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How to Find Junk Removal Jobs

How to Find Junk Removal Jobs

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Junk removal or junk hauling can be a lucrative business, but if you find that you do not have as many junk removal jobs or contracts as you used to, it may be time to rethink your marketing strategy or try something new to help you generate more money.

If you are a beginner and would like to know ways to find more jobs or contracts, you have come to the right place. Here are 10 ways to boost your junk removal business.

10 Tips to Help You Boost Your Junk Removal Business

The junk removal business is a competitive one! While it is easy to start this business with just a pickup truck and determination, maintaining it as a lifelong source of income takes time and the right marketing strategy.

1. Make Your Presence Known

Your web presence, that is. Placing an ad in the newspaper is not going to benefit you, because the truth is that people are not searching newspapers to find services anymore.

Thanks to Google, a customer can immediately find a service provider near them by entering search criteria.

Setting up a Google My Business Account is free to do. Be sure to set up a website too, so customers can read more about you and ensure that your business is geographically optimized.

This means that you should enter a specific location that would highlight your business if a user should search for a trash hauler in that location.

2. Distribute Flyers for More Jobs

Another great way to another job or contract is to print flyers and post them in mailboxes in your target location. Residents may have unwanted furniture, appliances, and other goods that you can haul and resell.

Flyer distribution is still one of the best ways to get the word out about your business because it is cost-effective and includes information in bite-sized chunks that can help to generate leads. It may be helpful to include your price, and any deals you could offer to dump the trash.

3. Get in Touch with a Local Realtor

You may not know this, but realtors get rid of junk before they put a property up for sale. They often need junk removal services to help them do this, so getting in touch with a real estate company to alert them of your services can help to boost your business, and help you make money through the removal of unwanted goods, and the resale of these items.

4. Junk Hauling at Storage Facilities

Another great place to look for a junk hauling job is at storage facilities. When the person who is renting the storage unit fails to provide payment, their storage unit is emptied, and their contents are often disposed of.

You can get paid to haul unwanted goods from storage units and sell them to make money.

5. Contact a Local Bank for More Jobs

Banks often haul a ton of trash from foreclosure houses before they can auction or resell them. Let your local bank know that you own a junk hauling business, so they can contact you when they need to clear a house for foreclosure.

Additionally, banks need this service, and they pay well. There is also great potential to make a lot of money through the resale of the goods that you haul.

6. Make Money from Construction Companies

Construction companies often enlist the help of junk haulers to help them get rid of debris and other waste materials that they may encounter at the construction site.

7. Put Up a Sign

Signage is another effective way to get the word out about your junk removal company. Make sure your signage is eye-catching to engage the viewer’s attention. Be sure to put up signs in both residential and commercial areas to generate more leads.

8. Advertise on Your Pickup Truck

People are more likely to read an advertisement on a vehicle than they are to read an advertisement on a signboard. Use your pickup truck to do the work for you by adding custom signage with your company’s name and contact details to help spread the word about your business, to get new jobs and contracts.

9. Online Advertisements

People are spending more of their time online, so investing in online advertising is a wise decision to help boost your junk hauling business. You can advertise on social media, Google, and junk hauling websites.

10. Junk Hauling Job Platforms

A great way to get new customers is by using trash removal job platforms.

The LoadUp Driver app is great to use if you operate your business in Philadelphia. The app alerts you to new jobs in your area and helps to connect customers to service providers at the right price.

Another great platform is WastePlace. The platform is designed to help you find new leads by emailing you every time a customer requests cleanup in your area.

The best thing about using an online junk hauling platform is that you can choose the jobs you want to do and turn down the ones you prefer not to do, designing your work schedule to suit your preferences.

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Finding trash removal jobs in a competitive market need not be difficult. You can follow the tips mentioned above to get paid for the simple job of removing unwanted goods, furniture, and debris for a handsome price.

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