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EZ Clean Up Junk Removal for your Residential Junk Removal Needs

Got a junk?

A few clicks and your junk is gone…

junk removal in Philadelphia Clearing construction waste

Have a bunch of stuff you need to get rid of but don’t know how?

Hire EZ Clean Up in Philadelphia to haul away and remove the trash and junk in your home, cluttered basement, garage, attic, backyard…etc. We have the trucks, dumpsters, tools, and manpower to do it all for you. We’ll remove appliances, furniture, and all the little debris that has been cluttering up your home for years.

There is almost no junk that we won’t remove and haul away from your home or residential building in Philadelphia.

Our company is licensed and our workers are insured so you don’t have to worry about any mishap while we’re on your property.

Residential Junk Removal​

How It Works?


Take a photo of the junk

Just take a photo of the material you want hauled away.


Send it to us

Choose one of the options to contact us, send the photo along with the required details.


Get a price offer

and we’ll send you a quote for its removal, You liked the offer, choose the date we’ll arrive.

So... what do you have to throw away?

If you would like us to give you a great quote, fill in the details here and we will contact you soon.

Do you have a picture?

Take a photo of your junk and upload it here (Optional)

Where do you live?

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What Types of Items Do We Haul?

If you don’t want it, we’ll take it. It’s that simple. We haul away old furniture, appliances, old swing sets, piles of wood and brick, as well as dirt and rocks. We’ll even tear down that old fence and haul away the wood and concrete.

Have a cement walkway or old floor that needs to be torn up? We’ll pull it all up and haul away the debris. We’ll even tear down gazebos and sun rooms and remove them from your property.

car junk removal

Old Car

Home Clean Outs


haul away

Old furniture

E-Waste Removal


Click here to see the full list of Hauling Services

Only Perfect Clean Outs

EZ Clean Up is at your service for as long as you need us. We clean out hard-to-reach attics and crawl spaces as well as basements with narrow stairways and garages that are so packed full of stuff that your car is parked on the road. We also clean up yards that have had old equipment and machinery lying around getting rusty for years. Some household jobs can be dangerous and we don’t recommend that you undertake them on your own. Let our professionals lift, remove and haul away your home’s junk, debris, and trash in Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

Get Some Credit

Often, old appliances or equipment can be salvaged for cash. At EZ Clean Up, our first choice is to re-sell the junk we haul away. The landfill is always our last option. If we can get any money for the items or materials, we’ll credit your account with the profit. WE ALSO OFFER A 10% SENIOR DISCOUNT.

It’s an EZ Choice to Hire EZ Clean Up

Unlike many other home and residential debris and junk removal companies in Philadelphia, we do it all. We have the trucks, the dumpsters, the tools, and the crew to remove your junk, clean up your property, and haul it all away. You don’t have to lift a finger to make a second phone call to another company.

Just send us a picture of the area you need cleared out and we’ll give you an estimate. It’s that easy!

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A few clicks and your junk is gone…

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