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Pool Table Removal Service

Need a Pool Table Removal Service?
Pool tables are huge. They can’t just be thrown out on the curb and picked up by your local garbage collection service. If you need to get rid of an old pool table, call us to help!
Pool Table Removal
Need a Pool Table Removal Service?

Pool Table Removal

A pool table is a terrific addition to any home, especially if you entertain frequently. However, what happens when you no longer need it? Pool tables are sometimes large and bulky, making them difficult to move on your own. They can’t just be thrown out on the curb and picked up by your local garbage collection service, This is where Pool Table Removal Service comes in

Getting Help with Tools and Transportation

However, if you want to take care of it yourself, you need to disassemble it first. This phase can take a long time and involves the use of specific tools, which you may not have. Individual sections can be heavy, so you almost certainly need help transporting it.

After you’ve disassembled it, you need to find out how to get rid of the pieces. Depending on where you reside, you may need to visit several facilities to dispose of everything properly.

Philadelphia pool table removal service

If you need to get rid of an old pool table, contact EZ CleanUp Junk Removal Philadelphia! Instead of attempting to do so on your own. We make it simple to get rid of any unwanted clutter (large or tiny) for good. Our helpful, uniformed truck teams take care of everything for you—we can disassemble your pool table, transport it to our truck, and recycle or dispose of everything properly. It’s as simple as that!

How Our Service Works


Make an appointment for EZ CleanUp online or by calling (215) 678 2040.
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Our team can call you a couple of minutes before your booked appointment time to confirm your arrival.
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We sweep up the area after removing your items, making sure to only touch the objects we’re taking away. When the job is finished, we ask for payment.

Convenient Curbside Pickup

We provide flexible curbside removal services if you can disassemble and transport your unwanted gaming table yourself. When you don’t have the patience to wait for in-home service, curbside pickup is a terrific option.

Why Choose EZ CleanUp?

We have been delivering dependable and inexpensive waste removal services throughout Philadelphia. Our in-depth knowledge of various types of garbage has allowed us to develop a winning recipe for your waste removal needs. EZ CleanUp also prioritizes developing good relationships with our customers.  We can show how much we respect your faith in our staff by removing billiard and pool tables quickly and efficiently.

Going Beyond the Service

Our specialists can do more than just remove your pool table; they can also give you advice on how to optimize your waste management system and recycle as much waste as possible. More than a hundred customers can attest to our commitment to providing quality removal services.

Items We Take

All types of billiard and pool tables can be removed by EZ CleanUp:

  • Slate pool table
  • Snooker table
  • Outdoor pool table

Extra things:

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We’re Ready at Any Time You Need Us

Additionally, our team is constantly ready and available seven days a week. Our removalists and fleet of trucks are available to work at your time, so we don’t disrupt your hectic schedule. Let’s talk about your options, and we can put together a custom removal plan for you.

Hiring a True Professional

Billiard and pool table removal should only be done by professionals who have the necessary tools and technical knowledge to dismantle and relocate your pool table safely and quickly. That’s why we educate and train our employees on how to remove all sorts of pool tables using tried-and-true techniques.


Do Pool Tables Come Apart?

Yes! Pool tables can be taken apart, albeit it’s a big job. A pool table’s legs must be removed at the very least before they can be moved. You also need to remove the rail bolts, pockets, rails, and slate top if your table is too large to go around corners.

Do I Need to Add Pool Table Disassembly to My Appointment?

Your pool table may need to be disassembled to fit through doorways, up and down stairwells, and around corners, depending on its size and position. We strongly recommend our safe disassembly services if you are unable to disassemble your pool table alone.

How Long Does It Take to Disassemble a Pool Table?

It usually takes about two to three hours.

What Tools Are Needed to Disassemble the Pool Table?

· Flathead screwdriver
· Staple puller
· Socket wrench
· Power drill

Should You Hire Help?

Yes. Pool tables cannot be removed in one piece. It is very difficult to disassemble a pool table yourself, so getting as much help as you can get can save a lot of time.

Pool Table Removal
Need a Pool Table Removal Service?
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On time and professional. They cleaned out all of the debris from my living room renovation -- sheet rock, plaster and lathe, etc. They swept and worked efficiently.
Amy H.
Amy H.
18:13 16 Jan 23
They did a great job removing construction debris and junk from our basement and yard. They were on time, professional
Clay P.
Clay P.
16:17 06 Jan 23
This group was amazing. They cleaned all the terrible debris from my basement so fast. They had an issue with my neighbor who blocked their truck out and so they had to walk half a block with all my stuff and they stayed super positive about it. After they removed, they cleaned the area and it was spotless. I was so amazed with the quality work. Will certainly use again. Great company, great employees, easy and reasonable pricing
Cibi Ann K.
Cibi Ann K.
22:21 20 Dec 22
Great job! There was a slight scheduling mishap but they were quick to fit us in the next business day. They were on time, professional, helpful, and friendly. Would definitely use them again. Thanks!
Kenneth N.
Kenneth N.
18:21 13 Dec 22
Juan and Jose came out to a rehab and were on time professional and fast. They were polite and ready to work and I will definitely call them in the future!
01:22 29 Nov 22
So glad that EZ cleanup crew took all our trash pretty much as soon as I called!
Victoria-Taeeun S.
Victoria-Taeeun S.
21:49 08 Nov 22
We have utilized their services for many years. They are extremely professional and it is easy to schedule an appointment.Their employees are prompt courteous, kind, and hard working.Recommend highly!!!professionand
Sheila L.
Sheila L.
15:54 07 Nov 22
Had a pretty big commercial job for Alex and Jay - they called ahead, were quick to get the work done, and the truck was filled in record time. Already re-booked them for round 2! Also, a much better price than the big-name competitors with no sacrifice in service.
Joshua C.
Joshua C.
23:25 27 Oct 22
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Need a Pool Table Removal Service?

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