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How to Do Lawn Care and Junk Removal

Lawn Care and Junk Removal

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The lawn is the centerpiece of any yard. When it’s green and well-maintained, your lawn can be the envy of your friends and family if you take good care of it. Maintaining your lawn can be tricky, though.

If you have children or a bigger yard, it doesn’t take long for waste and junk to accumulate around the yard, and alot of this can end up on your lawn.

This is why lawn care and junk removal is so crucial. You should really perform this task throughout the year, but it’s especially important in the spring and fall.

If you find that you’ve accumulated too much yard waste to perform normal lawn care, then you might benefit from paying for junk hauling or removal in order to get your yard and lawn back into top condition.

Clean Up Your Yard Waste

Lawn care and junk removal often involves dealing with organic material. This tends to accumulate throughout the year, but it is especially common in the spring and fall.

Paying for a gardening or landscaping service is a great way to keep your property looking smart and tidy, but not everybody can afford such a luxury. You, therefore, need to make sure that you frequently remove junk and waste from your lawn and keep it clean.

Grass, Clippings, and Branches

As mentioned above, most yard waste is of an organic nature. Branches, cut grass, other clippings, and fallen leaves are common forms of yard debris.

If you have yard sculptures or benches, then you need to keep this clean and free of debris, too. Yard benches are especially prone to accumulating debris like old branches and leaves. Fortunately, removal of yard waste can usually be a fairly quick process.

Unless your yard has been seriously neglected, it’s generally not necessary to pay for a junk hauling service to deal with your yard waste.

Lawn care and junk removal can usually be carried out with standard tools like a rake and a broom. If you’re planning on cutting the grass, try to use a blower afterward to keep the grass clear of the yard.

Time and location are very important when you cut grass or try to deal with the removal of leaves and other junk. Doing so during the day when the weather is good is much easier than when it’s rainy or dark.

Frequent Lawn Care, Especially in Spring and Fall

Again, location and time are important factors when you do junk removal on your property. Throughout the fall, it’s very common for leaves to fall and build up in piles.

If you don’t deal with these on a regular basis, you might need to pay for a truck to haul them away, especially if you have a larger property.

It can be expensive to pay for a company to provide you with trucks just to tackle yard waste, but fallen leaves can be very heavy when they build up in piles.

Paying for services like hauling with a truck might seem excessive for yard waste, but it’s often the easiest way by far to deal with an accumulation of debris.

What’s more the company you contact might provide other services to soften the blow. If the removal team comes to your home for the day, the team may be able to offer another service for free, like removing older items and junk. Or Contact EZ CleanUP!

We Offer a Senior Discount

Our seniors have contributed so much to our nation, and we want to give something back.
By offering a 10% reduced price to seniors. we help them deal with junk and debris in a way that is manageable.

No matter the location or time, we’re always ready to assist the elderly with old furniture or any other type of junk. For our seniors, we’re just one phone call away. Call us any time to discuss our senior discount!

Eco-friendly Waste Disposal and Recycling Services

One advantage of working with EZ CleanUp is that we remove junk from your home and dispose of it in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Many of our customers truly value this because it is a simple way to reduce your impact on the environment today, no matter the time or location. As you can see on our website, our menu of services offers a range of options that are eco-friendly.

Simply open the menu of services to see how we recycle or donate whenever possible. Why not make 2021 the greenest and most eco-friendly year of your life? Call us to discuss the green-friendly type of service we offer or feel free to open our services menu to read more about it on our webpage.

Working with Us is Quick and Easy

If you have yard junk or other junk that you need us to collect. getting a quote is straightforward and simple.
All you need to do is contact us online. You can email, text, or contact us via phone.

To get a quote, all you have to do is go to our web page and take a photo of your junk. Then, send it to us via our web page. Once our assessment of the job is complete, we should get back to you within less than 24 hours with a quote.

If you decide that you want to work with our company on your job, you can simply let us know via our web page or the other contact methods we offer.

We work hard to provide a great service and make our customers happy by meeting their needs.
As you can see on our new website, we follow through with our promises, and many of our customers have an excellent experience working with us.

Why not contact us today? We can get the job done immediately. We offer a competitive price to help keep our service accessible and meet the needs of Philadelphia locals. Call us if you require our help. No matter the time or location, we’re ready to serve!

Summary: we discuss how to maintain your lawn, and why you should work with EZ CleanUp in 2021.

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