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Make It Easier on Yourself with our Rubbish Removal services

EZ Clean Up is a company, that for many years provides collection and disposal services to a huge number of satisfied customers.

Our core business is the transportation of waste, rubble, and rubbish removal.
For this purpose, we have containers of different capacities that are ideal for the disposal of all types of waste.

We are qualified to removel your rubbish

Our EZ CleanUp Company strives to be professional and innovative, demonstrating the highest level of integrity and service for our clients and our employees, at the same time taking care of the environment. 

We know where to take your rubbish to be recycled. We would like to mention that we have all the necessary permits for passing through the city with our trucks, and we also have an integral permit issued by the competent ministry.

Certificate Contractor

How It Works?


Take a photo of the junk

Just take a photo of the material you want hauled away.


Send it to us

Choose one of the options to contact us, send the photo along with the required details.


Get a price offer

and we’ll send you a quote for its removal, You liked the offer, choose the date we’ll arrive.

So... do you have a Rubbish?

If you would like us to give you a great quote, fill in the details here and we will contact you soon.

Do you have a picture?

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How is the process for Rubbish removal?

The purpose of our company is to provide our customers with the easiest as possible collection and disposal of waste of any kind: waste, ground, industrial waste, bulk waste, etc. 

Our goal is to maintain the status by which we have been most known so far, but also to enhance in future our business, whether it is the transportation of sand, ground, rubble, or anything else when it comes to  Rubbish removal.

Our job, and our duty, is not only the simple transportation of waste but also the preservation of the environment and all green spaces, in order to meet the needs of our clients and at the same time to preserve the community in which we live.

EZ CleanUp Eco

We’re Eco-Friendly Read more about our junk recycling policy

In the course of our work, we always strive to satisfy our customers by providing reliable and complete service while taking care of the environment following the regulations.



  • You have solved the problem of additional pollution and the possibility of being “punished” Protecting the environment from all of us must come first.
  • With the help of EZ Clean Up, you don’t have to give up on the renovation of an apartment, office space, or any other facility, just because you are aware that huge amounts of construction waste and rubbish are waiting for you. We’ll do all this for you, and your job is only to think about the renovation process.
  • When performing all types of work at your construction site, you do not have to spend extra time dumping trash and waste. Everything goes directly to the container. It makes it easier for your workers to get the job done and saves your time on Rubbish removal.
  • By placing one of our containers that are the size of a mediocre car, you will avoid traffic jams (due to the use of large trucks for rubble and other waste).
  • We have a very professional team of workers, who will quickly and efficiently take care of the removal of rubble and other construction material left over after the construction or renovation of space.
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