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How to Dispose of Bed Frame – A friendly guide

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You might just bought a new bed or want to change the purpose of one of the rooms at your house, and that bed frame that once was the delight of your bedroom is no longer needed. You know that if you just put it in storage, it will stay there forever, so you decided to do the right thing, to dispose of the old bed frame. Congratulations.

What are your best options?

Whether your bed frame is in good shape or not – Don’t just throw it away. There are much better options to deal with disposing of bed frames. Here are a few ideas:

If it is in good, stable, and safe condition, you can either:

  • Sell it – If the bed frame is in good shape and you think there might be someone that will love it, great. It’s time to take some good pictures of it and put it on one of the online selling sites (like craigslist, for example), and hope someone’s eye will catch it and you’ll get a nice price for it.
  • Give it – Does someone from your family or close friends, or neighbors need it? Even if some repair work is necessary, it will be a nice thing to do if it is worthwhile. It will be just as significant to make them happy.
  • Donate it – If the bed frame is in good condition and you feel like doing something good, this is a beautiful way to help someone you don’t even know. Imagine how grateful a family or a child that lives without a bed will be…

If the bed frame is no longer suitable for use, you have two options:

Repurpose it

How to Dispose of Bed Frame

Do you like DIY projects? have any ideas for a piece of new furniture? Or are you in any need of anything in the house? 

Using the material of your old bed frame is just great fun for creating something new. If your bed frame is made of metal but is too old for its original purpose, you can use it as a piece of fence or even make a flower bed for the garden. Check out this video:

DIY Bed Frame Flower Bed – DIY Network

If your bed frame is made of wood, you have tons of excellent options for upcycling it to create something new, and it will be much easier too! 

A few ideas for that can be: 

Building a bench for the garden, separating it into useful and beautiful shelves, or making some small wood stools that can also be great for sitting when gardening; there are many fantastic ideas for that.

Recycle it

If the bed frame is in bad condition and is no longer suitable for holding a mattress safely, another great option is to recycle it!

Here is how to DIY:

To dispose of a bed frame on your own and recycle it, you’ll have to do a few things:

  1. Prepare the working space – Remove the mattress (if you need a mattress removal in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, you’re welcome to contact EZ CleanUp!), and move other furniture in the room to make yourself space for working comfortably.
  2. Disassemble it – to do that, you’ll need to check how it is connected. Most of the bed frames are attached with screws. So, of course, you’ll need to unscrew them, you can do that manually, but that might take some time. The best way to unscrew is to use an electric or portable screwdriver, and the bed frame disassembles easily.
  3. Call the nearest recycling site – Whether the bed frame you just disassembled is made of wood or metal, these materials are recyclable, and you might gain a few bucks from it, but you’ll need to know where exactly you should take them. So search Google for: ‘recycle site near me’, and call; they will guide you from there.
  4. Have a safe drive – Check if the remains of your bed frames fit in your car. If yes, make some preparations to take care of your car, so it won’t get hurt by the metal or wooden pieces. Pack and cover dangerous edges with a piece of cloth or wrap it with cardboard and attach it with tape. It is always good to protect the seats for extra safety when doing this kind of job.

Can you dispose of a bed frame in the nearest bin?

Assuming you disassembled your bed frame into small pieces that might fit in the nearest bin. Do you really want to throw it? We don’t think so. Why?

We have two excellent reasons:

1. Save the planet – The more we recycle, the less energy we spend, and that affects our environment in so many ways. When you throw your bed frame into the regular bin, it’s very unlikely to be recycled. 

2. Get paid – recycling metal or wood might bring you a nice small profit!

Anyway, it might not fit in the nearest bin, and if you put it near, with the hope that the municipal garbage services will take it, you might be disappointed, and two things might happen: 

1. Your bed frame will stay and be the neighborhood’s new hazard, aesthetically and safety-wise.

2. It depends on the municipal rules in your area, but you might be penalized for it.

And you don’t want either of these options.

The EZiest way to dispose of a bed frame

Whether your bed frame is in decent condition or not, whether you have to disassemble it or not, disposing of a bed frame can be a challenging task! 

In the few paragraphs above, we explained what you should do to dispose of a bed frame yourself. You might decide to do that, but if you find yourself delaying the job because you can’t find the time, or it’s more complicated than you thought, or it’s too heavy, and you are waiting for your neighbor to have the time… 

Or maybe you just knew from the start that you can’t or don’t want to deal with it yourself; the best way is to call a junk removal company that will do it in no time.

3 Great reasons to consider hiring a junk removal company for the job

Your time – Disassembling, carrying, loading, and driving to the nearest recycling site can burden one with short free time. You might prefer doing something else when you have some time for yourself.

Your planet – A professional junk removal company knows what to take where and the great thing is that if we recycle the material of your old bed frame (and in 90+% of the cases, we do!), we will credit your bill with the profit! 

Your back – Bed frames can be heavy, and carrying them yourself can be a backbreaking job. You don’t want that. For junk removal workers, lifting heavy items of all kinds is another everyday task, and they’ll be happy to save you the trouble!

Why should you choose EZ CleanUp?

🚀 We are fast.

👷 We are professional.

♻️ We know where is the best place to recycle your bedframe.

💵 We offer great prices for disposing of bedframes.

💰 We will credit your bill with the money we receive for your items.

😄 We served hundreds of satisfied customers! Please read our reviews on Google.

So, if you decide to do it yourself, good luck! Remember to take care of your back and do something good with your old bed frame!

If you live in Philadelphia or neighboring counties and want EZ CleanUp to dispose of your bed frame and recycle it, call us at (215) 678-2040.

We would love to help!

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