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EZ CleanUp We will remove almost everything you need, quickly and easily.

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What We Take?

From cars to Christmas trees and almost everything else imaginable, EZ CleanUp hauls it all away, fast, easy and affordably.

car junk removal

Junk Car Removal

Got an old junker that’s been sitting for years? EZ CleanUp can take it far, far away and clean up that eyesore permanently.
E-Waste Removal

Electronics Removal

Old TVs and electronics weigh a ton and take up space. Let us take them away for you and save you the trouble and your back!
Yard Debris & Waste

Yard Debris & Waste

Yard debris is a fire hazard, attracts vermin and makes your yard look like a real mess. Get rid of it and take your yard back!
haul away

Furniture Removal

Old, heavy sofa seen better days? Let EZ CleanUp get rid of it, and any other old furniture. It’s easier, faster and safer too!
Mattress Removal

Mattress Removal

Don’t lose sleep over how to get rid of your old mattress. We can take it, and your box springs too, off of your hands for good.
hot tub removal

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs are great…except when you need to scrap them. Don’t hurt yourself, call EZ CleanUp and we’ll have that Hot Tub gone in a jiffy.
appliance removal

Appliance Removal

Old appliances are heavy and dangerous. Don’t hurt yourself, call EZ CleanUp and let us haul them away the fast, easy way.
Home Clean Outs

Household Junk

If you’ve got junk in the attic, garage or basement, don’t keep it, let EZ CleanUp toss it so your house is clutter-free again!
Bulky Items

Bulky Items

Bulky or huge items are really hard to fit in your car. Call EZ CleanUp and let us take them away in one of our trucks!
Tire Disposal

Tire Disposal 

Old tires driving you around the bend? Kick them to the curb with EZ CleanUp. We know the safest way to dispose of them!
wood removal

Wood Removal

If you’ve taken down some trees but the wood is still sitting around, we’ll come get it and save you from that heavy work!
Scrap Metal Removal

Scrap Metal

Have your own shop? If yes, and there’s scrap metal everywhere, let us clean it up so you can get your shop back in shape!
Freezer icon

Freezer Disposal

At EZ CleanUp, we offer a freezer disposal service, which makes it effortless to get rid of your old freezer.
Washer and Dryer icon

Washer and Dryer

EZ CleanUp offers you its services for home appliance clearance. We are the most reliable junk removal provider in Philadelphia,
Old AC

Air Conditioner

We can come to your property and assess the air conditioner unit or units that you want to dispose of and figure out the best way to do so.
Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

Old exercise equipment gets in your way and takes up valuable space. Let EZ CleanUp lift and press that equipment away for good.
Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

After the holidays don’t let your tree rot, give EZ Cleanup a call and we’ll give it the old St. Nick shuffle to the dump.
Old Grill Removal

Old Grill Removal

Old grills can get nasty and make a mess if you try to dump them. Let EZ CleanUp do it and get back to getting your grill on!
Water Heater Disposal

Water Heater 

Time to get rid of old Water heater? EZ Clean-up is a professional and reliable. Added to this, we offer same day service.
Television Disposal

Television Disposal

Here at EZ Clean Up, we are professional junk removers dedicated to helping residential and small business owners take care of their old electronics.
Computer Monitor Disposal

Computer Monitor

At EZ CleanUp, we offer computer monitor disposal services to our customers In Philadelphia and the surrounding area.
Construction Clean Up

Total Basement Clean Up 324/377

If your basement (or attic, or garage) is a complete mess, EZ CleanUp will come in and get rid of everything down to the bare walls. Our junk removal specialists know how to handle everything safely and do it without harming your home. The results? Amazing, and you’ll have all that valuable space back too!

Complete Yard Clean Up

There’s nothing worse than a messy yard full of junk, debris and, well, garbage. If your yard is a mess and you don’t know where to start, start by calling EZ CleanUp. Our junk removal experts will take it all away, leaving you with a yard that’s ready to be used again by the entire family! Plus, you’ll avoid any fines or fees for having all that junk in your yard!

Junk Removal of a public surface

Our Prices

EZ CleanUp is proud to offer competitive prices on all of our removal services. See how it works and get a quote, below!

How It Works?


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and we’ll send you a quote for its removal, You liked the offer, choose the date we’ll arrive.

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