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🛠️ How to Dispose of Concrete: An EZ Guide

how to dispose of concrete

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Have you just completed a renovation or demolition project and found yourself with a pile of leftover concrete? If you’re scratching your head, and wondering how to dispose of concrete, you’re not alone. 

To learn about proper concrete disposal methods, the importance of safe concrete disposal, and concrete disposal costs, keep on reading!


How do you properly dispose of cement?

When it comes to concrete disposal, you have several options to consider. Here are six effective methods to dispose of concrete safely and responsibly:

1️⃣ Recycle: Believe it or not, concrete is recyclable! Many recycling facilities accept old concrete and repurpose it into aggregate for new construction projects.

2️⃣ Repurpose: If the pieces are still in good shape, consider reusing them for other projects. Concrete can be repurposed for landscaping designs, such as creating a rock garden, or building a retaining wall.

3️⃣ Rent a Dumpster: Renting a dumpster is a convenient option if you have a large amount of concrete to dispose of. Make sure to check the weight limit, as concrete is heavy!

4️⃣ Take It to a Landfill: Some landfills accept concrete debris. However, be sure to call in advance and ask about any fees or restrictions. We don’t recommend this option, because we believe recycling is the way to go!

5️⃣ Sell It: If you have a significant amount of concrete in good condition, consider selling it. There are builders and landscapers who might be interested in buying it for their projects.

6️⃣ Hire a Junk Removal Service: Professional junk removal services, like us, can take care of your concrete disposal efficiently and responsibly, saving you time and effort.

Each of these methods has its pros and cons, and the best one for you will depend on your specific situation and local regulations. Always remember to dispose of concrete responsibly to prevent environmental harm.


Why do you need to dispose of concrete safely?

Concrete disposal is not just about getting rid of unused materials or debris. It’s an essential part of maintaining environmental health and safety. Here are a few reasons why safe concrete disposal is crucial:

♻️ Environmental Protection: Concrete debris can cause significant harm to the environment if not disposed of correctly. It can disrupt local ecosystems and contribute to water pollution if it ends up in water bodies. Proper disposal methods like recycling prevent these issues.

🏞️ Land Preservation: Dumping concrete waste in inappropriate places can lead to soil degradation and landscape damage. Safe disposal helps preserve the land and prevents unauthorized dumping.

👷‍♂️ Safety Concerns: Concrete debris can pose safety hazards, causing tripping accidents or vehicle damage. Safe disposal minimizes these risks and contributes to a safer community.

⚖️ Legal Compliance: In many states, there are regulations about how to dispose of construction waste, including concrete. Safe disposal ensures you’re abiding by local rules and avoiding potential fines or legal consequences.

By opting for safe disposal methods, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact, ensure public safety, and promote a healthier, cleaner community. Services like EZ CleanUp can help you manage concrete disposal responsibly and efficiently.

Demolition concrete debris

How much does concrete disposal cost?

Concrete Disposal AspectCost Estimate
National average for concrete removal$1,095 (typically ranging from $543 to $1,660)
Concrete removal cost per square foot$2 to $6 (higher for wire mesh or steel bar-reinforced materials)
Removal cost for a 100 sq ft slabAbout $200
Removal cost for a 1000 sq ft slabUp to $6,000
Concrete disposal cost per ton$30 to $100 (may not be included in the initial quote)
Removal cost for specific structures (e.g., slab, sidewalk, patio, driveway, stairs)$300 to $2,500

💡 Please remember these figures are approximations and actual costs may vary depending on location and other specifics. For the most accurate estimate, it’s recommended to get quotes from local contractors. At EZ CleanUp, we provide fair, competitive pricing, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free on-site estimate!

The benefits of choosing EZ Cleanup for your concrete disposal

Choosing EZ Cleanup for your concrete disposal offers numerous benefits to ease your stress and ensure an efficient, safe, and environment-friendly waste disposal process:

1️⃣ Efficiency and Speed: Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in handling concrete disposal. We can handle the task quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort.

2️⃣ Compliance with Regulations: At EZ CleanUp, we understand the local rules and regulations for concrete disposal in Philadelphia. We ensure that all disposal is done in accordance with these regulations to avoid any legal complications.

3️⃣ Safety: Disposing of concrete can be a hazardous job. Our team is equipped with the necessary safety gear and trained in the best safety practices to ensure the job is done without any accidents or injuries.

4️⃣ Eco-friendly Disposal: We’re committed to preserving our environment. We do our best to recycle as much of the concrete as we can and dispose of the rest in an eco-friendly manner.

5️⃣ Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive rates for our services without compromising on the quality of service. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden charges.

6️⃣ Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our TOP priority. We strive to provide excellent service and meet or exceed your expectations every time.

Contact EZ CleanUp today to reap these benefits and make your concrete disposal process a breeze! 📞 

concrete disposal

Concrete Disposal FAQ

💡 What types of concrete debris can be reused?

Almost all types of concrete debris can be reused in one way or another. This includes chunks from demolition work, concrete blocks, slabs, and masonry. They can be crushed and used as a base for driveways or roads, used in landscaping as decorative stone, or incorporated into new concrete mixes.

💡 Can concrete be effectively recycled?

Absolutely! Concrete is one of the most commonly recycled construction materials. It can be crushed and then used as an aggregate in new concrete, used as a base for roads or construction sites, or even as a decorative element in landscaping.

💡 What is the process of recycled concrete?

The recycling process of concrete involves breaking, removing, and crushing existing concrete into a material with a specified size and quality. It may also include the elimination of contaminants. After that, the crushed concrete is ready to be reused in new construction projects.

💡 How to dispose of old bags of cement?

Old bags of cement can harden over time, making them useless for most applications. You can call a local junk removal company or check with your local waste facilities; they may accept it as part of their hazardous waste program.



Properly disposing of concrete can be a laborious task, but understanding the proper channels for disposal and recycling can make the job a whole lot easier. With a bit of planning, you can turn a daunting task into an opportunity to contribute to a cleaner environment.

And, of course, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to dispose of concrete, EZ CleanUp is always here to help. From concrete recycling to safe disposal, our team of professionals is ready to manage it all, ensuring top-notch service that saves you time, keeps you safe, and respects our environment.

Ready to say goodbye to that unwanted concrete? Give EZ CleanUp a call today and let’s pave the way to a cleaner, greener tomorrow! 📞 🌍

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