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How to Get Rid of Wooden Furniture

how to get rid of wooden furniture

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To dispose of wooden furniture, consult curbside trash service guidelines for bulky items, visit local waste management facilities, or consider eco-friendly options like recycling, donating, and upcycling. For recycling and donating, check if the furniture’s materials are accepted. 

Read on for detailed tips about how to get rid of wooden furniture.

Methods for Disposing of Wooden Furniture

Disposing of wooden furniture properly is essential for decluttering spaces and adhering to eco-friendly practices. This section will guide you through various methods.

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Curbside Trash Service Guidelines

Curbside trash services often have specific guidelines for disposing of bulky items like wooden furniture. For instance, some services specify that trash and recycling should be placed curbside the night before collection. They are also particular about the weight they can carry, such as two carts or six 32-gallon bags per pickup. 

However, for large items like furniture, a prior request for pickup is necessary, and there might be additional fees involved. It’s important to note that items like mattresses or upholstered furniture must be sealed in plastic for removal, and certain bulky materials are not accepted​​.

Local Waste Management Facilities

Local waste management facilities can be another option for disposing of your wooden furniture. It’s advisable to check with your local facility regarding their acceptance policies and any fees that might apply. This method ensures that your furniture is handled responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Eco-Friendly Disposal Options

This guide provides practical solutions for responsible furniture disposal.

Recycling Wooden Furniture

Recycling wooden furniture can be tricky due to the different materials involved. However, several methods exist for recycling. First, check if the furniture is mostly metal, as it can be recycled as scrap metal

If the furniture is primarily made of wood, its recyclability depends on the treatments and chemicals used in its finish. Treated wood, often used in furniture, is usually not recyclable due to the chemicals in varnishes and paints. In such cases, reusing or repurposing the furniture is recommended. 

Types of Wood Used in Furniture and Their Recyclability

  • Solid Wood Furniture: Traditional solid wood furniture, often characterized by mortise and tenon structures, holds significant value and is frequently resold in the secondary market. It’s typically more amenable to recycling due to the absence of synthetic materials​​.
  • Engineered Wood Products: Items like particleboard, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and plywood, often found in modern furniture, present more challenges in recycling due to the binders and resins used in their production. Innovations in recycling processes are increasingly enabling the recycling of such processed wood​​.

Donating to Charities or Non-Profit Organizations

Donating your wooden furniture is a fantastic way to give it a second life while helping others. Many non-profit organizations, thrift stores, and charity shops accept furniture donations, selling them to fund their charitable activities. 

Before donating, ensure that the furniture is in good condition—free from significant damage, bedbugs, or lice. In the UK and other developed countries, there are systematic second-hand furniture websites and recycling centers where furniture can be donated. Similarly, IKEA and other furniture retailers are increasingly adopting recycling and buy-back programs for used furniture​​.

Upcycling or Repurposing Wooden Furniture

Upcycling or repurposing old wooden furniture is a creative and environmentally friendly way to extend its life. This process involves transforming the furniture into a new product with a different function or improving its aesthetic appeal. 

Here are some creative ideas for giving old wooden furniture a new lease on life:

  • Bookshelf from an Old Dresser: Transform an old dresser into a bookshelf by removing the drawers and adding shelves. It’s perfect for a cozy reading nook.
  • Garden Planters from Wooden Chairs: Turn wooden chairs into charming garden planters by adding a container in the seating area.
  • Headboard Bench: Convert a wooden bed headboard and footboard into a stylish outdoor or entryway bench.
  • Coffee Table Ottoman: An old coffee table can be repurposed into an ottoman with some padding and fabric.
  • Desk into Vanity: Convert a vintage desk into a chic vanity by adding a mirror and some decorative touches.
  • Wooden Drawer into a Shelf: Use an old drawer as a wall-mounted shelf or shadowbox. Great for displaying small items or as a mini bookshelf.
  • Picture Frames from Cabinet Doors: Transform wooden cabinet doors into unique picture frames for your favorite photos.
  • Bar Cart from an Old Trolley: Convert an old trolley or serving cart into a stylish bar cart for entertaining.
  • Wine Rack from an Old Dresser: Modify an old dresser into a wine rack and bar station, perfect for your dining area.
  • Chalkboard from an Old Mirror Frame: Using the frame of an old mirror to create a chalkboard is ideal for kitchens or home offices.

DIY Disposal Strategies

Getting rid of wooden furniture might seem challenging, but with the right approach, you can handle it safely and responsibly. 

Here’s a guide to help you through the process:.

Safe Dismantling Techniques for Wooden Furniture

The key to safely dismantling wooden furniture lies in understanding its structure and using the right tools. It’s important to have screwdrivers, wrenches, and a hammer on hand. A small hammer, ideally a rubber one, is recommended to minimize damage. 

If possible, use the furniture’s instruction manual as a guide for disassembly. This ensures that you follow the correct order and avoid causing any damage. For older or antique furniture, it’s essential to be gentle to prevent any further deterioration. 

Disassemble protruding parts like legs or arms first, as they usually add substantially to the furniture’s size, which makes it hard to move otherwise. For pieces like wardrobes and beds, start by removing drawers, shelves, and any detachable parts. 

In the case of desks and tables, begin by taking out drawers or glass tops, then proceed to unscrew the main components​​​​​​.

Transporting Furniture to Disposal Facilities

Once the furniture is dismantled, transporting it becomes much easier. However, ensure that you have appropriate transport means, like a vehicle large enough to accommodate the furniture pieces. Be mindful of securing the load to prevent any damage during transit. 

It’s essential to check with your local disposal facilities regarding their policies on wooden furniture, as some might have specific requirements or may not accept certain types of wood.

Preparing Furniture for Donation or Recycling

If you’re considering donating or recycling your wooden furniture, make sure it’s in a condition acceptable for reuse. Clean the furniture thoroughly and make any minor repairs if necessary. For donations, contact local charities or thrift stores to understand their acceptance criteria. When recycling, research facilities in your area that accept wooden furniture. 

Hiring Professional Removal Services

When it comes to disposing of wooden furniture, hiring professional removal services can simplify the process significantly. We at EZ CleanUp understand the challenges of getting rid of wooden furniture. We provide professional removal services that are efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

Evaluating Professional Furniture Removal Companies

At EZ CleanUp, our team is experienced in handling various types of furniture removal tasks. Our pricing is based on the volume of junk removed. 

We offer free on-site estimates to ensure transparency in our pricing. We also take care of all logistics, including scheduling and transportation, to provide a seamless service tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Removal Services

Companies like EZ CleanUp implement eco-friendly removal services. We focus on recycling and repurposing items to minimize landfill waste. This is why, by choosing our services, you’re making an environmentally responsible choice aside from getting rid of your unwanted furniture.

Understanding Wooden Furniture Disposal

Disposing of wooden furniture requires careful consideration to ensure it’s done responsibly and sustainably.

Importance of Proper Disposal

Proper disposal of wooden furniture is essential to prevent environmental harm. Furniture often contains chemicals and treatments that can be harmful if not disposed of correctly. By ensuring proper disposal, we also reduce the burden on landfills and encourage recycling and repurposing, which can extend the life cycle of the materials used.

Environmental Impacts of Wooden Furniture Disposal

Disposing of wooden furniture improperly can have significant environmental impacts. Furniture that ends up in landfills contributes to the release of greenhouse gases as it decomposes. 

Additionally, the burning of wooden furniture can release toxic chemicals into the air, harming air quality. On the other hand, recycling or donating furniture can have positive environmental impacts by reducing the need for new resources and minimizing waste.

Safety and Health Considerations

The disposal of wooden furniture involves several safety and health considerations that are crucial for a risk-free process.

1. Identifying and Handling Hazardous Materials

Many wooden furniture pieces contain hazardous materials like lead paint or chemical treatments. It’s important to identify these substances before disposal. 

If hazardous materials are present, they should be handled according to local regulations, often requiring special disposal methods to prevent environmental contamination and health risks.

2. Protective Gear and Safety Measures

When dismantling or moving wooden furniture, wearing appropriate protective gear is essential. This includes gloves, eye protection, and possibly a dust mask, especially if the furniture is old or shows signs of mold or decay. 

Ensuring a safe working environment, like a well-ventilated area, and using the right tools are also key safety measures.


Always Choose to Be Eco-Friendly, Even With Furniture Disposal

Letting go of old wooden furniture, aside from being a household chore, presents an opportunity to positively impact our environment. By opting for eco-friendly disposal methods, you’re contributing to a healthier planet. 

Remember, if you need assistance, EZ CleanUp is here to help you manage your furniture removal responsibly and efficiently. Choose wisely, and contact us at EZ.

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