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How Much to Dispose of Tires

How Much to Dispose of Tires

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Tires are one of the most common kinds of round junk to accumulate at home. Landfills are often full of tires of all shapes and sizes for this very reason. If you want to recycle tires, you might be wondering how you can get rid of waste tires and how much tire disposal costs. The price of tire disposal can vary greatly depending on how you dispose of your old tires in the first place.

Take Them to a Reycling Center

Many recycling facilities allow for tire recycling. This means you can take your used tires to the recycling facility, and they should take care of the tire recycling for you. Whether or not you need to pay to get rid of your old tires this way depends on the recycling center itself. Regardless, this is the most environmentally-friendly way of recycling tires. The rubber in your old tires can often be used for new tires or other products.

Recycling tires is an excellent way of ensuring old tires can be used to make new products. You’d be amazed by the ways that you can use old tires to make something new. Even if there is a fee involved in recycling the old tires, it’s worth it to know that your tires aren’t going to landfills and potentially harming the environment.

Sell or Donate

If you have used tires in good condition or new tires, you might be able to sell them or donate them to various organizations or private individuals. Perhaps a local contact is looking for old tires in good condition or can help you recycle tires? This is a great way to get rid of tires that reduces their environmental impact. You can rest assured knowing that your tires have found a new home where they or their rubber can be put to good use, thus reducing their environmental impact.

You can essentially see this as another way to recycle your old tires. However, this form of tire recycling doesn’t cost anything. Not only is there no fee, but you might actually get money out of it yourself! There are also events where you can donate or recycle many kinds of auto parts, including tires. If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting rid of old auto parts, then going to such a free event in your state should be the perfect opportunity.

Landfill and Trash Collection

You may be able to dispose of your old tires via standard trash collection. Usually, a department of your community or city trash disposal service is responsible for this program. You can often drop your old tries out the front of your property and someone comes in a truck to take them away. If you do decide to let the truck take your old tires away, the polite thing to do is to check whether or not your local trash service is equipped to deal with tires. You can try to email or call them to ask. If you email or call to make sure, then you can know for certain whether or not your tires can be sent to landfills or recycling.

There may sometimes be a fee required per tire or unit of trash. However, the potential cost varies depending on where you are. The best way to make sure you know whether or not this is free is to ask. You can also weigh this up to the potential other methods on this list. This is one way to find the best method of tire dumping or tire donation for you, but it may involve some searching. Still, if you can make the time to check out the options that are available near you, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something that works. If you accept that you might need to shop around, check out the options near you and search for a while, then you should eventually find something you like. Sometimes we can create our own opportunities, even if they don’t seem obvious to begin with.

Or You Can Leave it to the Pros! Benefits of Working with EZ CleanUP

Based in Philadelphia, EZ CleanUp has helped locals all throughout the city with tire dumping and tire donation. Even if you still use your tires currently, you can contact us if you’re considering tire dumping or tire donation. Just give us a call, and our team can explain our services to you.

Our Senior Discount

We must all recognize the service that our older citizens have provided our fantastic state and nation. In order to give thanks, we have decided to create a 10% senior discount on our services. We’ve recycled countless tires and furniture for senior citizens and are proud to help them however we can. It’s important to give thanks to them!

We’re Philadelphia’s Eco-friendly Option

Our junk removal company has recycled all kinds of junk and items since we started operations. We’ve recycled old furniture, tires, construction materials, and more. At EZ CleanUp, we take the environment seriously. We want to limit the impact of our operations on the environment. As such, we’re proud to have recycled so many tires and other items, even if it is more difficult at times. To us, it’s worth taking the time to search for a donation place for tires.

Providing a Professional, Affordable Service

Working with EZ CleanUp is so straightforward. To get a quote, you can simply grab a photo of your junk and send it to us online. Once we accept the photo, we can send you a quote for our services, often in the same day. If you like keeping things easy, then you can’t find a better way to recycle or throw away your old tires! We can bring your tires to a recycling facility or tire disposal center. Tire recycling is a specialty of ours, and we work hard to make this accessible to everyone in Philly. You don’t need to shop around if you’re on the search for someone to help you with tire recycling. You can trust EZ CleanUp!

Summary: we discuss how much it can cost to dispose of tires, different options for this, and why you should consider EZ CleanUp.

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