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35 Great Tips for Junk Removal

35 Great Tips By - EZ CleanUp

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Why Is Junk Removal Important?

Whether you want to move to another city in the U.S. or simply want to relocate your furniture, you’re likely to encounter significant amounts of junk. In these cases, it’s important to get rid of waste properly; otherwise, you could be cluttering your home with things you don’t need or harm the environment with waste.

How to Prepare for Junk Removal Services

Hiring a junk removal company is one of the best things you can do to keep your home or business in great shape and take care of the environment. Professional junk cleaners make sure to throw all unnecessary items and recycle, donate, or throw them away. There are some junk removal tips you may follow to have a better experience at the time of throwing out your garbage, so make sure to read this list and follow it through.

Tip One – Set Your Goals

The best thing you can keep in mind before hiring a junk removal service is the items you want to throw out. In essence, you should identify the items you want to get rid of, put them into a list, and let the junk removal company know beforehand.

Tip Two – Only Keep What’s Necessary

Many people tend to keep unnecessary stuff in their homes because they believe they’re going to use it eventually. However, that’s highly unlikely to happen, and it only contributes to adding up more clutter to your home or business. Make sure to identify what’s truly necessary and what can be classified as trash; don’t hold onto things you don’t need.

Tip Three – Separate Junk in Categories

Not all junk removal services get rid of everything you decide to leave behind. There are some items you can recycle or donate, which is great if you want to help the environment. If possible, try your best to classify your waste according to its type. In case you’re unsure of what can be donated, recycled, or thrown out, make sure to ask junk removal professionals.

Tip Four – Clean the Clutter on the Surface

While a junk removal company is responsible for identifying and taking out junk from your house or business, you may speed up the process by cleaning up “debris” on the surface. There are many areas where you may have valuable items but don’t know due to all the clutter around them. Make sure to check everything around your appliances to ensure you’re getting all unwanted items out of your property.

Tip Five – Let Your Junk Removal Companies Know About Your Needs

One of the best ways to avoid confusion while removing unwanted items from your house is to talk to the professional in charge of your project. If there’s anything the companies must keep in mind before getting to work, the best time to do it is when you call or contact them online to get your quote.

Tip Six – Ask Your Junk Removal Companies About Anything You May Need Regarding the Process

An essential part of our junk removal service is communication with our customers. If there’s anything you want to clear up before starting the junk removal services, such as price, recycling process, truck size, and others, make sure to ask the professionals beforehand.

Tip Seven – Label Your Boxes

A common mistake among residential or business owners is that they don’t label their boxes properly. When the junk removal team comes up, nobody knows which items are the recyclable ones, the valuable ones, or the ones that are plain garbage. While this is not that much of a deal for a junk removal company, it can cause its team to spend a lot of time figuring out which are the unwanted items.

Tip Eight – Organize Your Junk-Gathering Session

If you’re planning on separating the junk that you’re getting rid of according to its properties (recyclable, reusable, etc.), make sure to work in small sessions to avoid overworking yourself. You may set a schedule or a timer to get rid of an area of clutter or fill up a particular number of boxes.

Tip Nine – Remove Electronic Waste Responsibly

Some states (such as Pennsylvania) don’t allow people to get electronic garbage into the trash since that could cause harm to the environment. If you have any laptops, PCs, monitors, or TVs you want to get rid of, talk to a professional so that they can get your garbage somewhere where recycling is allowed.

Tip 10 – Consider Donating Some of Your Items

While there may be some items you consider trash, they may still work for other people. These items include clothes, children’s toys, and more. In these cases, a junk removal company (such as EZ CleanUp) can help you gather these donated items and get them to a local shelter or company that needs them.

Tip 11 – Consider Recycling

Instead of getting rid of some debris, such as package boxes, plastic bags, and more, keep in mind you can recycle them. One of our local junk removal services includes getting recyclable clutter and getting it to a collection point where it can be used. If you want to know which items can still be of value for recycling, talk to our junk removal professionals.

Tip 12 – Choose an Environmentally Responsible Junk Removal Service

Some people tend to get rid of their trash without separating pieces of junk that can be harmful to the environment. Ideally, you would separate your junk according to its type (paper, food, metal, plastic, etc). Our junk removal service includes everything from getting all of your trash and to hauling it to the appropriate collection center without causing any damage to the environment.

Tip 13 – Consider a Demolition Contractor to Clean Up Large Areas

Remodeling your property can be exhausting, considering all the trash and junk that can be cluttering the space. You can cause damage to your electrical, plumbing, or other structures without proper demolition equipment; in these cases, a junk removal professional can be the best way to go.

Tip 14 – Work with a Team that Gets the Job Done Quick but Efficiently

While effort is one of the most important factors in the quality of a junk removal service, you must also keep time in mind. Many customers don’t like when their trash removal service takes longer than it should, so make sure to look for services that can get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tip 15 – Compare Pricing

All junk removal companies offer different prices for getting rid of your junk or clutter. One of the best tips we can give you is to compare the prices for the services you need so that you can choose one that fits your needs. You may call our workers for a free estimate on what you want to do and how much money it’s going to cost in a matter of minutes.

Tip 16 – Search for a Company with Impeccable Customer Service

A company’s customer service can speak a lot of its quality. To ensure you’re getting a high-quality service, review how the company responds to your queries. In the case of EZ CleanUp, we’re always ready to answer any number of questions you may have in record time.

Tip 17 – Work with Licensed and Insured Companies Only

Working with licensed and insured companies is also one of the greatest tips we can give you considering that can protect you in case anything goes wrong. EZ CleanUp is fully insured and licensed for all of its services, so you have nothing to worry about with us.

Tip 18 – Check for the Junk Removal Company’s Reputation on an Online Website

Several online websites offer a space where users can review junk removal companies they’ve worked with; this is an excellent way to check a junk removal company’s reputation for free. On our website, you have access to user reviews from Google, Yelp, and more!

Tip 19 – Make Sure Your Property Gets Swept Clean After Removing All the Junk

Even if you cleared a site off all the junk, it may be a good idea to clean it to remove any dirt or contaminant agents. Our junk removal job also includes cleaning up everything after we finished; this way, you can truly notice the difference between your space before and after the cleaning.

Tip 20 – Send Pictures of Any Potential Re-Sellable Junk

If you want to make your life easier and save time, create an album with photos of any junk you think you can re-sell. An experienced person from our company can evaluate these pictures and determine whether these can be taken as credit for the junk removal service or not; in case it can, you’re going to save money and help the environment.

Tip 21 – Work with People with the Right Equipment

Working with the right equipment not only ensures your items get disposed of the right way, but it also ensures your property’s safety during the process. In EZ CleanUp, we work with the highest quality equipment possible to make your life (and our workers’) much easier and save energy.

Tip 22 – Determine if You Need a Truck or Dumpster for Your Junk

Depending on how much junk you have, we may need more space to fit all your items. Among all the tips on this list, one of the most important ones is sending us a picture of all your junk; that way, we can determine whether you need a truck or a dumpster to fit everything.

Tip 23 – Remove Any Junk Cars from Your Property

Some junk cars may be sold for cash if there are any valuable parts on them. You may give us a call so that we can go take a look at your junk car (if you have one). If there’s anything of value, we’re going to pay you for it in cash and remove your old car from your property.

Tip 24 – Search for a Local Junk Removal Company

You need to search for junk removal services near you if you want to ensure the fastest job possible. If you live in Philadelphia or surrounding areas, we can get to your property as quickly as possible and offer you a fair price to get your junk out of the way.

Tip 25 – Consider Renting a Dumpster for Long-Term Projects

If you have to deal with huge amounts of junk, consider renting a dumpster to fill it with your junk. We offer you a wide variety of options you can choose from.

Tip 26 – Schedule a Cleaning Service Sooner than Later

Don’t wait until your junk goes all over your property. Contact a junk removal professional as soon as you need it.

Tip 27 – Check Your Area’s Landfill Guidelines

Some people dispose of trash without knowing what they can or can’t get into the landfills. You can either go over these guidelines yourself or contact us for a detailed explanation.

Tip 28 – Take Care of Junk Containing Personal Information

If you have some papers or documents with your information, make sure to store them somewhere safe or give them to us to shred them.

Tip 29 – Book a Consultation Online if Possible

Booking an inspection or consultation online can be a time-saver for everyone. We have an online form you can fill out in a couple of minutes, so make sure to check it out.

Tip 30 – Consider Requesting Frequent Junk Removal Sessions if Needed

If you tend to gather junk way too quickly, consider asking us for recurrent junk removal sessions to avoid future headaches.

Tip 31 – Prepare for the Junk Removal Session Beforehand

Aside from the tips on this list, make sure to get your property ready for our workers; that way, we can get the work done much faster.

Tip 32 – Dispose of Your Appliances Carefully

Appliances are delicate to move and dispose of; if you have any old appliances you want to remove from your property, wait until our workers get to your property to avoid problems.

Tip 33 – Don’t Move Any Heavy Junk Until a Professional Gets to It

You may be at risk of suffering an accident if you move any heavy junk without the right equipment. Wait for our workers to get to your property and handle everything heavy.

Tip 34 – Be Careful with Sharp Items

Sharp items can also be harmful to you and your family while removing junk. Be careful when separating your junk into categories and handle sharp items properly.

Tip 35 – Make Sure Everything is Good to Go Once the Junk Removal Workers Finish

Don’t forget to check whether your electrical, plumbing and other additional systems are still working correctly after the junk removal session ends. In case something went wrong, we’re going to work until everything is good to go again.

Bottom Line – Contact EZ CleanUp for Any Junk Removal Service You May Need!

Following all the tips on this list can help you prepare for any junk removal session and everything that goes after it. Remember not to hold onto any unnecessary items, request a quote from us, and let us do the heavy work while you relax.

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On this page, you’re going to read 35 useful tips you can use to prepare for any junk removal session with a professional company, such as EZ CleanUp.

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