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Welcome to EZ CleanUp, your go-to solution for turning your junk ATVs into cash! We understand that selling your old ATV for cash can be a hassle, but we’re here to make the process as easy as possible.

We offer a fast, easy, and reliable service >> We come to you, evaluate your ATV, and pay cash for your junk ATV on the spot. No need to worry about listings, negotiations, or transportation – we handle it all.

Our commitment to fast service and instant payments sets us apart in the industry. With EZ CleanUp, you can rest assured that selling your old ATV will be a smooth, quick, and rewarding experience.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact EZ CleanUp today for a fast and easy service that turns your junk ATV into cash. 💰💰💰


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What types of ATVs do we buy?

We buy a wide range of ATVs, regardless of their make, model, or condition. Here are some of the types of ATVs we typically purchase:

Utility ATVs

These are the most common types of ATVs we come across. They’re often used for various tasks such as farming, hunting, and other work purposes. They are characterized by their large, powerful engines and ability to haul heavy loads.

Sport ATVs

These ATVs are designed for speed and agility. They are typically used for racing or other high-speed activities. Despite their performance orientation, we’re more than happy to buy these off your hands.

Youth ATVs

These are smaller ATVs designed for younger riders. They have safety features and controls suitable for beginners. If your child has outgrown their ATV, we can take it off your hands.

Side by Side ATVs (UTVs)

These ATVs are designed to carry more than one person and often have a cargo bed in the back. They are used for both work and recreation.

Whether your ATV is old, damaged, or simply unused, with a title or without a title >> we’re interested in buying it. 

We offer competitive prices and ensure a hassle-free selling process.


What will we do with your old ATV?

Once we purchase your old ATV, we take several steps to ensure it’s handled responsibly:

  1. Inspection and Assessment: First, we thoroughly inspect the ATV to assess its condition. This helps us determine the best course of action, whether that’s reselling or recycling.
  1. Resale: If the ATV is in good working condition, we may resell it. This gives the ATV a new lease on life and allows another rider to enjoy it.
  1. Parts Harvesting: If the ATV isn’t in a condition to be resold but has valuable parts, we may disassemble it and sell the parts individually. This is a great way to recycle and can help other ATV owners find the parts they need.
  1. Recycling: If the ATV isn’t suitable for resale or parts harvesting, we’ll recycle it. We work with certified recycling facilities to ensure that all recyclable materials are recovered and reused.

At EZ CleanUp, we’re committed to handling your old ATV in the most responsible and sustainable way possible.


Why choose EZ Cleanup for selling your ATV?

Choosing EZ CleanUp as a ‘cash for junk ATV service’ comes with a host of benefits that make the process simple, efficient, and rewarding:

  1. Fast and Convenient: We come to you ASAP, evaluate your ATV, and make an offer on the spot. No need to worry about anything; we take care of it all.
  1. Cash in Hand: We understand that when you decide to sell your junk ATV, you want the process to be quick and hassle-free. That’s why we offer immediate cash payments. As soon as we’ve agreed on a price, we hand over the cash. No waiting for checks to clear or transfers to process.
  1. Wide Range of ATVs Accepted: We buy a wide range of ATVs, regardless of their make, model, or condition. Whether your junk ATV is old, damaged, or simply unused, we’re interested in buying it for resell or scrap metal.
  1. Responsible Disposal: We’re committed to handling your old ATV in the most responsible and sustainable way possible.
  1. Competitive Prices: We offer competitive prices for your ATV, ensuring you get the best value.

Choose EZ CleanUp for a fast, easy, and rewarding ATV selling experience. Contact us today to turn your junk ATV into cash!

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Sharon Bey
Sharon Bey
Did a wonderful job. I called at 10:30am, they came at 12pm, was done in 45 minutes, super fast, professional and really cleaned out everything! 5+ stars!
Sabrina Moore (LivingwithSabrina)
Sabrina Moore (LivingwithSabrina)
Wow! I ended up going with EZ because everyone’s price was either too high or they were too picky on what they would take. I scheduled with them the day before they came right on time and no lie had all 7 items out of my house within less than 5 minutes. Great customer service and communication throughout the entire process. I’d recommend to ANYONE.
Ron Kasper
Ron Kasper
I'd give ten stars if it were possible. Josh and Juan are the best. These guys went over and beyond what could have possibly been expected. We were dealing with a very difficult clean out to start with. Having Josh and Juan on the team made all the difference. I'd recommend these guys in a heartbeat.
Phaly Sam
Phaly Sam
I've used EZ Cleanup services a few times thus far for my basement haul/clean-up and each time, their staff/crew have always been very polite, helpful, consistent, quick, and efficient. Today was no different, both Miguel and Norman were awesome :) My basement looks amazing!!!
Donna McCloskey
Donna McCloskey
Second time using this company and they did not disappoint. I will not hesitate to recommend this company especially Juan & Josh. You two are the best !!!
Vargaseddyvc24@hotmail.com Vargas
EZcleanup are the best, very punctual, they took everything and left my work very clean, I definitely recommend them
The best service I ever had very polite and great customer service driver and labor hard working guys did not take breaks just kept working I will keep working with these company
Stephanie Harris’s
Stephanie Harris’s
Amazing job. Show up on time. I will definitely sure them again. Thanks guys.
Chris thanks again!! You were extremely communicative, nice and patient! Appreciate your hard work.
Easiest transaction ever! They arrived in a timely fashion and got the job done. Will certainly rehire in the future.

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