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Clean Out Services Philadelphia – Not What You Expected

The best clean out services in Philadelphia
Looking for professional and affordable cleanout services in Philadelphia? You found it! For EZ CleanUp, There’s no task too small or too big, we can accommodate any kind of project. We will remove and haul away all your junk, leaving your place perfectly neat and clean. Contact us today to get the best quote for any kind of cleanout!
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How much do clean out services cost in Philadelphia?
(Less Than You Think!)

Our junk removal experience made us come up with the greatest deal for both sides, you and us. Most of our trucks are 12 yards in length, they’re big, and sometimes they’re much too big for the waste you have, so we decided to charge only for the space your junk takes in our truckYou don’t have to pay for the whole truck!

Our customers find this deal attractive and fair, and it allows them to (finally!) get rid of the unwanted waste they have accumulated. 

On top of that, we offer 10% discount for senior citizens, and if we can recycle some of your junk, we’ll even credit your bill with the money we get for it! (we make a great effort to recycle all the junk we haul, and in most cases, we recycle about 90% of it!). 

If you are unsure about the space you’ll need, or if you have more questions, you are welcome to call us at (215) 678-2040, and we will provide you with all the information you need.

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Hoarding – we all have it!

Two common human habits are:
A. having too much “stuff”, and B. procrastination.
Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone!

For us, it is a fact we face regularly. Many of our customers can’t believe they have waited so long to call us for cleaning out their property, yard, or construction site.  

Many times the reason for the procrastination is disinformation about how cleanout works, and more than that, it sounds terribly costly.

So as a junk removal company (that does pretty much everything under the title ‘junk removal Philadelphia), cleanouts are a major part of our work, and we thought it would be a good idea to give you all the right information about clean out services and how it works.
If you can’t find the answer you we’re hoping to get from this article, please call us at (215) 678-2040, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

What Kinds of Clean Out & Clean up Services do we Offer

In short, the answer is: Everything, but we need to make it more clear, so here are the most common clean-outs and clean-ups we do as a junk removal company. 

Property Cleanout of any size

Whether you need a full cleanout to rent or sell your property or you just have some old furniture lying around that you need to remove, just call us. We will clean the property for you and arrange it for a fresh start.

Whether it’s an estate cleanout or a small flat cleanout, we can handle any type of property cleanout project at any size!

Basement cleanout – no matter how packed or dirty!

Basements tend to gain more and more storage that gets old and becomes unuseful. If your basement is filled with old stuff you don’t need anymore, you’ll need a clean out company to come, take everything and leave the basement clean and fresh.

That’s what we do! 

Garage cleanout – you’ll wonder how you didn’t call us before

Just like basements, the garage is such a junk collector! We tend to put all the things we don’t need there, and it gets stacked more and more until we don’t have a clue what’s there! If that’s your situation, contact us, you have no idea how good it’s going to feel to have a fresh and neat garage, completely empty of junk!

Backyard Clean up – breathing fresh air into your yard

Besides the basement and the garage, our yards are the third (unspoken of) garbage point in our properties! Backyards tend to be the archive of our old unused or dysfunctional belongings; everything is there, from broken bed frames to old construction leftovers we were hoping to use someday.

Whether you need a small yard clean up or you have tons of junk lying around, we’ll be happy to give your yard a good cleanup and take away all the unnecessary items!

Construction Site Clean up for projects of all sizes

Whether it’s post-construction clean-up or you want to make your site constantly look tidy to work more efficiently, we offer construction debris removal services for projects of all sizes!

If you have piles of construction waste all around your site, we can come to clean it fast without disturbing your workflow. We clean debris of almost any kind. Whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial, or governmental, you can trust us to get the job done quick and clean. 

We haul away material waste like wood, concrete, brick, rocks, dirt, and other debris, and we do our best to take most of it to recycle (some materials can be sold, so it might also earn you some money).
Our team takes extra precautions not to damage any part of the property during the clean-up and hauling process. We work with heavy equipment as well as light tools, and our team members are trained to work in variable construction sites, From big and rough to small and delicate.

We are a licensed company, and every member of our team is insured and experienced in working on construction sites. 

We have a long list of references for construction debris removal projects we’ve worked on in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware counties. So if you work in our area, we can help you reduce the risk of environmental pollution, protect you from fines, and ensure your project-site will be clean and tidy.

We also offer competitive prices for dumpster rentals of all sizes. So if you want to do it yourself, your team can load the waste to the dumpster, and when it’s about to be full, we will come and replace it. 

This will ensure you always have a comfortable space for the waste, so that your site will look well-maintained and impressive.

We come and take the unpretty sight off your site, and you might even gain some credit from it. That’s what we do!

Clean out Services Philadelphia – More information you’ll want to know

We take care of your privacy

In your junk, there might be some personal items or information that was forgotten. We make sure hard drives are completely destroyed and that all documents are properly shredded to pieces. Codes, telephone numbers, and all sensitive data will be destroyed forever to ensure your privacy is safe and secure.

With us, your junk worth money!

Just in case you skipped this part, you’ll get credit for the sale/recycle of your junk.

Sometimes the items you want to get rid of still have value for others (or, for recycling). If it is so with your junk, we will get a few extra bucks for it and we’ll credit the profit back to you. 

We’re Eco-Friendly

EZ Clean Up is Eco-Friendly. We care about our planet, our environment and our children, so we do our best to recycle old junk and debris. We follow the state rules and take everything to the right place. In most cases, we manage to recycle over 90 percent of the junk we haul!

We offer Same-Day Service.

Call us and we’ll be on our way!

Contact EZ CleanUp for your next cleanout project, we’ll make it EZ for you!

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The best clean out services in Philadelphia

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