E-Waste Recycling Near Me

E-Waste Recycling Near Me

Importance of e-waste recycling

Getting rid of electronic waste can be a massive hurdle to overcome.

There are environmental rules and regulations that prevent businesses and individuals alike from just throwing their old technology in the bin.

That’s why electronics recycling is important to not only our community but our world as a whole. Electronics are easy to service when it comes to the game of recycling.

It was an issue in 2020, and going into 2021 we’re only going to have new E-waste. that’s going to have to be cleared.

Electronic Waste Recycling in Philadelphia

E-waste isn’t the easiest to recycle and may come as a challenge for many. but recycling is our game and we know just how to take care of any electronics or electronic devices that you may have.

Our business is built around recycling, and we believe that the people of Philadelphia, PA should have plenty of recycling options. Our recycling services for electronics such as computers, including other electronic devices, are clean, safe, and most of all efficient.

Rather than spending hours on a search for some kind of recycling program in your state, give the EZ Clean Up office a call, and we can do the hard work for you.

We’re the best in the business when it comes to waste management solutions.

We maintain a full eco-friendly policy with our business.
so you don’t need to worry about any potential environmental repercussions when recycling your electronics. This includes policies like restoring and donating any furniture or old technology,
such as computers and other electronic devices, that we move to donation centers.

We pride ourselves on our prices, too. Money has been an issue for everyone this past year. Even still, people are struggling to obtain their full-time income back, and we understand that.

We aim to make our prices as affordable as possible to all of our clients. We even offer a 10% senior discount.

If you’re in need of some E-waste removal, maybe you have an old computer setup that needs to go or even an entire office; we’re able to help.

How do we give a quote?

We offer free off-site price evaluations before we head out to any site. All you have to do is contact us with a picture of the stuff that you require us to clear, and we can get back to you with a quote. Just make sure you include enough details to provide us with the right information that we may have to use. Recycling, especially electronics recycling is no joke and should be taken seriously. Use our recycling services today, and get rid of any and all electronic devices that may be taking up valuable space in your home.

What are the Rules for Recycling in Philadelphia?

there’s a long list of environmental rules and laws in Philadelphia. that both businesses and consumers have to follow in relation to recycling.

There is plenty of official legal documentation on the subject of recycling out there that differs from state to state, but rather than read through all of that, you only have to know some of the common rules that must be followed.

For example, there is a list of items that cannot be recycled, full stop. This list tends to include the likes of:

  • Plastic bags
  • Coffee Cups
  • Diapers
  • Waste from your garden
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Bubble wrap
  • Dead animals
  • Oils
  • Broken lightbulbs
  • Ceramic

These are the most common items that you’re going to find yourself trying to recycle. There are one or two entries that aren’t included on this list, but these are the main ones that you should be aware of when choosing to recycle.

When it comes to E-waste,
it’s a relatively new issue that governmental bodies are facing, and a large issue at that.
There are several programs set up to help reduce E-waste pollution. as people want to keep things like old mobile phones, microwaves, and other electronic devices from being sent out to collection landfill sites.

What are the Rules for Recycling in Philadelphia?
What are the Rules for Recycling in Philadelphia

Where Do I Dump Construction Waste?

Construction waste needs to be disposed of in specific center locations dedicated to that purpose. You’re not able to dump this out in any old small street.
There are strict guidelines that you should keep. so get in touch and let a professional body service and dispose of this additional construction waste for you.

This waste can’t go to landfills, so ensure you’re using the right equipment to get rid of it and recycle it.

Where Do I Dump Construction Waste?
Where Do I Dump Construction Waste?

How Do I Get Rid of a Junk Car?

Having a big glorified piece of scrap material can be a nuisance. It takes up street space and needs to be gotten rid of at some point.

There are several scrap metal center dealerships dotted around Philadephia that all accept old cars,
no matter how good or bad the condition of the car or how badly it’s used.
The whole purpose of the disposal is to get the materials to be reused. also making them better for the environment.

These sites differ from landfills when it comes to the impact that the environment feels as a result.
If you require more information about getting rid of your junk car. check-in with us, and we can give you some information and point you in the right direction.

Remember, when your junk car is recycled, it’s kept out of the landfills, and it’s good for the environment.

How Do I Get Rid of a Junk Car?
How Do I Get Rid of a Junk Car?

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

It’s impossible to put one solid price on junk removal. It all depends on what you need to be removed and how much of a collection there is.

The price of removing one laptop, some monitors, and other electronic devices is not going to be the same as getting rid of 10 monitors. If you can provide us with a picture of what you need us to remove, we can call you back with a free quote in terms of the price.

The things that we remove isn’t just limited to the likes of monitors, a laptop, computers, and other E-waste, though. We’re fully capable of taking care of all your junk removal needs, so give us a call or send us a text in 2021 and let us see what we can do.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you’ve found this information helpful.

Recycling in 2021 can be a minefield to navigate especially electronics recycling.
There are a ton of rules and regulations about equipment, materials, devices, management, and more.

The equipment that’s in use at landfills is terrible for the environment.
meaning that we want all of our waste to be recycled despite the difficulties.

Our business aims to make the whole recycling process as easy for you as possible. Reliable service can be hard to find when it comes to electronics, electronic devices, or electronics recycling as a whole.

Rather than sifting through hours of programs and legal documentation to make sure you’re doing everything correctly, contact EZ Clean Up and let us take care of the issue for you.

We’re the best in the city of Philadelphia when it comes to waste disposal. That includes computers, electronic materials and equipment, general waste, furniture, and more.

We pride ourselves on being the best waste management company in Philadelphia, PA, and our services reflect that.

Thus, remember, if you’re ever in need of some disposal services, give EZ Clean Up a call.

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