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What To Do With Old Fish Tank: A Quick Guide

what to do with old fish tank

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Old fish tanks can be repurposed into terrariums, aquaponic systems, indoor planters, or unique storage solutions like candle holders and coffee tables. Each option offers a creative and sustainable way to give new life to an unused aquarium. 

Discover more innovative and eco-friendly ideas on what to do with old fish tanks in our detailed article.

Creative Uses for Old Fish Tanks in Home and Garden

Here are some ideas on what you can do with an old fish tank:

Transforming Tanks into Terrariums

Creating a terrarium from an old fish tank is a fantastic way to bring a bit of nature indoors. Terrariums can improve air quality by filtering toxins and producing oxygen. They are also low-maintenance and can be customized to personal styles. 

To create a terrarium, follow these steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean the tank and add a layer of rocks or pebbles for drainage, followed by activated charcoal for air filtration and to prevent mold. 
  2. Add a suitable layer of soil and plant the chosen plants.
  3. Decorate with elements like rocks or moss, and lightly water the plants. Be careful not to overwater​​.

Converting Tanks into Aquaponic Systems

An indoor fish tank aquaponics system is a sustainable method for growing fish and plants. It’s a closed-loop system that recycles water and nutrients, reducing water usage and eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

This system is ideal for urban areas with limited space and allows for year-round production of fresh produce and fish. 

The setup involves creating a media bed for plant growth, connecting pipes from the water pump to the tank, adding water and beneficial bacteria to establish a nitrogen cycle, introducing suitable fish species, and planting seedlings.

This is not only a source of nutritious food but also serves as an educational tool that demonstrates the principles of sustainable and responsible food production​​.

Using Old Tanks for Indoor Planters

An old fish tank can be repurposed into a stunning indoor garden. The closed environment of a glass container is ideal for many herbs and plants. 

Follow these steps to transform a fish tank into a garden:

  1. Clean it thoroughly. 
  2. Add a layer of gravel or pebbles for drainage.
  3. Add a layer of activated charcoal to absorb excess moisture and prevent bacterial growth. 
  4. Add quality potting soil.
  5. Plant your chosen seedlings or plants.
  6. Finish with any desired decorative features.

It’s important to ensure proper lighting and moisture levels for the plants. Using a fish tank as a planter is an excellent and eco-friendly way to grow plants indoors​​.

Practical Applications of Old Fish Tanks

You can also choose among the following ideas on what to do with your old fish tanks:

Storage Solutions with Old Tanks

Old fish tanks can be transformed into unique storage solutions. A simple yet effective idea is to repurpose a tank as a candle holder. By filling the tank with decorative sand or pebbles and placing various heights of pillar candles inside, you can create a cozy and romantic ambiance in your home. This reuse not only adds an aesthetic touch to your living space but also serves a practical function​​.

DIY Projects: Fish Tank Coffee Table

Turning an old fish tank into a coffee table is a trendy and practical project. This DIY project allows for a unique piece of furniture that can be a centerpiece in your living room. A rectangular fish tank can be repurposed into a 40 or 50-gallon coffee table. 

Adding features like aquatic plants, stones, and lights enhances the visual appea. The process may require patience and time, but it’s worth the effort. 

For a lighter version, using an acrylic fish tank with MDF as the base is recommended, as it’s easier to move and minimizes the risk of breakage. This creative project is not just about aesthetics; it’s about reusing materials in an innovative way​​​​​​​​​​.

Educational Uses: Miniature Ecosystems for Kids

Old fish tanks can be excellent educational tools, especially for children. In a classroom setting, a fish tank can serve as a management tool, helping to quiet a noisy room by focusing students’ attention on the calmness of the fish. 

Caring for a fish tank in the classroom can teach children about responsibility, accountability, and the importance of routines. Observing fish feeding schedules and tank maintenance routines can be particularly instructive. 

Furthermore, a fish tank can be a calming influence for children. It’s beneficial for students with ADHD, autism, or sensory issues, providing a quiet space for them to reset without feeling isolated. 

Additionally, fish tanks can be used to teach children about life cycles, health, and hygiene in a hands-on manner. They are not just about observing fish but about understanding broader biological concepts and emotional regulation​​.

repurposing old fish tank

Overview of the Environmental Benefits of Repurposing

The environmental benefits of repurposing and upcycling old fish tanks are significant. Most fish tanks are made of glass, which takes an estimated 1 million years to fully degrade in landfills. In the U.S., approximately 7.6 million tons of glass were sent to landfills in 2018 alone. By repurposing fish tanks, we can drastically reduce this volume of waste. 

Repurposing also conserves resources by reducing the demand for new materials. When a fish tank is transformed into a new item, it eliminates the need to produce a similar item from scratch, thus saving raw materials and energy​​.

Tips for Preparing an Old Fish Tank for Repurposing

When repurposing an old fish tank, start by completely emptying the tank, removing all algae, and using a non-abrasive cloth and glass cleaner to polish the glass. This is essential whether you’re transforming it into a coffee table, side table, or an aquaponics system. 

For the latter, the maintenance involves less effort than a regular fish tank. If fish are no longer part of the plan, regular household chemicals work fine for cleaning. However, to continue housing fish or growing food, opt for vinegar and hot water to ensure a safe environment for aquatic life.

Safety Checks for Repurposed Tanks

When repurposing fish tanks, the materials used must align with the new purpose. Converting a fish tank into a terrarium? Go for a variety of plants, with succulents as a popular choice, and layer with soil, rocks, and sand. 

If it’s a table centerpiece you’re after, consider placing differently-sized candles inside the tank and add seasonally appropriate decorations. These transformations not only give the tank a new life but also ensure its safe use in its new form.

Disposing of Unsalvageable Fish Tanks Responsibly

Recognizing an unsalvageable fish tank is crucial. If it’s damaged beyond repair or simply not needed anymore, it’s time to think about responsible waste disposal. Sometimes, a tank can’t be given a new life, and that’s okay. The key is knowing when to let go and choosing eco-friendly disposal methods.

For eco-friendly disposal, consider these options:

  • Recycling: Glass tanks are ideal for recycling, as they can be reused multiple times without quality degradation.
  • Donation or Sale: If the tank is still in fair condition, donating or selling it is a great option. Local pet stores or aquarium clubs often welcome such contributions.
  • Upcycling: Transforming the tank into something new, like a terrarium or a planter, is a creative way to avoid landfill waste.
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