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Construction Site Clean Up

EZ CleanUp Licensed To Work At Your Site!
EZ construction site clean up. Our crews know construction in Philadelphia. We’re licensed to work. All projects are completed with a clean sweep.
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Construction Clean Up

Is your project winding down? You need a reliable team to clean up and haul away your debris and material. Call EZ CleanUp for construction site clean up services. Use our people, our tools, our dumpsters, and our trucks.

Our crews know construction. We’re licensed and insured to work on your site. All projects are completed with a clean sweep.


EZ Construction Site Clean Up Anywhere

Many job sites we work on are very delicate. Sometimes a remodeling project has sensitive landscaping and requires an extreme amount of care or structures are unsafe. In these situations, our crew will remove debris by hand and take extra precaution not to damage any part of the property during construction material cleanup and hauling in Philadelphia.


Types of Construction Cleanup Jobs

We clean debris and material from almost any construction site, whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial, or governmental. We work with heavy equipment as well as light tools and our team members are trained to work in construction. 

They know the hazards and are all insured to be on your job site. We have a long list of references for construction debris removal projects we’ve worked on in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware counties.

How It Works?

Get your price

Our price for junk removal service is very simple, We have a fixed price under truck loading.

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Select a date and time convenient collection you want your loader will be according to your schedule.

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Certificate Contractor

We're Licensed and Insured to Work at your Site

City of Philadelphia (#211715/36413)
State of Pennsylvania (#PA112494)

Construction Site Clean Up

As a contractor

You know how much debris and trash a job site can generate. Building and renovation projects often result in large piles of left over drywall, wood, concrete, brick, and other construction materials. 

You could rent a dumpster yourself, clean up and haul it all away, but this takes time and resources away from the important work you want to be doing. 

Construction Debris Removal, Material Clean Up, and Hauling.

Unlike many other construction site clean up companies, we do ALL the work for you. We provide the dumpsters, trucks, tools and manpower. We will leave your site swept clean. When we’re done, your area is fully ready for your next task. Our goal is to make construction material clean up and hauling in Philadelphia as EZ as possible.

Call EZ Clean Up at 215-678-2040 and leave all the construction debris removal and material cleanup in Philadelphia to us.

Dumpsters Rental

Dumpsters or No Dumpsters?

Of course, we prefer doing all the removal and clean up ourselves, from start to finish, but If you want to do the work yourself, you can rent the dumpsters from us. We have extremely affordable rental rates. If your client does not allow dumpsters on their site, our crew is an excellent alternative. 

We work within the constraints and parameters you determine and can bring in a team to clean up and haul away material with minimal equipment. We are available to accommodate all construction debris removal, material cleanup, and hauling situations in Philadelphia.

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Our mission is to help you to get rid of your junk quickly and easily.


Our price is very simple, We have a fixed price under truck loading.


Select a date and time according to your schedule.


Your loaders will call you before they arrive.

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Check Out Our Testimonials
On time and professional. They cleaned out all of the debris from my living room renovation -- sheet rock, plaster and lathe, etc. They swept and worked efficiently.
Amy H.
Amy H.
18:13 16 Jan 23
They did a great job removing construction debris and junk from our basement and yard. They were on time, professional
Clay P.
Clay P.
16:17 06 Jan 23
This group was amazing. They cleaned all the terrible debris from my basement so fast. They had an issue with my neighbor who blocked their truck out and so they had to walk half a block with all my stuff and they stayed super positive about it. After they removed, they cleaned the area and it was spotless. I was so amazed with the quality work. Will certainly use again. Great company, great employees, easy and reasonable pricing
Cibi Ann K.
Cibi Ann K.
22:21 20 Dec 22
Great job! There was a slight scheduling mishap but they were quick to fit us in the next business day. They were on time, professional, helpful, and friendly. Would definitely use them again. Thanks!
Kenneth N.
Kenneth N.
18:21 13 Dec 22
Juan and Jose came out to a rehab and were on time professional and fast. They were polite and ready to work and I will definitely call them in the future!
01:22 29 Nov 22
So glad that EZ cleanup crew took all our trash pretty much as soon as I called!
Victoria-Taeeun S.
Victoria-Taeeun S.
21:49 08 Nov 22
We have utilized their services for many years. They are extremely professional and it is easy to schedule an appointment.Their employees are prompt courteous, kind, and hard working.Recommend highly!!!professionand
Sheila L.
Sheila L.
15:54 07 Nov 22
Had a pretty big commercial job for Alex and Jay - they called ahead, were quick to get the work done, and the truck was filled in record time. Already re-booked them for round 2! Also, a much better price than the big-name competitors with no sacrifice in service.
Joshua C.
Joshua C.
23:25 27 Oct 22
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EZ CleanUp Licensed To Work At Your Site!

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