Commercial Junk Removal

EZ Clean Up is the professional trash hauling and junk removal choice for business, offices, and commercial buildings in Philadelphia!

Got a junk?

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Big or Small Projects: No Problem

If you need a professional junk removal company that can handle the work load of a large business, EZ Clean Up is there for you.

Businesses clean up

Large Businesses

We have our own trucks, dumpsters, tools, and our own crew. Simply show us the area you want cleared out and let us do the rest. We’ll haul away heavy equipment and clean up the debris left over from any project. We’ll try to recycle or sell all material and credit your bill with the profit from the proceeds.

Offices Junk Removal

Small Offices

If you have a smaller office, call EZ Clean Up for fast office junk removal service in Philadelphia. We’ll remove all the old equipment and junk you want cleared out and leave your area swept clean without interrupting your workday. We’ll also dispose of all e-waste properly and according to Pennsylvania law.

garage cleaning

Special Needs

If you have specific requirements such as a maximum weight limit in elevators or certain areas that do not allow dumpsters, our crews can handle your issues and will clean out your area accordingly. Our commercial and business junk removal and trash hauling team in Philadelphia is trained for unique situations and we always enjoy a challenge.

It’s EZ for You!

Just contact us with a picture of the area you want cleared out and we’ll send you back an estimate. Leave all the hard work to us so that your business can thrive in a tidy environment.

How It Works?


Take a photo of the junk

Just take a photo of the material you want hauled away.


Send it to us

Choose one of the options to contact us, send the photo along with the required details.


Get a price offer

and we’ll send you a quote for its removal, You liked the offer, choose the date we’ll arrive.

What Commercial Junk do you have?

At EZ Clean Up, we accept different types of commercial junk. Since every junk removal project is unique, we will need more specific details to provide you with an accurate quote. Just submit the form below describing the details of your junk removal project and we will contact you with the pricing as soon as possible.

Do you have a picture?

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Full business address

Contact Information:

Certificate Contractor

EZ Clean Up is a licensed contractor

EZ Clean Up is fully licensed and insured to work on your business or office premises in Philadelphia, to remove and haul away your junk and trash. Furthermore, we’re experienced enough to complete all our work without being disruptive or interfering with your operations.

PA Contractor’s License: #PA112494

Hiring an unlicensed and uninsured commercial junk removal company in Philadelphia can expose your business or office to liability.

Commercial Junk Removal

100% customer satisfaction

Our commercial junk removal company takes customer satisfaction very seriously. Onboard, we have a highly experienced crew with a fine eye for detail, and which is also backed by state-of-the-art equipment to meet and exceed customer expectations when it comes to hauling away junk. We treat your property with the utmost caution and care in just the same way we would when working on our own projects.

The testimonials about our service say it all. We will go above and beyond to make sure you are completely happy with our eco-friendly junk removal. Our team strives to provide each customer with a service they are absolutely confident to recommend to other businesses. In fact, we must admit that most of the junk removal projects we’ve completed over the years in operation are from referrals. You can have peace of mind knowing you are hiring the right crew for the job.

Commercial Junk Removal

No hidden fees

As reputable and trusted junk removal professionals in Philadelphia, we uphold integrity and honesty in all our transactions. We are committed to ensuring that each task entrusted to us is completed to the industry’s highest quality standards, without any additional fees.

We will provide a breakdown of the fees charged for our services in a free quote, and you will only need to pay what is included therein. You should expect no hidden fees whatsoever. Also, you have no obligation to accept our quote unless you are happy with it.

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