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How to Price Junk Removal Jobs

How to Price Junk Removal Jobs

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What to Do If I Need Junk Removal Services

The junk removal business is wide, so it offers many opportunities for people who need junk removal services or who want to start their own company. Yet, you may ask yourself: How much do average companies charge for waste removal services? This is a business that is different than a dumpster rental. It’s essential to learn about junk removal pricing regardless if you are a customer or a junk remover.

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

Typically, the waste removal cost is between $70 and $529. People hire those services because there’s always some debris to dump. Doing it is essential because there could be hazardous components in the dirt you have close to your business or house. However, some factors determine how much junk removal companies can charge you for their services. Those factors are:

Amount and Weight of the Debris

Knowing the weight of the debris is essential to determine the estimated cost of the junk removal service. That’s because heavy junk requires heavy loads for the job. It happens the same with how much trash there is and its volume. Ask the removal company if it can take what you need them to get rid of. These companies typically take scrap metal and furniture but avoid hazardous materials. Yet, the company may tell you what they can take on its truck when you make an appointment with them.

If its a Minimum or Full Load Job

It’s not always easy to take everything inside the truck. A minimum project is not the same as a heavier load project. That means more equipment and time is needed to remove all the junk. Even average junk removal companies don’t tend to waste any kind of equipment, so the workers calculate how much they need to do the labor. The fees they charge for the service may depend on that.

How Much the Service Costs the Junk Removal Business

Many companies determine the cost of their junk hauling services depending on how much it costs them to take everything in the truckload. That includes many things, so here are some additional costs that could make the disposal fees increase:

  • If the business needs an average pickup truck or a heavier load to carry furniture.
  • The cubic yards the contractor needs to clean.
  • How far you are from the ones that provide you the waste disposal services.
  • The equipment and load needed to do the job.
  • How difficult the job is.

Local and National Average Price for a Junk Removal Service

This happens not only in the junk removal business but also with many other companies and businesses worldwide. If your business’s cost is far more expensive than what other companies ask you for the job, people may prefer your competitors. Yet, if your junk removal cost is too inexpensive, you can’t generate profit from it. That’s why many businesses research local and national prices to establish theirs.


Some waste removal companies ask you to pay for the estimate they give you for the job. That’s something you need to consider when analyzing how much a junk removal job can cost. Regardless of that, some companies offer you free estimates for the job, so consider that when checking the price of a service.

Supply and Demand

Another thing to consider when pricing your service is the supply and demand for that service in your zone. If many people need someone to haul away their junk, but not too many waste removal companies are in the area, you can raise your junk removal prices. Yet, if there are not a lot of people who need that and a lot of companies offering that service, you may decrease the money you charge for your labor.

Is the Trash Hauling Business Profitable?

It depends on your business prices. There are not many people who offer free junk removal services. You need to determine how much junk removal costs per cubic yard with your business. If you do that correctly, it can be a highly profitable business. However, trucks, professional workers, and dumpsters don’t come for free.

Having professional equipment and a decent truckload allows you to increase your service’s price. Those things make this business different than a dumpster rental.

Where to Find a Trash Hauling Company

There are many ways to find a business that can haul away your trash for you. You can always search on the web or ask a friend to recommend one. Yet, you can always hire EZ CleanUp.

Our trash cleaning services are off the charts, so contact us to learn everything you need to know about the matter! We also have a blog to help you understand many things about this business. Our phone number is on our website, so don’t hesitate to call us!

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Conclusion on Junk Removal Pricing

Determining the removal cost per cubic yard of your service is crucial if you want to start a trash removal business. There are many ways to do it and things that can make pricing easier for you.

Our Junk Removal Prices »

We recommend you take all the time you need to address that before doing anything else. Remember that the cost of the service is one of the most important parts when starting a business. Customers always consider pricing when deciding who to call.

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