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Glass Recycling Philadelphia

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Glass Recycling
Call EZ CleanUp for recyclable services.

Glass Removal and Recycling Made Easy!

Certain glass goods are recyclable, however, they can’t be tossed in the garbage or discarded at the curb. Glass objects like windows or glass panes, mirrors, glass sheets, and glass furniture should not end up in landfills, but rather in glass packaging organizations that can handle them. If you’re looking for a “glass removal company near me,” go no further than the professionals at EZ CleanUp!

Getting the Job Done

As a result, EZ CleanUp can provide the simplest and most environmentally friendly solution for removing and disposing of your shattered glass items that have deteriorated in quality. We accept it all, including glass doors, soft drink bottles, jars, and plenty of glass of all kinds. Make a booking right now!

Recycling and Disposal – We Do Them Both!

Any color, shape, or size of glass can be recycled. Commercial glass recycling used to be a little more complicated because garbage firms required you to divide your glass into distinct colors. Some people still do. We collect all your mixed glass in one bin at EZ CleanUp, making it a fully hassle-free process.

How Can You Get Rid of Glass?

Getting rid of a shattered glass mirror, a large sheet of glass, or a bulky glass dining room table has never been easier with EZ CleanUp’s expert glass removal, disposal, and recycling services. We collect and transport all types of broken or old glass for proper, environmentally friendly disposal, so you never have to worry about how to dispose of broken glass. Do you have a glass item that isn’t listed? Send us a text, and we’re going to respond promptly.

Glass Recycling
EZ CleanUp

Is All Glass Recyclable?

Although most glass may be recycled, some objects, such as window panes, furniture, and even some glass bottles and jars are not accepted in municipal recycling bins or at specific recycling centers. You can receive eco-friendly recycling and disposal for all your unwanted glass products with EZ CleanUp without having to take them to a recycling site yourself! Please send us a text for a free estimate on glass removal and disposal services.

Can You Put Glass in a Recycling Bin?

Although some curbside recycling systems include small glass objects such as bottles and jars, the types of glass products you can deposit in your curbside bin are becoming increasingly limited. EZ CleanUp provides both in-home and curbside glass pickup services for a fair charge. Allowing the rubbish removal experts at EZ CleanUp to transport away any form of glass for proper disposal is the easiest method to get rid of it.

Glass Recycling
Glass Recycling Philadelphia 3

Advantages of Recycling Glass Waste

Recycling your glass with EZ CleanUp has several advantages for both your business and the environment. These advantages include the following:

  • Save money on waste management since recycling glass is significantly less expensive than sending it to a landfill.
  • By moving your glass waste elsewhere, you can avoid paying the costly Landfill Tax.
  • Lowering the carbon footprint of your company.
  • Getting your company to be ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’.
  • If we all work together to recycle old glass, we may need to generate less new glass.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Get your price
Step 2: Schedule a pickup
Step 3: We haul it away!

Glass Recycling Philadelphia FAQ

Can I Throw Broken Glass in the Trash?

Broken glass is hazardous to recycling and trash workers and should not be thrown away with regular garbage or in the recycling bin.

Does EZ Cleanup Remove Construction and Remodel Debris?

We can collect and dispose of a variety of materials as a full-service rubbish removal company, including construction debris and waste from revamps or cleanouts. Scrap wood and metal, as well as glass windows and doors, fall into this category. Please text us if you have any queries or need assistance booking construction debris removal services.

Can I Recycle Glass Perfume Bottles?

Yes, depending on the color of the glass, most glass perfume bottles can be recycled. Glass can be placed in the appropriate bottle bank if it is green, clear, brown, or blue. The spray pump and lid can be left on because they are crushed and sorted out throughout the recycling process. Additionally, the green glass bank accepts any blue bottles. Clear bottles can be placed in the frosted bottle bank. Other colors can be used in the brown glass bank.

How Many Times Can Glass Be Recycled?

Infinitely! Glass is 100% recyclable and may be reused forever without losing quality. This has several advantages, including fossil fuel conservation and a reduction in dangerous gases emitted into the atmosphere.

What Glasses Cannot Be Recycled?

Borosilicate glad, lead glass, and glass fiber.

Final Thoughts – We can provide the most environmentally friendly solution for removing and disposing of your shattered glass items.

More things we recycle:

Glass Recycling
Call EZ CleanUp for recyclable services.
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On time and professional. They cleaned out all of the debris from my living room renovation -- sheet rock, plaster and lathe, etc. They swept and worked efficiently.
Amy H.
Amy H.
18:13 16 Jan 23
They did a great job removing construction debris and junk from our basement and yard. They were on time, professional
Clay P.
Clay P.
16:17 06 Jan 23
This group was amazing. They cleaned all the terrible debris from my basement so fast. They had an issue with my neighbor who blocked their truck out and so they had to walk half a block with all my stuff and they stayed super positive about it. After they removed, they cleaned the area and it was spotless. I was so amazed with the quality work. Will certainly use again. Great company, great employees, easy and reasonable pricing
Cibi Ann K.
Cibi Ann K.
22:21 20 Dec 22
Great job! There was a slight scheduling mishap but they were quick to fit us in the next business day. They were on time, professional, helpful, and friendly. Would definitely use them again. Thanks!
Kenneth N.
Kenneth N.
18:21 13 Dec 22
Juan and Jose came out to a rehab and were on time professional and fast. They were polite and ready to work and I will definitely call them in the future!
01:22 29 Nov 22
So glad that EZ cleanup crew took all our trash pretty much as soon as I called!
Victoria-Taeeun S.
Victoria-Taeeun S.
21:49 08 Nov 22
We have utilized their services for many years. They are extremely professional and it is easy to schedule an appointment.Their employees are prompt courteous, kind, and hard working.Recommend highly!!!professionand
Sheila L.
Sheila L.
15:54 07 Nov 22
Had a pretty big commercial job for Alex and Jay - they called ahead, were quick to get the work done, and the truck was filled in record time. Already re-booked them for round 2! Also, a much better price than the big-name competitors with no sacrifice in service.
Joshua C.
Joshua C.
23:25 27 Oct 22
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