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How to Dispose of Old Bricks

Old Bricks

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It is common for us to admire the outcome of building projects. We love the design, the contemporary wisdom behind the plans, and much more. Whether it is a private house or a tall building, we can hardly remember that one of the essential elements to hold this beautiful structure, to make it safe, isolated, and with great longevity, are the tiny bricks.

Unfortunately, brick leftovers are common, and we tend to forget their existence. We can see them near newly constructed houses and big ex-construction sites.

Someone might have had some good intentions about them but forgot them among all his long to-do lists.

We are here to discuss the best ways to dispose of old bricks (or unused bricks).

If you have some bricks left of your project, you might find this info super useful; let’s begin!

The best options to dispose of old bricks 


Used bricks are fashionable; architects use them to give their designs a touch of rustic style, which is hard to fake.
Selling and buying old, used, or spare bricks have become very common, and many options exist. You can either post it online on a local marketplace or contact some used/old brick buyers who give service in your area.
You’ll be surprised how many distributors are looking for piles just like yours. They buy them and give them a good treat before selling, so even if you think your pile is in terrible condition, think again and check for used brick sellers near you. You might win a nice fee together with cleaning up your space. Awesome!


Do you love DIY projects? Are you ready for your next one? Bricks are a great material that brings beautiful value. The ideas are infinite, so you should consider your needs, what could be useful, or what will make your place more comfortable and beautiful.
You can use bricks to make a garden planter, a garden walkway, a bench base, and much more! There are so many great ideas that if you just look at the endless options, you might not want to dispose of your bricks and want to start making your place more appealing with your DIY art.


Your bricks are a valuable asset; some people or organizations can get great value from having them. Giving it to a non-profit can be a great way to have someone else take them out of your place for a perfect reason. Helping projects that provide shelter to people in need might just give you the solution you need with the extra great feeling of knowing you’ve helped someone you don’t even know.


Recycling bricks is another great option for brick disposal.

How is it done?

The primary step for recycling bricks is to crush them. The bricks are fed into a jaw crusher, breaking them into small pieces. Depending on the subsequent use, the bricks might be crushed again to make the pieces smaller and even blend through a pugmill to create a homogeneous mixture, sometimes with other materials.

The recycled bricks will get new life as new bricks or as an aggregate for pathways and roads, or you might even see them in a landscape design.

Why should you dispose of old bricks?

Years ago, bricks were made out of mud or clay, so throwing them aside was non-harming; you can even say ecological. Today, bricks are made with different materials (like iron oxide, lime, and magnesia), which make them stronger, colored, more durable, more isolating, and with more longevity, which is excellent for us. But how about our environment?

Bricks’ ecological impact

Actually, the materials used to make bricks are mostly ecological (if there are non-ecological materials, their percentages are usually small). Modern bricks’ benefits (strong, durable, etc.) make them even more ecological because more longevity means less production, and less brick production means less pollution. Why is that? 

Wherever fuel is burning, there are emissions of excess CO2 into our atmosphere as some carbon monoxide and particulates. Mass brick manufacturing uses fuel burning, which is the main non-ecological impact of bricks.

Other than that, bricks are reusable, a natural resource, and the ecological conscience in the building industries is increasing yearly.

The actual harmful impact on the environment bricks can have, is when they are left untouched and forgotten. Piles of bricks create a neglected area in your land or project, a lousy finish, unsafe when children are around, a waste of resources, impact the place’s aesthetic, and can give a home for unwanted animals.


Why should you choose EZ CleanUp to dispose of your old bricks?

When recycling is the option on the table, that’s where we come into the picture.

The planet is asking us to recycle! Landfills are filled with demolition waste, and we wouldn’t like to fill them more, as it will affect the creation of more and more landfills. 

So to do that, you’ll have to search for the nearest recycling station and take your bricks there, which is a challenging task.

We are EZ CleanUp, a professional junk removal company from Philadelphia, PA. Loading trucks with all kinds of junk is our everyday task! That includes demolition and construction leftovers and so much more. 

We know the best places for recycling bricks with zero effort from your side, and that’s not all; if we get some cash for recycling your bricks, we will credit your bill!

Whether your bricks are still intact or broken up, we can haul them for you.

Contact us, and we will take your bricks out of your sight to a better place.

If you live in Philadelphia or neighboring counties and need more than just bricks disposal, we offer a vast range of services, including yard clean up, demolition services, and everything that goes under the title ‘junk removal Philadelphia’, call us at (215) 678-2040 to get a free quote!

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