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How To Get Rid of Box Springs: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Get Rid of Box Springs

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Want to know how to get rid of box springs? Not sure whether you should donate, sell, recycle, or dispose of it?

Here are some of your best options:

  • Contact local charities or selling platforms.
  • Find recycling facilities that accept box springs.
  • Schedule a bulky waste pickup.
  • Get the services of a junk removal company.

Curious about how to implement these steps? Continue reading for a detailed guide.

How to Get Rid of Box Springs: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Here are the steps you need to do to get rid of box springs safely and efficiently:

Evaluate Their Condition.

Before making a decision on how to dispose of your box springs, it’s essential to inspect it thoroughly. Check for signs of wear and tear, any damage, or pests. If it’s in good condition, it might be useful to someone else. On the other hand, if it’s damaged or infested, it might need to be disposed of properly.

Decide to Either Donate, Sell, Recycle, or Dispose

Based on the condition of your box springs, here are your best options:

  • Donate: If the box springs is still in good shape, consider donating it. 
  • Sell: Selling can not only help you recover some of the initial costs but also ensure that the item gets a new life with someone who needs it.
  • Recycle: If your box springs isn’t in the best condition, but you’d like to avoid sending it to a landfill, recycling might be an option. Some materials in box springs, like metal springs and wood frames, can be recycled.
  • Dispose: Sometimes, the best option is just to dispose of the box springs, especially if it’s not recyclable and beyond repair. However, this should be the last resort after considering other options.
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Contact Local Charities or Selling Platforms if Donating or Selling

If your box springs is still in a decent state, donating or selling it can be a win-win situation. Here’s how you can go about it:

Donating to Charities

Start by searching for local charities or organizations that accept furniture donations. Inquire about pickup services. Many charities offer free pickup services for larger items like box springs. This can be a great convenience if you don’t have the means to transport them yourself. Make sure to prepare your donation: Clean the box springs and ensure they are in a presentable condition, remember that the item should be in a condition that’s acceptable for someone else to use.

Selling on Platforms

  • Choose the right platform. Sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are popular platforms for selling used items. Depending on your location and preference, one might be more effective than the other.
  • List your item. Take clear photos of your box springs from various angles. When writing the description, be honest about its condition, size, and any potential flaws. Being transparent can save time for both you and potential buyers.
  • Set a reasonable price. Do a quick search to see the going rate for similar items on the platform. Setting a fair price can help you sell the item faster.

Find Recycling Facilities That Accept Box Springs

Recycling your box springs is an eco-friendly option, especially if they aren’t in a condition to be sold or donated. Here’s how to go about it:

Local Recycling Programs

Check with your city or county. Many municipalities have recycling programs that accept bulky items like furniture. The local government’s website or a quick phone call to the city’s waste department can provide this information. If your city or county has a recycling program for furniture, they’ll likely have designated drop-off points. Ensure you know their timings and any fees associated.

Specialized Recycling Facilities

Search for specialized recyclers. Not all recycling centers accept box springs due to the mixture of materials they contain. However, specialized facilities might handle these items. Understand the process. Some recyclers might require you to disassemble the box spring before dropping it off and separating the metal, wood, and fabric components. Check with the facility in advance to understand their requirements.

Benefits of Recycling

  • Environmental impact. By recycling, you ensure that usable materials like metal and wood don’t end up in landfills. This helps in reducing the environmental footprint and conserving resources.
  • Supporting green initiatives. Opting to recycle supports businesses and initiatives that prioritize the environment. 

Schedule a Bulky Waste Pickup if Disposing

Disposing of bulky items like box springs can be challenging due to their size and the specific disposal requirements. Many municipalities offer bulky waste pickup services to help residents with this issue. 

Here’s how you can utilize this service:

Contact Your Local Waste Department

Begin by understanding the rules. Each city or county might have different rules regarding bulky waste pickup. Some places might offer it for free, while others may charge a fee. It’s essential to understand the guidelines, fees, and pickup schedules. Once you know the rules, you can set a date for the collection. Make sure to adhere to any guidelines about placing the item out. Typically, they’ll require the item to be at the curb by a specific time.


Some municipalities might ask residents to break down items to a certain extent before disposal. Ensure you’re aware of any such requirements. Place your box springs at the designated spot (usually the curb), so they’re easily accessible for the waste collection truck. Make sure they’re out of the way of pedestrians and not obstructing traffic.

Benefits of Bulky Waste Pickup

  • Convenience. This service saves you the hassle of figuring out how to transport and where to dispose of large items.
  • Eco-friendly. Local waste departments usually handle items in an environmentally responsible way and make sure they don’t just end up in a landfill.

Hire a Junk Removal Company.

If the local waste pickup service isn’t an option or you have multiple items to dispose of, hiring a junk removal company can be the answer.

Research and Hire

Start by searching online or asking friends and family for recommendations. Look for companies with good reviews and reliable service. Before hiring, get a quote for the service. Prices can vary based on the volume of junk and your location. Some companies (like us!) might offer a free on-site estimate. Once you’ve chosen a company, schedule a convenient date and time for the pickup. Most companies are quite flexible with timings.

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Benefits of Hiring a Junk Removal Service

  • Efficiency. Junk removal companies are experts at what they do. They can quickly and efficiently remove items from your property, saving you time and effort.
  • Safety. Some items can be heavy or unwieldy. Letting professionals handle the removal reduces the risk of injuries.
  • Eco-conscious disposal. Many junk removal companies prioritize environmentally friendly disposal methods. They might recycle or donate items before considering the landfill, which ensures a reduced environmental impact.
  • Hassle-free. Especially for large volumes of junk or heavy items, hiring a service can save a lot of effort and stress. They handle everything from pickup to disposal.
Understanding Box Springs

Understanding Box Springs

Box springs are essentially a type of bed base. Traditionally, they consist of a sturdy wooden frame covered in cloth and housing a set of springs. While they’ve evolved over the years, the primary functions remain consistent:

Support System

One of the main purposes of a box spring is to provide a solid foundation for the mattress. This ensures that the mattress remains level, which can be crucial for your comfort and the longevity of the mattress itself. The springs inside the box spring play a significant role in absorbing body weight and movement. This not only aids in a more comfortable sleep but also reduces wear and tear on the mattress.

If you also need to dispose of your mattress and you’re located around Philly, check out our guide on how to dispose of a mattress in Philadelphia.

Height & Ease of Use

A box spring raises the mattress off the ground, which can make getting in and out of bed easier, especially for those who might have mobility concerns. Raising the mattress also means it’s less likely to accumulate dust or be affected by colder temperatures from the floor during winter.

Mattress Longevity

Box springs can also promote better airflow around the mattress, reducing moisture buildup and helping to extend the life of the mattress. With the additional support from box springs, mattresses tend to wear more evenly, avoiding sagging or indentations over time.

Why Is It Called a Box Spring?

Names often provide an insight into the design, function, or history of an object, and the term “box spring” is no different. The box spring is a box-like structure. It traditionally consists of a rigid wooden frame, which gives it its boxy appearance. Within this “box” are springs designed to provide additional support and absorb shock. The springs are the defining characteristic, offering that extra cushioning effect.

Common Reasons for Needing To Dispose of Box Springs

While box springs are durable and designed for long-term use, there are several reasons one might need to dispose of them over time:

1. Wear and Tear

Just like other furniture items, box springs have a lifespan. Over time, the wooden frames can weaken, and the springs can lose their elasticity and supportive capabilities. Plus, accidents happen. Box springs can get damaged during moves or due to significant impacts, which makes them unsupportive and uncomfortable.

2. Pest Infestations

One of the more unpleasant reasons for disposal is the presence of pests like bed bugs or mites. If an infestation is severe, it’s often safer and more efficient to dispose of the entire box spring rather than attempt to treat it.

3. Space Concerns

Those moving to smaller spaces might opt for more space-saving bed foundations.

4. Health Concerns

Over time, box springs can accumulate dust mites and other allergens. Those with severe allergies might find it beneficial to replace or dispose of older box springs.

Environmental Concerns Related to Box Spring Disposal

Potential Environmental Concerns Related to Box Spring Disposal

The disposal of household items like box springs isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s also an environmental consideration. Box springs are large, made of multiple materials, and can take up significant space in landfills. 

If not disposed of correctly, they can contribute to several environmental issues:

Landfill Overcrowding

Box springs are bulky items. When many people dispose of them in landfills, they take up a considerable amount of space. Moreover, the materials used in box springs, particularly the wooden and metal parts, can take many years to decompose fully. Increased demand for waste management systems due to non-decomposable or slow-decomposing items can lead to the need for more landfills, which can be detrimental to the environment and ecosystems.

Resource Wastage

Many box springs contain metal coils and wooden frames. Both of these materials are recyclable. By throwing them away instead of recycling, we miss out on the opportunity to reuse these valuable resources. Moreover, the production of new materials consumes more energy than recycling existing ones. By not recycling parts of box springs, we indirectly contribute to higher energy consumption.

Chemical Leaching

The wood in box springs might be treated with chemicals to enhance its durability or resist pests. When disposed of in landfills, these chemicals can leach into the soil and, eventually, the groundwater, posing potential health risks to communities and wildlife.

Learn more in our guide on how to dispose of painted wood.

Best Time to Declutter!

Understanding the components of box springs—from their purpose in bedding to the considerations when disposing of them—reveals their important role in our daily rest and the broader environmental implications. If the task of box spring removal or disposal seems difficult, remember that you don’t have to do it alone.

We’re here to help. EZ CleanUp is a junk removal company based in Philadelphia. Whether you’re cleaning out your old box springs, mattress, or your broken bed frame, our skilled team ensures the job is done efficiently and cleanly. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. 
Ready to declutter and responsibly dispose of that old box spring? Contact EZ CleanUp today and let the experts handle the heavy lifting!

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