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Ice Machine Removal Philadelphia

A few clicks, and your old ice machine is gone!
We offer ice machine removal services in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas. Our professional & licensed team will remove your ice machine, donate \ sell \ recycle it (if possible), and leave the place perfectly neat and clean.
Ice Machine Removal Philadelphia
A few clicks, and your old ice machine is gone!

The EZiest way to dispose of an ice machine

An ice machine is a fantastic appliance, but when you’re not using it anymore (or when it stops working), it can be quite a space taker!

And even if you don’t want it anymore, how will you dispose of it? Removing an ice machine is a very tricky job; it’s heavy as can be and way too large for any municipal junk removal service.

If that’s your case and you’re living in Philadelphia, or surrounding areas (such as Bucks, Montgomery, or Delaware counties) – You need a professional junk removal company that offers ice machine removal services in Philadelphia!

Ice Machine Removal Philadelphia

How does the process work?

Step #1 – Contact us and schedule a pickup

Call us at (215) 678-2040 and speak to a real person (no robots here) to schedule a pickup.

Step #2 – We remove your ice machine

The process is as EZ as it gets. We will come to your place at your preferred time and date, remove your ice machine safely, and leave the area neat and clean.

Step #3 – If possible, we recycle/donate/sell your ice machine – and credit your bill!

After we remove your ice machine, there are usually three options, depending on its condition:

  1. We donate your ice machine to someone in need.
  2. We recycle your ice machine and credit the amount we get for it to your bill.
  3. We sell your ice machine and credit the amount we get for it to your bill.

There’s also a fourth option here, taking the ice machine to a landfill, but since we’re eco-friendly, we always prefer not to use this option, so if your ice machine fits one of the options above, we will always prefer to do something good for the planet!

Why should you choose EZ CleanUp?

  • No hidden fees – We are 100% transparent about the price you have to pay; no “surprises” here.
  • We care about the environment – We always make an effort not to take your ice machine to a landfill but to do something more wholesome, as mentioned above.
  • We offer competitive rates for ice machine removal services and other junk removal services.
  • With us, you don’t have to pay for a whole truck! You’re paying only for the amount of space you’re using (starting from 1\8 truckload).
  • We offer seniors a 10% discount.
  • We are a licensed and insured junk removal company.
  • Our customers are happy! We have 120+ reviews on Google, with an average rating of 4.8/5.
  • We take the hassle out of ice machine removal. Learn more about us here.

Why you shouldn’t try to remove an ice machine yourself

When it comes to ice machine removal, in most cases, it’s not a good idea to try and do it yourself; here are 4 reasons why:

Save your time

When you’re using the services of a junk removal company, everything goes EZ and quick! Your ice machine will be gone in no time.

Save your back

Ice machines can be heavy! As junk removal workers, we are proficient in lifting all kinds of heavy equipment; that’s what we do! We’ll be happy to save you the trouble!

Save your planet

Recycle, Reuse, Resale.

One of the advantages of getting your ice machine removed by us is that you know that if it’s possible, it will go somewhere better! We either recycle, donate, or sell it (and credit the money to your bill), so you can rest assured it’s not just going straight to the landfill. 

Save the ice machine

If your ice machine is still in decent shape, it’s much better to have professionals remove it; this will keep it safe and functioning for someone else to enjoy.

Ice machine removal Philadelphia FAQ

Do you take commercial ice machines too?

Of course. Whether you have a large commercial ice machine or a home ice maker, we’ll haul it all!

I live on the 5th floor without an elevator. Can you remove an ice machine from here?

For any special query like so, you’re more than welcome to contact us and let us know about your case, we will do everything in our power to help, and in most cases, we will arrive at your place shortly after to solve your problem!

Can you haul away other junk too?

That’s what we do!
We haul pretty much everything, from residential to commercial junk removal and pretty much everything in between!
The more junk we take, the better price you get! You’re welcome to call us if you have any doubts about specific items.

Do you offer same-day ice machine removal services in Philadelphia?

Yes, we do!
call us at (215) 678-2040, and your ice machine will be gone in no time!

Ice Machine Removal Philadelphia
A few clicks, and your old ice machine is gone!
Check Out Our Testimonials
Sharon Bey
Sharon Bey
Did a wonderful job. I called at 10:30am, they came at 12pm, was done in 45 minutes, super fast, professional and really cleaned out everything! 5+ stars!
Sabrina Moore (LivingwithSabrina)
Sabrina Moore (LivingwithSabrina)
Wow! I ended up going with EZ because everyone’s price was either too high or they were too picky on what they would take. I scheduled with them the day before they came right on time and no lie had all 7 items out of my house within less than 5 minutes. Great customer service and communication throughout the entire process. I’d recommend to ANYONE.
Ron Kasper
Ron Kasper
I'd give ten stars if it were possible. Josh and Juan are the best. These guys went over and beyond what could have possibly been expected. We were dealing with a very difficult clean out to start with. Having Josh and Juan on the team made all the difference. I'd recommend these guys in a heartbeat.
Phaly Sam
Phaly Sam
I've used EZ Cleanup services a few times thus far for my basement haul/clean-up and each time, their staff/crew have always been very polite, helpful, consistent, quick, and efficient. Today was no different, both Miguel and Norman were awesome :) My basement looks amazing!!!
Donna McCloskey
Donna McCloskey
Second time using this company and they did not disappoint. I will not hesitate to recommend this company especially Juan & Josh. You two are the best !!!
Vargaseddyvc24@hotmail.com Vargas
EZcleanup are the best, very punctual, they took everything and left my work very clean, I definitely recommend them
The best service I ever had very polite and great customer service driver and labor hard working guys did not take breaks just kept working I will keep working with these company
Stephanie Harris’s
Stephanie Harris’s
Amazing job. Show up on time. I will definitely sure them again. Thanks guys.
Chris thanks again!! You were extremely communicative, nice and patient! Appreciate your hard work.
Easiest transaction ever! They arrived in a timely fashion and got the job done. Will certainly rehire in the future.
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A few clicks, and your old ice machine is gone!

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