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Shed Removal & Demolition

Make the Shed demolition and removal process simple and easy
If the usable life of your shed is coming to an end and you don’t know what to do about it, Let us do the hard work of Shed Removal & Demolition.
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Make the Shed demolition and removal process simple and easy

If the usable life of your shed is coming to an end and you don’t know what to do about it, maybe it’s time to accept it and end its suffering. However, we know that removing a shed is a tedious and tiring task, so it’s okay if that’s the reason why you’ve been delaying it.

Stop being in your head about how and when to remove your shed; if you’re in Philadelphia, call EZ CleanUp to help you dispose of it in three easy steps:

 Our professionally trained team knows what to do to avoid the natural dangers of this task. Although, if you want to give it a try, you can also follow this handy guide for removing your old shed.

Steps for Demolishing and Removing a Shed

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Get a Permit

In some places, you are going to need a permit for building or demolishing any structure, but since every city’s jurisdiction is different, we advise you to check yours to see what you need for demolishing your shed.

Plan Your Debris Disposal

You are going to end up with a lot of rubbish after this project. That’s why you should start planning now what you want to do with it and where you want to discard all your trash. Knowing this in advance can eliminate a huge amount of stress later on.

Plan a Budget

Demolishing a shed can go anywhere from $200 to $1500, depending on how well you want the job to be done. Our advice is to keep in mind its location, materials, condition, and attachments, then set up a budget for spending on it.

Gather Your Tools

This step is when you go get all of your tools and equipment. You’re rarely going to need heavy-duty tools, but that depends on your specific shed and its materials. However, you should be able to find everything you need in your standard tool kit.

Don’t forget to always have protection gear since this project might be a bit risky for you.

Empty the Shed

Now you need to decide which things you want to keep for yourself and which are going to be thrown away. However, this is a crucial step since you can’t keep working in your shed when it’s still full of things.

Donate or Recycle

This is an essential step for us since we always advocate for the planet. Hence, we encourage you to go through all your discarded items and select those you can donate for goodwill and those that can be recycled. The planet is going to thank you for it.

Remove the Doors

Before demolishing, you must get your screwdriver and pop the doors out. This makes the walls lighter and makes the process less dangerous.

Take Out the Windows

Do the same as you did with your doors. Take your hammer, chisel, and screwdriver to remove the windows from their place. We recommend taping down the crystals with masking tape. This way, if they break, they aren’t going to make a mess and hurt anyone.

Remove the Roof

Now the demolishing begins, and you should always start with the roof. Otherwise, the shed might collapse under its weight. Carefully remove any nails or screws that are keeping the shingles in their place, then start removing them one by one and placing them on the floor.

The Walls

This step is a lot like the last one. You are going to need your hammer and saw and remove all the nails and screws you can see. The best option is to work on one wall at a time. This way, you can try to maintain them intact and make it easier for recycling.

Keep in mind that the structure is going to become less sturdy as you advance with this step, so you have to be extra careful not to harm yourself.

Demolish the Floor

You only need to get a crowbar and pry out the planks for this step. If your shed has a concrete slab, there’s nothing else to do, and you’re all done.

Clean Everything Up

If you’ve been doing everything right and organized as you work, this last step shouldn’t be too tedious. Just create three piles, one for trash that’s going to be thrown out, one for recycling, and one for special disposals.

Shed Removal FAQs

What are the main dangers when removing a shed?

The shed can be rotten and crumbling, which means that you can end up trapped in it if you don’t manage yourself carefully.

What should I do with hazardous items?

Items like pesticides should be discarded separately from your regular trash. You can look up the specification for your specific county.

Can I burn my shed?

You can only use it as firewood if it has never been painted or treated with any kinds of chemicals. Otherwise, it would be highly toxic to your surroundings.

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Make the Shed demolition and removal process simple and easy
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Make the Shed demolition and removal process simple and easy

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