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How to Dispose of CDs: Ultimate Guide

how to dispose of cds

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With the declining use of CDs and DVDs, many of us find ourselves with a growing pile of these outdated items. Here are your options for getting rid of your CDs:

  • Abrading
  • Scratching the surface
  • Breaking
  • Shredding
  • Consider alternative options (donating, selling, recycling, etc.)
  • Repurposing

Let’s learn more about these options on how to dispose of CDs in our complete guide.

disposing of old cds

What to Do with Your Old CDs?

As our music and movie collections move to digital platforms, we’re left wondering how to handle these old discs. Despite their numbers, there aren’t many simple options for recycling CDs and DVDs. 

A common mistake is thinking old CDs can be disposed of in the recycling bin. Contrary to this belief, CDs and DVDs, along with their variants, shouldn’t be placed in these bins. Most curbside recycling programs won’t accept them, primarily because they are made from mixed plastic resins. 

Furthermore, the physical characteristics of CDs and DVDs — being thin, fragile, and small — make them unsuitable for standard recycling processes.

Most discarded CDs eventually find their way to landfills or incinerators. Incinerating CDs is especially problematic, as it can release toxic chemicals like sulfur dioxide, dioxins, and hydrochloric acid. The presence of bisphenol-A (BPA) in polycarbonate, a compound associated with various health issues, further complicates their disposal. Given these environmental and health risks, simply throwing them in the trash isn’t advisable either.

So, what should you do with these discs if curbside recycling isn’t an option? It’s a good practice to first check your local recycling guidelines. These can often be found on your city’s official website or through the local waste management authorities.

Removing the Data Layer from CDs 

If you need to destroy a CD or DVD, one method is abrading or stripping off the top metallic layer. This can be done in various ways. Using coarse sandpaper, rubbing the disc against a rough surface like the sidewalk, or employing a specialized abrasive scraper are some of the techniques.

However, be warned: this method is quite messy. Scratching off the metallic layer generates a lot of dust from the foil and dyes, which is unhealthy to breathe in. Due to the mess it creates, it’s advisable to avoid this method indoors unless you’re prepared for a thorough cleanup afterward.

Scratching to Render CDs and DVDs Unreadable

An effective method to destroy the data on a CD or DVD is by adding a deep scratch to its optical surface. To ensure the disc becomes unreadable, it’s important to scratch near the disc’s center, where the volume descriptor is located.

There are several tools you can use to scratch a disc. A key, scissors, or a penknife will do the job. However, one of the easiest methods is using a tool specifically designed for this, like an app or a physical tool capable of creating deep, precise scratches and rendering the disc unusable in any CD or DVD drive.

Breaking CDs for Security

If you’re concerned about the security of data on discs you’re discarding, simply throwing them away intact isn’t advisable. Discs tossed into the bin can be retrieved and read, which might be a risk if they contain any information you’d rather keep private.

A simple solution to prevent this is cutting the discs in half with scissors. The polycarbonate material of CDs and DVDs is relatively soft and easy to slice through. 

If cutting the disc completely in half seems challenging (since the center part can be tough), an alternative is to make several cuts from the edge toward the center. After a few slits, twisting the sections you’ve cut can effectively render the disc unusable.

However, it’s important to avoid trying to break a disc with your bare hands. Doing so can cause the disc to shatter. It can create sharp fragments that could lead to injuries.

shredding old cds

Shredding CDs for Data Protection

Shredding is an effective method to dispose of CDs, especially those containing sensitive information. Using a reliable disc shredder, you can quickly process a large number of discs. However, be prepared for the noise and potential mess, as shredded pieces might scatter outside the shredder and onto the surrounding area.

It’s important to note that, in theory, data from shredded discs can still be recovered. The tracks on a CD are 1.6 microns apart, so a shard as small as 0.16 inches (about 4064 microns) in width could still contain around 2540 tracks of data. However, for most non-classified data, shredding remains a highly effective way to ensure discs won’t be used again.

Alternative Ways to Dispose of CDs

If you’re looking for options beyond destroying your old CDs, consider these ideas:

Donation 🔄

Offer your old media to secondhand stores or music resellers. Many of these places can repair and resell scratched items, giving them a new life.

Recycling Services ♻️

Companies like GreenDisk specialize in recycling these types of media. When sending CDs or DVDs to these services, remember to remove any paper sleeves first since they can be recycled separately as office paper or paperboard.

Creative Repurposing Ideas for Unused CDs 

Instead of discarding old CDs, you can try the following inventive and sustainable ways of upcycling to repurpose your collection:

Chic CD Case Clutches 👛

An old CD case can be turned into a stylish clutch bag, perfect for evening outings. With just a few materials, you can craft a trendy accessory inspired by celebrity fashion.

DIY Disco Ball for Decor 🕺

Create a fun disco ball from CD fragments to add a funky touch to any room. This craft is particularly popular among teens and can be made more eco-friendly by using an upcycled sports ball as a base.

CD Crafted Clocks ⏰

Making clocks out of CDs has gained popularity. Try a DIY approach to this by crafting a painted, pendulum-operated clock for a unique timepiece.

Upcycled Desk Organizers 🗂️

Old CD cases can be converted into a handy desk caddy, which can keep all your essential office supplies organized and within reach. This can be a creative and functional addition to your workspace.

Transformative Mosaic Decor 🌟

You can break old CDs into pieces to add a shimmering touch to ordinary items. By creating mosaics, you can design things like picture frames, planters, or mirrors. Experiment with various shapes to enhance your creations.

Candle Holders from Disc Cases 🕯️

Old CDs can be crafted into custom candle holders. This adds a youthful and playful element to any gathering.

Sparkling Homemade Jewelry 💍

Fashion some glittering, budget-friendly jewelry using your old CDs. This project isn’t as difficult as it might seem and can produce some stunning results.

CD Photo Frame Keepsakes 📸

Turn an old CD into a charming hanging photo frame. Designing it with colorful buttons, charms, and scrapbooking materials can produce a nice gift or decoration piece.

Custom DVD Case Fly Boxes 🎣

An excellent gift for fishing enthusiasts, turn CD cases into practical fly boxes. This can also be expanded into other storage solutions like jewelry boxes or pen holders.

shred old cds

FAQs – How to Dispose of CDs?

Is It Okay to Discard Old Discs?

Technically, you can throw away CDs, but it’s not the most environmentally friendly option. CDs don’t biodegrade and can release harmful chemicals in landfills. 

It’s best not to throw away old discs unless you have no other choice. A better option is to donate them to thrift stores or to music resellers who might resell them. However, this doesn’t hold true for blank or burned CDs, as they usually don’t have the same appeal or value to others as they might for you.

Can I Sell My Old CDs?

Yes, you can sell old CDs if they are still in good condition. Music resellers, secondhand stores, and online platforms like eBay or Discogs are potential avenues for selling CDs. 

The value depends on the rarity, demand, and condition of the discs. Some rare, limited-edition albums by popular artists can be valuable to collectors. Most common CDs, however, might not fetch a high price. Checking online marketplaces or consulting with music resellers can give you an idea of your CDs’ value.

Is There Any Reason to Keep CDs?

You might want to keep CDs for several reasons: as a backup for digital files, for collecting purposes, especially if they have sentimental or monetary value, or if you prefer the audio quality of CDs over digital formats. Some enjoy the tangible aspect of CDs and their cover art as part of a music collection.

Have You Decided Yet What to Do with Your Old CDs?

From creatively repurposing them for art projects to taking the necessary steps for safe and proper waste disposal, there are numerous ways to handle old discs responsibly. Remember, while physically destroying discs might be effective for data protection, repurposing and donating offer sustainable and community-friendly solutions.

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