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How to Dispose of Glass Table Top?

How to Dispose of Glass Table Top

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Dispose of a glass table top by locating a nearby recycling station that accepts glass or hiring a professional junk removal service for proper handling.

☝️ That’s our most simplified answer, however, it will be worthwhile for you to keep reading to get a broader view:

disposing of a glass table top is much trickier than taking out the garbage; it’s heavy, large, needs to be recycled, and (can be) dangerous.
In this short & friendly guide, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process and explain precisely how to dispose of your glass table top.

Step #1 – Check for the nearest recycling station

You can do so easily by typing ‘glass recycling near me’ on Google.

Once you find the nearest place, it’s better to call them ahead and check their requirements, if there’s any fee included, and if you get paid for your glass.

Step #2 – See if you have what it takes to DIY

There are a few things you should consider before disposing of your glass table top yourself:

  1. How heavy or large is your glass table top?
  2. If it’s heavy or oversized – do you have someone to help you with the lifting? Are you both feeling comfortable with lifting heavy items?
  3. Will the glass table top fit in your car?

If your glass table top is too heavy or large, if you don’t have experience lifting heavy items, or if your glass table top doesn’t fit in your car – It’s safer, easier, and better to hire a junk removal company that handles the disposal and recycling process for you quickly.

Step #3 – Get ready for the ride

If you’ve passed step 2 without needing to call professionals, the next step is to prepare your glass table top for the ride.

If possible, separate the glass table top from the rest of the table.

If it’s not a rounded glass table top, you should cover any sharp corners before you lift it; you can use old towels or any old cloth for the job, or use cardboard and tape\tie it well to cover the sharp corners without moving.

It’s a good idea to prepare your car to keep it safe; again, you can do that either with old pieces of cloth (towels, etc.) or use cardboard.

Step #4 – Just do it – safely!

The next and final step is to lift your glass table top to your car. If it’s a heavy or a large glass table top, it’s much safer and easier to use the help of a friend.
Drive to the nearest glass recycling station, follow their orders, and that’s it! 

You’ve done something good for the planet, and your old glass table top will turn into something better! (you might see it later in a different form! Maybe a wine bottle?)

Glass table top disposal services – EZ as it gets

Here are five reasons you should consider hiring a professional junk removal company to dispose of your glass table top:

  1. It’s EZier!
    Remember all the steps above? You don’t have to do any of them!
    Just call a junk removal company, and you’re done!
    You don’t have to cover it, check for the nearest recycling station, call a friend for help, etc.
  2. It’s safer!
    As you all know, glass is a fragile material, and glass table tops are often heavy \ large \ or both! Professional junk removers are proficient in removing all kinds of junk, including glass of all sizes and weights, so for them, it’s an everyday task!
  3. It’s healthier!
    Glass table top removal can be a back-breaking task. Professional junk workers are experienced in lifting heavy weights and know how to do it right. They’ll be happy to save you the trouble!
  4. It’s faster!
    Besides the fact that it is easier, using professional glass tabletop removal services makes it much faster too. You don’t have to drive to the recycling station and go through all the bureaucracy.
  5. It’s not too pricey!
    With some junk removal companies (such as us), you don’t have to pay for a full truck. You’re paying only for the amount of junk you have, starting from 1\8 truckload.

And that’s not all; with EZ CleanUp, We will also credit you with the money we get from the glass recycling!

Why can’t you throw your glass tabletop in the bin?

You can’t throw your glass table top in the neighborhood bin for many reasons. Here are the main ones:

  1. It’s illegal.
  2. It’s bad for the environment.
  3. It’s dangerous. 

What happens to the glass table top once it’s recycled?

♻️ It turns into something new and beautiful!

Glass can be recycled numerous times, which is incredible for our planet.
There are a lot of different uses for recycled glass. Here are some of the most common ones:

New glass bottles, jars, tiles, drinking glasses, plates, countertops for sinks, glass powder for firefighting, new glass table tops! And much more.

Glass table top disposal service FAQ

Which areas do you serve?

We provide junk removal services across Philadelphia and surrounding areas such as Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware counties.

Are you a licensed junk removal company?

We are a licensed and insured junk removal company in Philadelphia, PA.

Here are our license details:
City of Philadelphia (#211715/36413)

State of Pennsylvania (#PA112494)

Why does it matter?

When you’re working with a non-licensed or non-insured junk removal company, you’re at risk because if anything goes wrong, you’re not covered.

What will you do with my glass table top?

♻️ We will recycle it!

We’re an eco-friendly junk removal company; we do our best to recycle all the junk we haul.
We will recycle your glass table top and credit the money to your bill!

Do I have to pay for an entire truck if I only want to dispose of one glass table top?


You only pay for the space your trash takes in our truck. The minimum is 1\8 truckload.

Do you offer same-day glass tabletop removal services?

Of course.

Just call us, and your glass table top will be gone (and recycled!) in no time!

I have more glass to recycle – can you haul them too?

Of course, more glass – better price!
Besides removing your glass, we will also sort out the glass colors for you, which is necessary in order to recycle them.

I have more junk, can you haul other items too?

That’s what we do!
If you have more trash in your house or yard, we will be happy to haul it too, and the more waste you have, the better price you’ll get!

We take almost every kind of junk, and besides glass recycling, we also offer yard waste removal services, cleanout services, and much more!
You can read more about what junk we take here.

Do you offer some discounts?

As mentioned, we will recycle your glass table top and credit the money to your bill.
We also offer a 10% SENIOR DISCOUNT.

How to dispose of a large glass table top?

Most people don’t own a pickup truck, and even if they do, they will find it pretty challenging to lift an oversized glass tabletop. If that’s the case for you too, and you’re in Philadelphia or surrounding areas, save yourself the trouble and call us at 215-678-2040.

We will be happy to dispose of and recycle your large glass table top! 

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