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How to Declutter Countertops

How to Declutter Countertops

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Clear kitchen counters by removing all items, categorizing them based on usage frequency, and optimizing storage. Daily cleaning and utilizing vertical spaces keep surfaces neat. Regularly update your organizational system to maintain kitchen efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Read our article below to find out more tricks and tips on how to declutter countertops.

Initial Clearing

Decluttering your kitchen countertops begins with a thorough initial clearing. This process clears the space and sets the stage for better organization and usability in your kitchen.

Get Everything Off the Counters

Start by taking everything off your countertops. This lets you see all the space you have and decide what really needs to be there. It’s an important first step where you quickly choose what goes back, what gets stored, and what you might throw out.

cluttered countertop

Organize What’s Left

With your counters empty, sort everything into three groups: things you use every day, items you use sometimes, and stuff for storage or to give away. 

Keep things you use all the time within easy reach, like on the counter or in a top drawer. Less used items can go in cupboards or on high shelves. 

Things that don’t really have a use anymore or that you rarely touch should be put away or given away. This way, you only keep what you truly need, which makes your kitchen look better and work better.

Keep Only What You Need

To keep your kitchen countertops tidy and useful, focus on what you really need out in the open. Here’s how to make your space work better and look nicer.

Choose What Stays Out

Pick the things you use every day to stay on your counters. You might keep your coffee maker, toaster, and maybe a block of knives or a holder for your utensils out. 

These should be easy to reach to help you every day. Experts say choosing carefully what stays out keeps your counters neat while making your kitchen work better.

Store or Give Away Less Used Items

If you don’t use something every day, think about putting it away or giving it away. Big items like mixers or blenders that you don’t often use can crowd your kitchen and make it look messy. 

Think about how often you use each thing. If it’s been sitting unused for six months to a year, maybe it’s time to put it away or donate it. Doing this can clear up space and make your kitchen look cleaner and more welcoming.

smart kitchen storage ideas

Smart Storage Ideas

Maximizing kitchen storage and maintaining organization can keep your space working well and looking good. Here are some tips on using your storage spaces smartly:

Use Walls for Storage

A good way to keep important tools handy and save counter space is to use your walls. You can hang things like pots, pans, and kitchen utensils up high. 

This makes them easy to grab and keeps your counters clear. You could put spice racks or utensil holders on the wall or the side of your fridge for easy access without taking up precious space.

Organize Drawers and Cabinets

Using drawer dividers and cabinet organizers helps keep your kitchen tidy. By dividing up your drawers and cabinets, you can have special spots for different items. This makes it easier to find what you need without messing up your whole kitchen. 

For small appliances and tools that you don’t use every day but still need, try storing them in lower cabinets or on pull-out shelves. This keeps them handy but out of the way, keeping your counters clear and useful.

Set Up Kitchen Zones for Efficiency

Setting up specific zones in your kitchen helps you use the space better and makes everyday tasks quicker. Here’s how to make zones work for you:

Arrange Activity-Based Areas

Create special areas for different kitchen activities, like a place for making coffee or a spot for baking. For example, have all your coffee-making items together in one spot, or gather your baking supplies in one area. 

This setup should match how often you use these items and the natural flow of your kitchen to cut down on unnecessary walking around.

Keep Everything You Need Close By

In each zone, make sure everything you need is within easy reach. At your coffee station, keep the coffee maker, cups, sugar, and spoons together so you don’t have to walk across the kitchen. 

Do the same in your baking area with bowls, spoons, and ingredients. This makes things faster and keeps other areas of the kitchen less cluttered.

keeping kitchen organized

Daily Maintenance Routines

Keeping your kitchen counters clean not only looks good but also helps keep your kitchen hygienic. Here’s how to maintain clean countertops every day:

Clear Counters Daily

Make it a daily habit to clear off your kitchen counters. Wash and put away dishes, and make sure there are no leftover food items or utensils out. This keeps your kitchen neat and stops crumbs and other bits from attracting pests or creating a mess.

Wipe Down Surfaces Often

It’s important to wipe your counters regularly to keep them clean. You can use a simple mix of water and a bit of dish soap. 

Or for a more natural option, try water with vinegar and a few drops of antibacterial essential oils like tea tree or grapefruit. Always finish with a dry cloth to avoid streaks and remove any leftover cleaner.

Make the Most of Vertical Space

Using vertical space wisely in your kitchen can clear up your counters and improve how your kitchen works. Here are smart ways to use the space up high:

Install Shelves and Racks

Putting up shelves and racks on your kitchen walls is a great way to make use of vertical space. You can store dishes, glasses, spices, and cooking oils on them. Wall-mounted furniture like foldable tables or desks can also help. They provide work areas that you can fold away when not needed.

Use Magnetic Strips for Metal Tools

Magnetic strips are a stylish and practical way to store metal kitchen tools, especially knives. Put them on the wall to keep your knives organized and easy to grab. This saves space in drawers and on countertops. It makes your kitchen less crowded while adding a modern look.

organized kitchen countertop

Keep Your Kitchen Adaptable

To keep your kitchen working well and clutter-free, it’s important to regularly check and adjust your organization. Here’s how to keep your kitchen up-to-date and flexible:

Regularly Check Your Counter Organization

Regularly review how you’re using your kitchen space to avoid clutter. Set a reminder to check your kitchen’s organization every few months. 

You might need to change where things are, see what’s working and what isn’t, and adjust your storage setups. These regular checks help you adapt to new kitchen tools, changes in your cooking habits, or new appliances.

Update as Your Needs Change

As your daily life and needs change, your kitchen should change too. For instance, if you start baking more, you might want to keep your baking supplies more handy. If you’re not using some appliances much, think about moving them to less important spots in your kitchen. 

Adjusting your kitchen to fit your current life not only makes cooking easier but also keeps your kitchen neat and effective.


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