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How to Dispose of Doors

How to Dispose of Doors

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The disposal of doors varies by material. Wood can be recycled or repurposed, metal scrapped for recycling, and intact glass donated. Special handling is needed for fiberglass. Local centers and charities, like Habitat for Humanity, offer recycling and donation options.

If you want to know more about how to dispose of doors, read our article below.

Types of Doors and Their Disposal Methods

When considering the disposal of doors, it’s essential to recognize the wide variety of materials and types available, as each may require different methods of disposal. Here’s a breakdown of common door types and some disposal considerations for each:

Wood Doors

Wood doors, such as those made from cherry, oak, or Douglas fir, are most common due to their durability and classic look. If they are in good condition, these doors can often be repurposed or donated. Otherwise, wood doors can typically be broken down and recycled or used as firewood, assuming they haven’t been treated with harmful chemicals​​.

Steel and Iron Doors

Metal doors, including those made from steel and iron, offer high security and durability. Metal doors can often be recycled at metal recycling facilities. Their value as scrap metal might even provide some monetary return​.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are known for their durability and insulation properties. These doors can be challenging to dispose of due to the materials involved. They are not biodegradable and are typically not accepted in regular recycling programs. Contacting a specialized recycling or waste management service that accepts composite materials is advisable​.

sliding glass door

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors, such as those made primarily of glass with metal or wooden frames, present unique disposal challenges. If the glass is intact, these doors can sometimes be donated or repurposed. 

However, broken glass requires careful handling and disposal. It’s recommended to consult with local waste management services to find specialized facilities that can recycle glass safely.

Composite and PVC Doors

Doors made from composite materials, such as a mix of wood, plastic, and metal, require specific disposal methods. These should generally be handled by professional waste management services that can properly separate and recycle the materials​.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are another recyclable option. They can typically be taken to metal recycling centers, where they can be processed and reused in other products​.

Recycling Doors

To find recycling centers in your area that accept doors, you can use resources like Earth911, which offers an extensive database of recycling facilities across North America. Just enter the type of material and your zip code to find the nearest facilities​. 

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are also a great option, as they accept various building materials, including doors, for reuse and resale​.

Preparing Doors for Recycling

This involves several steps, depending on the material:

  • Wooden doors can be donated if they are in good condition or broken down for recycling. Remove all hardware and non-wood elements first.
  • Metal and glass doors require separation of materials. Glass panels should be carefully removed and handled separately due to their breakability and potential for reuse​.

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling doors offers significant environmental benefits:

  • Conservation of resources: Recycling doors prevents the need for new materials and reduces the virgin resources required.
  • Reduction of landfill waste: By recycling or donating doors, you are keeping substantial waste out of landfills and contributing to a more sustainable environment​​.
doors for donation

Donating Doors

For those looking to donate, understanding where and how to donate is crucial for ensuring your contributions are both beneficial and welcomed.

Identifying Appropriate Donation Centers

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are notable for accepting donations of doors, among other building materials. These centers support affordable housing initiatives by reselling donated items. 

To find a local ReStore, use their website to search by zip code and connect with the nearest facility​. Additionally, Pickup Please, another charity supporting veterans, offers convenient pickup services for various household items, including doors. They make it easy to donate without needing to transport the items yourself​​.

colorful doors

Condition Requirements for Donation

When donating doors to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, it’s important that the doors are in good condition. This means they should be free from significant damage, such as large cracks or warping, and should not have remnants of hazardous materials like lead paint​. 

The acceptance of items can vary, so it’s advised to contact the specific ReStore or donation center ahead of time to ensure your door meets their standards.

Organizing the Donation

To donate a door to a ReStore or similar outlet, you first need to determine if a pickup service is available or if you need to drop off the item. Many ReStores offer pickup for large items like doors, but it’s best to arrange this in advance. 

Ensure that the door is ready for donation, which may include removing hardware and ensuring it is clean and ready for immediate reuse or resale​.

sell door online

Selling Used Doors

When it comes to selling doors, there are several effective platforms you can use, ranging from online marketplaces to local architectural salvage shops.

Options for Selling Online

Platforms like Shopify offer tailored solutions for selling doors online. Shopify provides powerful marketing and SEO tools to help you reach a broader audience, along with a simple setup for online stores. 

There are other platforms that cater to sellers with or without tech experience. They offer a user-friendly platform that supports both online and in-person sales. They do so by integrating with major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay​​.

Local Architectural Salvage Shops

For those preferring in-person transactions, local architectural salvage shops can be a great option. These shops often look for unique or antique doors and can offer a direct selling experience without the need for online listing.

brown door with metal lock

Utilizing Major Online Marketplaces

Consider listing your doors on major marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. These platforms have a vast reach, which will allow you to connect with a large number of potential buyers. eBay and Amazon provide tools to help you set competitive prices and manage your listings effectively​.

Setting the Price

When setting prices for your doors, consider the material, condition, and current market demand. Research what similar doors are selling for and set a competitive price that also ensures you cover costs and make a profit. 

Tools like Shopify’s profit margin calculator can be handy for ensuring your pricing strategy remains profitable​​.


Professional Removal Services

When it comes to professional removal services for doors, understanding the process, costs, and how to effectively schedule these services is crucial for ensuring a smooth operation.

Companies like EZ CleanUp offer specialized services to handle door removal. The process typically involves an initial assessment, either via an online description or an in-person visit, to provide an accurate quote. 

The services include all labor, with trained professionals handling the removal and disposal of the doors. We also ensure that everything is managed responsibly and sustainably.

The cost of professional door removal varies significantly based on the scope of the job and the location. Generally, prices differ and depend on how much space the junk occupies in the truck and your geographical location. You can check our updated price listing page to find out more.

pile of doors

Ready to Dispose of Your Door?

We at EZ CleanUp provide tailored services to ensure that each door is disposed of in the most appropriate manner. We always consider both environmental impact and local disposal guidelines. Reach out to us for expert assistance in the responsible disposal of doors and all kinds of junk.

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