend highly!!!professionand
Sheila L.
Sheila L.
15:54 07 Nov 22
Had a pretty big commercial job for Alex and Jay - they called ahead, were quick to get the work done, and the truck was filled in record time. Already re-booked them for round 2! Also, a much better price than the big-name competitors with no sacrifice in service.
Joshua C.
Joshua C.
23:25 27 Oct 22
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A few clicks and all the Bulky Items are gone…

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