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How to Get Rid of an Old Snow Blower

How to Get Rid of an Old Snow Blower

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Unloading an old snow blower? Explore selling, recycling, donating, or opting for professional removal. If it’s beyond repair, consider creative repurposing or upcycling. Each method offers a practical solution for disposing of your snow blower while benefiting the environment or community.

If you want a detailed guide on how to get rid of an old sow blower, read our article below.

#1: Sell 

Utilizing online platforms such as Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace is highly effective when selling second hand items, like a snow blower. These platforms offer a broad audience, increasing your chances of a quick sale. Ensure your listing includes detailed descriptions and clear images to attract potential buyers​​.

sell old snow blower

Some local stores, especially those specializing in outdoor equipment, might offer buyback programs or accept trade-ins. Selling to these retailers can be straightforward, though the financial return may not be as high as selling directly to another consumer​​.

You can also try posting at community boards, local online forums, and garage sales. These are excellent venues for selling a snow blower. 

These options can be particularly effective in regions that experience heavy snowfall, where there is likely a steady demand. Direct community sales often result in quicker transactions without the need for shipping​.

When preparing your snow blower for sale, consider minor repairs and cleaning to improve its appeal and functionality. If it’s beyond repair, recycling or proper disposal through municipal or specialized services is advisable to prevent environmental harm.

#2: Recycle

Disposing of an old snow blower responsibly helps avoid environmental harm and can even provide financial benefits. Many local recycling centers accept old snow blowers. They ensure that various components, especially metals, are recycled properly. 

These centers dismantle the equipment to extract and reuse materials. Recycling contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing landfill waste​.

Scrap Metal Services

If your snow blower is no longer functional, consider selling it as scrap metal. Snow blowers contain valuable metals that can be recycled and repurposed. 

Contact local scrap yards or recycling services that accept outdoor power equipment. Ensure all fluids are drained and batteries are removed if applicable, as these parts need special handling​​.

Manufacturer Take-Back Programs

Some manufacturers of snow blowers offer take-back programs, where they accept old machines. They often provide disposal or recycling at no cost. 

These programs are part of the manufacturers’ commitment to sustainability and responsible end-of-life product management. Check with your snow blower’s manufacturer for any available recycling programs or guidelines for disposal​.

donate snow blower

#3: Donate

Donating your old snow blower can be a generous way to declutter while helping others. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity ReStores accept snow blowers. They use the proceeds from sold items to fund their projects globally. 

These stores are particularly receptive to donations of working or gently used equipment. Before donating, it’s recommended to verify with your local ReStore about their specific acceptance policies and whether they offer pickup for large items​​.

Community Centers

Local community centers often welcome donations of snow blowers, especially in regions prone to heavy snowfall. These centers can use such equipment to maintain their premises or aid in local community efforts. 

Contacting nearby centers directly can provide information on their needs and the donation process​​.

snow blower for donation

Online Donation Platforms

There are platforms that offer an easy way to donate snow blowers and other equipment. They usually provide a scheduled pickup service and ensure that your donation supports various charitable programs. 

This service can be particularly convenient, as it handles all aspects of the pickup and donation, often with the bonus of a tax deduction receipt​.

When considering donating your snow blower, ensure it is in a usable condition, as most organizations prefer items that are operational or require minimal repairs. Additionally, remember to keep a record of your donation for tax purposes, if applicable. 


#4: Professional Removal Services

Removing an old snow blower can be streamlined through professional junk removal services. Services like what we provide at EZ CleanUp offer eco-friendly removal for snow blowers in Philadelphia and surrounding areas

These services provide an upfront pricing model and easy online booking. This makes the removal process hassle-free. This option is ideal for those who prefer not to deal with the physical demands of disposing of bulky equipment​​.

Municipal Pick-Up

Many local waste management services offer bulk item pick-up, which can include snow blowers. It’s a convenient service, typically requiring you to schedule a pick-up and prepare your item according to local regulations. 

This method helps ensure that the snow blower is disposed of in compliance with municipal waste management policies​.

Landfill Drop-off

If local services permit, you can take your snow blower directly to a landfill. It’s essential to check if there are specific preparation requirements, such as draining all fluids, to prevent pollution. 

Although not the most environmentally friendly option, it is a practical choice if other avenues are unavailable​.

#5: Repurposing or Upcycling

Exploring the creative transformation of an old snow blower into something new and useful offers both environmental and personal benefits. Here’s how you can repurpose or upcycle your old snow blower:

DIY Projects

Snow blowers contain motors and other mechanical parts that can be harvested and used in various DIY projects. For example, the motor could be used to build a powerful fan or even repurposed into a go-kart for those with mechanical expertise. The sturdy frame can serve as a base for building a cart or mobile garden planter​​.

Educational Use

Donating your old snow blower to schools or educational clubs can provide a hands-on learning experience for students. Technical schools, in particular, might appreciate such a donation, where students can dismantle and study engine mechanics and electrical systems as part of their curriculum​​.

Creative Upcycling

Transform your old snow blower into a piece of art or functional furniture. With some creativity, parts of the snow blower can be converted into outdoor furniture like benches or tables. 

Alternatively, artistic individuals might turn metal components into sculptures or other decorative items for home or garden use​.

snow blower removal

Don’t Get Snowed In

Disposing of an old snow blower shouldn’t leave you cold. If you’re stuck with a machine that’s past its prime, EZ CleanUp is here to heat things up with fast, effective removal services. 

Located in Philadelphia, we handle a wide range of junk removal tasks, ensuring your old equipment is disposed of properly without any inconvenience to you. Call us to find out more or book our service!

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