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Pick Up & Hauling Away Almost Everything
Pick up & hauling away services in Philadelphia. What items we take: furniture, appliances, TVs, yard waste, e-waste, scrap metal, and more.
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What We Take?

From cars to Christmas trees and almost everything else imaginable, EZ CleanUp hauls it all away, fast, easy and affordably. Hauling Services.

Construction Clean Up

Junk Hauling Services Philadelphia

Total Basement Clean Up 324/377

If your basement (or attic, or garage) is a complete mess, EZ CleanUp will come in and get rid of everything down to the bare walls. Our junk removal specialists know how to handle everything safely and do it without harming your home. The results? Amazing, and you’ll have all that valuable space back too!

Junk Hauling Services

Complete Yard Clean Up

There’s nothing worse than a messy yard full of junk, debris and, well, garbage. If your yard is a mess and you don’t know where to start, start by calling EZ CleanUp. Our junk removal experts will take it all away, leaving you with a yard that’s ready to be used again by the entire family! Plus, you’ll avoid any fines or fees for having all that junk in your yard!

Junk Removal of a public surface

Our Prices - Hauling Services

EZ CleanUp is proud to offer competitive prices on all of our removal services. See how it works and get a quote, below!

Pick Up & Hauling Away – What Things EZ CleanUp Takes

At EZ CleanUp, we understand that you find it hard to know what to do with your unwanted household stuff. You could throw it away or put it in storage, but we would recommend to our customers that they use our services.

Browse the site to find out more about what we do, or continue reading to find a quick list of things we take away. You may always call us for a quote on pricing, as well!

Items We Take

We are an efficient company that’s conveniently located near you. With that, we can clean out your house, office, garage, or storage facility to remove any items you no longer need.

It’s so convenient to use us, and we visit your location. You may request an estimate by using our online form. If you’re not ready, consider using the search bar to find out more about what you need. We’re ready to serve you!

Experience the Junk-Free Life

Are you worried about all the clutter? You may want to regain all that wasted space in your house, and the search for a junk removal company led you here. Most homeowners struggle with these issues, and EZ CleanUp is here to assist.

If it is unwanted items, let us assist!

Furniture Options

  • Sofas
  • Sofa beds
  • Couches
  • Mattresses
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Cubicles
  • Bookcases
  • Tool Units
  • Armoires
  • Boxes
  • File Cabinets

Yard Waste Removal

Whether you had a large outside project to complete or just have a mess in the yard, we can help. Our process is quick and painless. We can remove various materials, such as landscaping debris, sod, soil, stumps, clippings, and branches!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s old stuff or not. We come to your home, pick up the items, and are on our way. With our team by your side, you can have a clean property once again.

Junk Removal Services – Clean Out and More

Check out the reviews about our company before you hire us. Many times, companies come in and foreclose on homes, and we can be there to help you clean it out. Some of the decent items can go for donation.

Regardless of the size of your project, we are here to assist. Our process is quite simple, and we get rid of old junk and dispose of it all properly. However, we do not handle hazardous materials. Still, we do help you haul away household items you no longer need.

The good news is we are local! Check out the reviews of other people who have used our services. The job isn’t likely to cost as much as you think, and we are professional and ready to help. In fact, we can put everything on the truck and dispose of it for you, and it’s all hassle-free! Call now to get a price. We recommend that you visit other companies, too. However, we’re so sure that you are likely to hire us for the job!

Choose Us for Your Junk Removal Service Needs

Whether you’re a college student or just don’t want to do it all yourself, we are your go-to professional helpers. Our efficient services can help with old items that no longer work or anything else. We understand that you don’t need old things taking up space, and we can haul them away for you in our truck!

You can even rent a dumpster! With a dumpster rental, you can throw everything away you don’t need. Then, we’re hauling the dumpster away when you’re finished. That way, getting rid of things like old furniture is so much easier, whether for the home or office.

Check out our customer reviews now. Recycling is always an option whenever possible, and our courteous and professional staff does the heavy lifting for you. When you need to get rid of something, whether it’s furniture or another item, let us know. Disposal is taken care of, and we have the truck to haul away whatever you need.

Our full-service junk hauling company is ready with its many junk removal services. The price you pay is well worth the cost to deal with waste management more easily.

With our junk removal service options, disposal is easy, and recycling is possible sometimes. We’re near to you because we’re local, so let us know what you need!

Whether you’re a college student without any time, an overworked homeowner, or a business owner, junk removal is easy. Just grab your credit card and watch as your junk goes away.

Get Rid of the Junk!

Do you have a lot of junk? That’s no problem for us! With our junk removal features, you can get rid of all that junk effortlessly.

The junk removal prices are actually quick and easy. We offer a fixed price based on loading the trucks. Then, you can schedule the best time for the junk removal. Once we arrive, the junk removal process is quick and painless. Plus, we get the junk out of your home; you may also get it out first and then have us take the junk away!

Please call for a quote now!

How It Works?


Get your price

Our price for junk removal service is very simple, We have a fixed price under truck loading.


Schedule a pickup

Select a date and time convenient collection you want your loader will be according to your schedule.


We haul it away

Your loaders will call you before they arrive. And will work quickly to remove your items from your home.

Check Out Our Testimonials

Excellent4.4 Based on 173 reviews from review us onReuvan M.Reuvan M. ★★★★★ I am using this company for about 10 years. They are absolutely the best. Always on time very professional and flexibility. I ued 3 other companies before no copesment in level of service. Also very reasonably policed.Higly recommend them.Michele B.Michele B. ★★★★★ Juan and Josh were the best! Due to the amount of trash they had to come out twice, but worth every penny. Both times they came out, they were efficient and even had a third person on the second day knowing what was left to remove from the house. Highly recommend them if you need a house cleaned out!Aprilmarie S.Aprilmarie S. ★★★★★ workers were friendly and did a great jobJosh & Nancy P.Josh & Nancy P. ★★★★★ They showed up early, worked hard, and got everything cleared out quickly.Good service. Thanks!Michael D.Michael D. ★★★★★ Update - EZ Cleanup reached out to explain that they had mechanical issues the day of my appointment, and they rescheduled me at a discounted rate. I very much appreciated their quick response and actions to remedy. It is rare to work with a company this dedicated to customer service.Booked an appointment online, and they no showed/no called. Appointment was marked as completed in the portal, and I received an email soliciting a review…so here I am.Peter A.Peter A. ★★★★★ Pleasant experience from beginning to end. Easy to schedule an estimate, They were able to start immediately - took 3 1/4 truck loads over two days for two professional guys to clean out several rooms and a large basement overflowing with junk. They were careful to ask about items that I might have wanted to save, and were consistently polite. I am more than satisfied!Shontay S.Shontay S. ★★★★★ This was my second time using this company and I still have no complaints. They were actually early very very friendly and got in and got out. I would definitely recommend this company because each time I've used them and it's only been twice, I have experienced the most professional, polite, respectful and, on time team.Amy H.Amy H. ★★★★★ On time and professional. They cleaned out all of the debris from my living room renovation -- sheet rock, plaster and lathe, etc. They swept and worked efficiently.js_loader
Pick Up & Hauling Away Almost Everything

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