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How to Disassemble a Couch: Everything You Need to Know

Disassemble a Couch

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Whether you are transferring sites or cleaning the house, getting rid of large furniture is a hassle. Couches can be a frustrating piece to move, given their size and weight. To make disposal more manageable and more efficient, you should consider breaking down a couch before taking it to the trash. This can save you a lot of space, but only if you do it properly.

Five Useful Tips to Follow to Disassemble a Couch

Remove the Cushions First

Before you take anything apart, removing the cushions should be the first on your list. If your couch has attached cushions, then leave them attached until you remove the upholstery.

Strip the Sofa Beds

If you are dealing with a sofa bed, it is best to remove the mattress before completing any other steps. You should get all the unnecessary pieces of the furniture out of the way before handling the couch’s foundational structures.

Get Rid of the Upholstery

Staples attach most upholstery on couches. If you want to preserve the fabric for later use, you can use simple stapler pullers to remove it carefully. However, if the couch is going straight to the trash, then care does not matter. If your sofa has attached cushions, this is the time to remove them, as well.

Discard the Couch Legs

When the entire couch is stripped, turn it over and begin to remove the legs. You can use either a screwdriver or a saw to separate the couch’s legs, depending on the structure.

Use a Screw to Disassemble the Rest

The longest step is the last one. When you have the legs and upholstery removed from the couch, you should separate all the conjoining parts. You need a screwdriver at a minimum, but you may also need other tools to fit the specific screws used on the couch. For this part, you can also utilize a saw to make large pieces into smaller ones. The goal here is to turn the sofa into as many small parts as possible.

What to Do with Your Couch After Disassembling

Once you have your couch completely disassembled, you have several choices of where to send the remnants. Many city trash removal services have rules that determine what can and cannot be collected. If your couch parts do not fit the requirements for quick disposal, you can take the parts to a landfill. You can also sell them online if the pieces are still in decent condition.

If you finish going through the painstaking process of disassembling a couch and just want the pieces out of sight, out of mind, then we are here to help. At EZ CleanUp, we can pick up your couch remnants and dispose of them properly so that you don’t have to. We can also take your household junk, old electronics, and inefficient appliances. Let us carry the bulk of the work with our services in couch removal, Philadelphia.
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Properly disassemble and dispose of your old couch by following these tips.

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