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Extensive Basement and Household Junk Removal

Project Overview:

This project was a comprehensive cleanout of a residential basement and various household items in Philadelphia. The basement had accumulated a significant amount of construction debris, old furniture, and miscellaneous junk that required professional attention.

After Action Report:

The EZ CleanUp team executed a full basement cleanout, removing old wooden panels, damaged furniture, and construction materials. The project also extended to decluttering various household items, including electronic waste and a host of other miscellaneous items. Duration: The extensive scope required one day of dedicated effort to clear and sweep the area, ensuring a thorough cleanout. Estimated price: Considering the volume and variety of items removed, this project likely required a full truck load. The estimated cost for this extensive junk removal service would be around $599, which includes all debris removal, area sweeping, hauling, and disposal of up to 3 tons of debris

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