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How to Dispose of Carpet

Old Carpet

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Why Dispose of Old Carpet

No matter how often we vacuum or steam clean our carpets, there are individual particles and dirt that just can’t be entirely removed. The buildup of the dirt in carpets can result in allergens and lead to some people’s health issues. From residential to commercial properties featuring carpet, it is often recommended that carpet be removed and replaced anywhere between five to 15 years, depending on the wear and tear of it. 

Carpet in high foot traffic areas should be replaced more often than low foot traffic spaces. The disposal of carpet is not an easy task, especially when you have multiple rooms or floors to work with. 

How to Dispose of Carpet? 

When it comes to removing carpet, there are two routes to take. You can hire professionals or do it yourself. However, the thing that is important when removing carpet is having the proper equipment and the proper protective equipment. Why would you need protective equipment? Depending on the carpet’s age and state, there could be allergens and dust that can be dangerous. It is better to be prepared and safe than not. 

Carpet Removal – A Step by Step Process

Before you can dispose of the carpet, you have to remove it, and this is a process that must be done correctly. 

For the actual disposal of the carpet, it is crucial to prepare the space. This means ensuring closets, vents, and spaces where the dust could escape through are sealed. Doing this can help prevent any built-up allergens from spreading to other areas of the home or office. 

After the space where the carpet is located is sealed, the best approach to disposing of carpet is to cut them into smaller sections. Cutting the carpet into sections means the carpet is much more manageable. Underneath the carpet, there is going to be padding and tact. 

When removing the carpet tact, something to keep in mind is that the carpet could have been either on wood, subfloor, concrete. Each flooring has a different way of removing tact.

To remove tact from hardwood – Use a putty knife to place between the tact and the floor, then pry back and insert the pry bar. This prevents any damage to the existing floor.

To remove tact from a subfloor – You are going to need a pry bar to pull the nail head back.

To remove tact from a concrete floor – This is going to require a hammer, prybar, and strength to lift the tact from a concrete floor.

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