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How Much To Dispose of Tires: Costs and Options

how much to dispose of tires

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Disposing of a single car tire typically costs between $4 to $10. Larger tires, like those from trucks, can cost $20 to $75 each. If hiring the services of a junk removal company, prices of disposing of old tires depend on the truckload. Prices range from $150 to $599.

To learn more about how much to dispose of tires and learn eco-friendly, hassle-free disposal methods, explore our full guide.

disposing of old tires

Tire Disposal Pricing Overview

It’s crucial to know how much tire disposal costs because throwing away old tires isn’t as simple as getting rid of regular trash. Tires need special handling due to their material and impact on the environment. Responsible tire disposal is key to prevent pollution and recycle valuable materials.

Here’s an example of the disposal costs for tires and wheels. Note that prices may vary depending on the company or people you hire for the services:

  • $4 for each car or light truck tire (up to 18 inches) (rims not included)
  • $5 for each of the above tires if they’re on rims
  • $5 for every car, light truck, or SUV tire that exceeds 18 inches
  • Skid steer tires are charged at $20 each (rims not included)
  • Tractor trailer tires, sized between 19 and 22.5 inches, are priced at $25 per tire (rims not included)
  • For farm tractor rear tires, the cost is $25 each for tires up to 75 pounds.
  • Tires weighing between 75 and 150 pounds are charged at $40 each.
  • Heavier farm tractor rear tires, over 150 pounds, cost $75 each (rims not included).

Tire Disposal by a Junk Removal Company Pricing Samples

Many junk removal companies, like EZ CleanUp, offer tire removal services. We provide you with a more convenient option because you only need to set a schedule, and we will collect your old tires and make sure they are properly disposed of. You can also ask us to haul away other types of junk. This is ideal if you have several tires and other junk you want to get rid of.

With EZ CleanUp, you only need to pay for the space occupied by your junk in our truck. Here are our pricing options:

  • $150 for 1/8th of a Truck Load
  • $249 for 1/4 Truck Load
  • $375 for 1/2 Truck Load
  • $475 for 3/4th of a Truck Load
  • $599 for a Full Truck Load

Disposing of Tires: Safe and Eco-Friendly Methods

Having too many unused tires can pose several risks, including environmental and fire hazards and even health concerns. Fortunately, there are easy and generally affordable ways to deal with them. 

If you’re faced with a small number of tires, like up to four, local tire shops and recycling facilities often accept them. For larger quantities, it’s worth looking into services that specialize in tire collection. Whenever disposing of tires, consider environmentally friendly options like recycling, or think creatively about reusing them—for example, as part of a homemade playground or garden decor

Trading in Old Tires at the Time of Purchase

🚗 Swap Your Tires at the Dealership or Shop

When buying new tires, the simplest option is to leave your old tires with the dealer. Most tire dealers include the disposal fee in the new tire purchase price, which might range from $5 to $20 per tire. This option is the simplest way to dispose of your old tires. Find out from the dealer how they handle old tires. If they don’t recycle, consider taking your tires back and locating a recycler on your own.

🌐 Use Hard-To-Recycle Events for Tire Disposal

Take advantage of hard-to-recycle community events to dispose of your old tires along with other unusual recyclables like appliances or outdated electronics. Look for event details on community websites, local news outlets, or social media. Make sure tires are accepted at these events before bringing them along.

🏪 Drop Off Used Tires at a Tire Shop, Even Without a Purchase

Even if you’re not in the market for new tires, many tire shops will take old tires for a small charge, usually around $5 to $20 each. Phone ahead to local shops to inquire about their policies, whether they recycle, and any limits on the number of tires you can bring in. Choose shops that recycle the tires rather than those that might send them to landfills or junkyards.

🔄 Choose a Specialized Tire Recycling Center

Drop off your tires at a dedicated tire recycling center to ensure their repurposing. These centers specialize in breaking down tires for reuse, such as turning them into rubber mulch. Try searching for “tire recycling processing center” online to find local options. If transportation is an issue, some companies offer tire pickup services.

Dealing With Large Quantities of Old Tires

⚠️ Understand the Dangers of Storing Old Tires

Be aware of the hazards of keeping old tires on your premises. Even if it’s legal, storing old tires poses various risks: 

  • Collected water in tires becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, potentially spreading diseases.
  • Tires can catch fire, which can be notoriously challenging to put out. These fires emit harmful pollutants and contaminate soil and water.

🚛 Hire a Junk Tire Removal Service

When dealing with many old tires, consider hiring a scrap tire removal service. Search for local services, inquire about their minimum or maximum tire limit, and find out their fees, whether per tire or based on weight.

🚨 Report Unlawful Tire Disposal

Report any illegal dumping of tires you discover, either on your property or in public areas, to your local environmental agency or the police. Authorities typically take charge of removing and properly disposing of illegally dumped tires. If someone nearby is improperly disposing of tires on their land, seek advice from the local environmental department, as your options might be restricted by regional laws.

Creative Reuse of Old Tires

Construct a Small, Tire-based Sandbox

Create a child-friendly sandbox using a large tire, such as from a tractor. Place the tire on a sturdy plastic sheet or a custom-cut plywood base for patios or decks. Fill the tire with play sand. This setup is easy and secure, perfect for a fun play area.

Transform into a Garden Planter

Turn a tire into a garden planter for flowers or herbs. Simply place the tire in your garden, fill the center with soil, compost, or another planting medium, and plant your desired herbs or flowers.

Enhance the tire’s appearance with paint or decorative materials like old rope.

Set Up a Tire Swing

Build a tire swing, a classic and fun outdoor activity. After cleaning and drilling drainage holes, secure the tire either vertically or horizontally to a strong tree branch with robust rope or chains. For vertical swings, pass the rope through the tire. For horizontal swings, attach the tire using bolts and ropes evenly spaced around the sidewall.

Craft a Cozy Tire Dog Bed

Make a dog bed from a clean, used tire. After a thorough wash, position the tire and fill its center with cushions or blankets. A car tire is generally suitable for smaller dog breeds.

Make a Garden Table from Tires

Assemble a unique garden table using two tires and a wooden top. Stack and secure the tires with adhesive, then fix the wooden top, slightly larger than the tires, onto them. Choose to paint the tires for a colorful effect and drill holes for drainage if the tabletop isn’t permanently attached.

FAQs – How Much To Dispose of Tires

Can I Dispose of Tires for Free Anywhere?

Free tire disposal is rare and usually limited to specific community clean-up events or programs. Some tire retailers may offer free or discounted disposal when you purchase new tires.

How Much Does EZ CleanUp Charge for Tire Disposal in Philadelphia?

EZ CleanUp’s pricing for tire disposal is based on truckload capacity. Prices range from $150 for a 1/8 truckload to $599 for a full truckload, with the capacity to handle different amounts and types of debris, including tires.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Tire Disposal?

Factors affecting the cost include the tire size, whether the tire is on a rim, the number of tires being disposed of, and local disposal regulations and fees.

Is It More Expensive to Dispose of Tires With Rims?

Yes, typically, there’s an additional fee for disposing of tires that are still on rims, as the removal process requires extra effort and machinery.

Do Prices Vary for Disposing of Tires from Different Types of Vehicles?

Absolutely. Passenger car tires typically cost less to dispose of than larger, heavier tires from trucks, tractors, or industrial machinery.

proper tire disposal


Understanding how much does it cost to dispose of tires is crucial for both individuals and businesses dealing with used tires. From various pricing structures for different tire sizes and types to considering environmentally responsible disposal methods, managing tire waste can be both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Options range from engaging specialized scrap tire haulers, contacting local authorities for proper waste disposal, or employing innovative and green methods like tire upcycling

For those in the Philly area and neighboring counties, EZ CleanUp offers a simple and transparent pricing strategy to handle your tire disposal needs. This approach not only simplifies the process but also provides a clear understanding of the expenses involved. Choosing our services for tires and other types of junk disposal ensures that your tires are disposed of responsibly, without hidden costs. 

So, if you’re seeking an efficient, eco-conscious solution for tire disposal that is also budget-friendly, consider EZ CleanUp. Call us for a quick and free quote

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