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How to Get Rid of Old Wheelchair

How to Get Rid of Old Wheelchair

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Repurpose old wheelchairs into creative items or refurbish them. Donate functional ones to charities or recycle the metal parts. You can also sell the item or give it to someone in need. When disposing of it, ensure you follow local disposal guidelines for eco-friendly management.

Learn the details on how to get rid of old wheelchair in our guide below.

Repurposing and Upcycling

From unique household items to unique transportation options, the possibilities are endless and inspiring for what to do with an old wheelchair. With a little imagination and some DIY skills, it can begin a second life with a new function.

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Creative Conversions for Old Wheelchairs

Here are some ideas inspired by general repurposing projects that could be adapted for wheelchairs:

  • Beach Cruiser Conversion: This innovative transformation can be done by adapting the wheelchair’s durable frame and wheels to create a personalized bike that stands out. It’s not just a fun project, but also an excellent way to promote recycling and sustainable living.
  • Wall Art from Chairs: Consider using the frame of an old wheelchair to create a unique piece of art. The frame could be painted, decorated, and mounted on a wall to add a touch of creativity to any room​​.
  • Industrial Coffee Table from a Metal Cabinet: You could use the metal parts of a wheelchair to craft a unique coffee table. With some modifications to ensure stability and adding a glass top or wooden board, you could create a conversation-starting piece of furniture​​.
  • Garden Planters: By securing a container inside the seat area, you can create a mobile garden piece that’s easy to move around. 
  • Bookshelf or Storage Unit: By attaching wooden planks across the seat and any additional frame, you create shelves for books, plants, or decorative items​​.
  • Mobile Bar Cart: The structure of a wheelchair could be utilized to create a unique, mobile bar cart. With some adjustments for stability and added surfaces for storing glasses and drinks, a wheelchair can become the highlight of your entertainment space​​​​.

Refurbishing Manual Wheelchairs

Refurbishing a manual wheelchair can significantly extend its usability. This process involves thorough cleaning, repairing any structural damages, replacing worn-out parts like wheels or armrests, and applying a fresh coat of paint

The result is a wheelchair that looks and functions like new, ready to assist someone in need or find a new owner looking for an affordable mobility aid.

Recycling Non-functional Wheelchairs

When faced with a non-functional wheelchair that’s beyond repair, recycling offers a responsible and eco-friendly solution. This approach supports environmental sustainability while helping to declutter space efficiently.

Metal Recycling for Beyond-Repair Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs that are too damaged for repair or donation can still serve a purpose through metal recycling. Durable medical equipment, including wheelchairs, contains valuable materials that can be repurposed. 

Facilities specializing in medical equipment recycling, like Accessibility Medical Equipment, play a crucial role in this process. They ensure that the metal and other components are reused. This conserves resources and offers a sustainable way to support individuals in need.

Local Waste Facility Disposal Guidelines

Proper disposal of non-functional wheelchairs adheres to specific guidelines set by local waste management facilities. It’s essential to reach out to these authorities to understand the correct disposal or recycling process. 

Many waste facilities are equipped to handle large items, like wheelchairs, and will guide you through the process of environmentally safe disposal. This step ensures that the wheelchair is disposed of in a manner that aligns with local regulations and environmental standards.

Donating Used Wheelchairs

If you’re looking to donate a used wheelchair, you’re about to make a significant impact on someone’s life. Wheelchair donations can enhance mobility, independence, and quality of life for individuals who might not otherwise afford such essential equipment. 

Benefits to the Community

Individuals who receive these donations often experience a newfound sense of freedom and the ability to engage with their communities. Caregivers also find immense relief and support through these donations, as they can see their loved ones more active and happy. 

Nonprofits and Charitable Organizations

Several organizations play pivotal roles in making these donations reach the right hands. Here are some specific ones you can consider:

  • ALS Association: They accept a wide range of mobility aids, including manual and power wheelchairs. Your donation here supports individuals living with ALS. It helps enhance their mobility and quality of life.
  • Triumph Foundation: This organization focuses on providing assistive technology and medical equipment to individuals with disabilities, especially those who cannot afford new equipment. Donating your used wheelchair here can help someone regain independence.
  • Other notable mentions include Able People Foundation, which offers mobility equipment at no charge to low-income seniors and individuals with physical limitations, and Helping Hands Senior Foundation, which has a Loan Closet for medical equipment like wheelchairs and walkers​​​​.

Conditions for Donation Acceptance

When considering donating a wheelchair, ensure that the item is functional and in good condition. Organizations like REquipment emphasize the importance of donating devices that are gently used and still in operational condition. 

They clean, refurbish, and sanitize donated durable home medical equipment (DME) and assistive technology (AT) before delivering them to those in need across Massachusetts​​.

Liability Concerns for Hospitals

Hospitals and similar institutions may have reservations about donating medical equipment due to potential liability issues. It’s crucial to check with the donation organization about any inspection or maintenance the equipment might require to address these concerns effectively. 

Organizations like Quantum Rehab suggest that including the owner’s manual with your donation can be helpful, especially if you are donating powered equipment​​.

used wheelchair for donation

The American Red Cross’s Role

While the American Red Cross is well-known for its disaster relief efforts, it also plays a role in facilitating the donation process for wheelchairs and other medical equipment. Along with various nonprofits and community organizations, the American Red Cross accepts certain medical equipment for redistribution. 

It’s advised to contact them directly or consult their guidelines online to understand their specific requirements and whether they currently accept wheelchair donations.

Selling Old Wheelchairs

When you’re ready to pass on your old wheelchair, selling it is a viable option. Here’s a quick guide to help you through the process:

Online Marketplaces for Used Medical Equipment

There are several online platforms where you can list your used wheelchair for sale:

  • eBay: A globally recognized auction site that allows you to list various types of wheelchairs under the Mobility & Disability Equipment category. You can set a starting bid, buy-now price, and detail shipping options​​.
  • Craigslist: Known for local classified ads, it offers a section for selling medical equipment where you can connect directly with potential buyers in your area​​.
  • CareCure Community: An online forum focused on spinal cord injuries that includes a section for buying and selling used mobility equipment​​.
  • Marc’s Mobility: They specialize in buying and selling used power wheelchairs in excellent condition. They offer a straightforward process for sellers looking to find a new home for their power chairs​​.

Tips for Enhancing Sale Prospects

Keep the following in mind when selling your old wheelchair:

  • Condition: Ensure the wheelchair is in good, clean condition. A well-maintained wheelchair is more likely to attract buyers​​​​.
  • Photos and Description: Take clear, high-quality photos from various angles and write a detailed description highlighting the wheelchair’s features and any included accessories​​​​.
  • Price: Set a realistic price based on the wheelchair’s condition, age, and market demand. Research what similar wheelchairs are selling for to gauge a competitive price​​.

Innovative and Environmental Disposal Solutions

When you find yourself with an old wheelchair that’s no longer needed, there are several environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for disposal. 

Importance of Environmental Responsibility

Being environmentally responsible when disposing of old wheelchairs is crucial. Organizations like Seniors Mobility highlight the possibility of recycling wheelchairs or donating them to someone in need. This underscores the high demand for such mobility aids​​. 

Waste Diversion and Recycling Practices

Engaging in waste diversion and recycling is essential for minimizing environmental impact. For wheelchairs in bad condition, recycling centers might accept them for scrap metal, while those in good condition could be donated to charitable organizations or sold to individuals in need​​​​. 

Services like what we provide at EZ CleanUp can facilitate the removal and disposal of your old wheelchair. We provide an easy solution for those who are unable to transport the equipment themselves​​.

Disposing Of Your Old Wheelchair Made EZ

It can be overwhelming to dispose of an old wheelchair, especially if you lack the time and means to do it on your own. From determining if it’s suitable for donation or recycling to understanding local disposal regulations, the process comes with challenges. 

That’s where EZ CleanUp steps in. Our team specializes in the removal and responsible disposal of a wide range of items, including old wheelchairs. Whether it’s recycling, donating, or disposing of your wheelchair, we handle it all, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Need to clear out an old wheelchair? Contact us for a seamless solution to your junk removal needs. 

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