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What Industry Is Junk Removal?

Junk Rempval

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Junk removal falls under the waste management and remediation services industry. It involves the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste materials, including the removal of unwanted items from homes or businesses.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic!


What Does the Junk Removal Industry Include?

The Junk Removal industry includes many services that many people don’t know of. First, we have recycling. Junk removal companies don’t only take your things to landfills and forget about them.

The junk haulers also examine your trash and see if they can donate or recycle any of the items you wanted to get rid of.

That means you can hire those companies for waste management as well as for packaging, waste moving, and things of the sort.

How Big Is the Junk Removal Industry?

In simple words, it is enormous. That’s because of how much waste is generated in the U.S. annually. The waste industry is valued at $75 billion every year. The total payroll of the junk removal industry exceeds $10 billion each year. That’s a huge amount of money, so there is a lot of competition in the junk removal business.

You can check that on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which has tons of information about other junk removal industry statistics.


Why Is the Junk Removal Industry That Big?

As you can see, junk removal companies receive tons of financial benefits. One of the main reasons that happen is that Americans produce 4.5 pounds of waste each day. Customers can’t let all that waste stay at their place, so they hire junk removal services to take care of everything.

The growth of this franchise is also because of how even the average local junk removal companies around the world take care of the environment and recycle or donate the items you give them.

How Much Can Junk Removal Companies Recycle Each Year?

People produce more than a million tons of garbage each year. 85 million pounds of that trash is recyclable. That means there are many things that other services, such as dumpster rentals or garbage trucks, waste many items and resources that could be recycled or donated to help others.

This makes the waste management industry an environmentally friendly one. Recycling supports your local community and makes the junk hauling business more successful.

Is the Waste Management Business As Big in Other Countries As It Is in the U.S.?

The short answer is ‘no.’ That’s because the U.S. is the country that produces the most trash worldwide, so the country needs many companies that offer that service. You can see that in the industry’s statistics.

The U.S. alone produces 350 million tons of trash each year, so this is the best moment to start a junk removal company. Hauling junk is not something that people do for free. However, the price every customer has to pay for that service is not that expensive.

Is the Waste Disposal Industry Improving?

Absolutely! There are more technological improvements each year. That helps waste disposal companies increase their job quality.

Apart from that, marketing trends support businesses that help the environment, which helps recession-resistant businesses. Those marketing trends have made waste disposal more popular on the market. That boosts its growth and sales while encouraging junk removers to do a better job.

How Many Junk Removers Are Available on the Market?

Many customers have unwanted items they need to get rid of. That makes this business have a lot of competition. People can search for junk removers online or research among friends and relatives.

You can find over 20,000 competitors in the waste removal business. Not all of them found success, though. However, if you need a waste removal company, you can always count on EZ CleanUp. Check our website and use our phone number to call us!

Is Waste Moving Expensive?

You shouldn’t worry about how much these services cost. That’s because hiring a waste management company is one of the most affordable ways to haul your unwanted stuff. However, this service’s costs depend on many factors such as the volume of your items and things of the sort. An average truck is normally enough to take care of everything, but needing more could increase the price. Customers pay an inexpensive price for this service considering it’s a franchise that supports recycling instead of taking everything to landfills.

Is Waste Disposal Profitable?

As you can see, the amount of money generated by waste removal is not short. Many people find profitable results when starting their waste removal business. Yet, doing it is no easy task.

To do it, you need to invest in many things such as a truck, workers, and things of the sort.

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Waste management is an interesting and big industry that helps many people annually. As you learned from reading this article, the amount of waste generated by the U.S is not short, so many businesses are needed to take care of everything. Apart from that, this industry is popular because of how it recycles and donates your items to other people.

If you even need waste management services, don’t hesitate to contact EZ CleanUp! Our workers are experts in this business and can help you address all your problems.

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