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Who Is the Cheapest Junk Removal Near Me?

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Junk Removal Services in Philadelphia, PA

If you are left with a load of trash and junk laying around your house or commercial property after a move, renovation project, or during construction, it helps to hire a junk hauling company to remove the waste. Need to shift anything from old furniture to unused paint? Call in the pros! The question is, what company is the cheapest? In Philadelphia, PA, two names shine in reviews and are known for excellence in trash hauling and project clean-ups.

Junk Removal Philadelphia has never been so EZ!

EZ CleanUp

In the Philadelphia location, nothing beats us in terms of service, customer reviews, and the variety of project experiences we have. Our squad and their truck can have your unwanted debris (from a hot tub to a tree branch) gone in no time. The city is our backyard, and we take pride in keeping it clean.

Who else – big companies

There are few more recognizable industry names than 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Working across the USA, this chain removal giant is known for excellent pricing and efficient work. A quick phone inquiry and a look online to find the nearest location and check out the price menu, then you can set the date. Because it is such a big name, you have a clear idea of exactly what to expect!


To see our prices click on the link – Junk Removal Prices »


You should definitely use a little time to phone up different companies to compare prices, but here is an overview of what to expect. Hauling costs depend on what size the items are. GOT-JUNK charge around $180 for a sofa, as an example, due to the heavy lifting for the two-man squad. Any large piece of furniture is likely to cost more, although a sofa is one of the priciest items.


Taking junk to a dumpster is a tedious task that you need no longer worry about. It usually costs between $50-$150 per tonne to dump at a recycling plant and $20-$50 in a landfill. Rather than driving yourself, use a contractor to take it for you.


Emptying a storage unit or garage is usually priced based on how much van space is used. Send photos of the location to get a quote, and try to estimate by yourself to get a rough idea. You can also hire a dumpster for your yard if you are cleaning out an estate yourself and don’t want to drive to a legal dumpsite. Additionally, you decide the date you want to start, then pay per day and phone for pickup when you’re done!

What You Want from a Junk Removal Service

Finding a junk hauling company that does it all is not easy. Every project is different, and many companies have neither the professional experience nor the skills to safely complete the job. Certain junk removal projects require licenses and training that not every crew has, so it is essential to contact a team that meets your needs. Some of the primary services a good junk removal crew should provide are:

  • Removing electrical appliances in any condition
  • Skip or haul-away van rental
  • Free price estimate either online, over the phone, or on-site
  • Next-day hauling
  • Leave your property clean after a job
  • Qualified and permitted to work on construction debris removal
  • Able to safely get rid of hazardous materials
  • Work with Philadelphia recycle and eco-friendly disposal companies as much as possible
  • Excellent customer review score on websites like Yelp

Seems a lot to ask, right? Luckily, the Philadelphia area is home to the best. EZ CleanUp provides full service at an excellent price. No other company in the area offers are wide a range of services. Our employees stay up to date with all the latest safety training, and we review our practices regularly. The reviews speak for themselves; we have been called a tough act to beat when it comes to Philadelphia junk removal.

Fill out the form online to learn more about prices, or come by the Philly office during work hours to schedule an appointment. The central location in Philadelphia, PA, helps EZ CleanUp provide an unbeatable service. Pickup, removal, and demolition are second nature to the guys on our team. Give us a call to ensure your next haul is the most professional yet- not to mention the most affordable!

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EZ CleanUp
Junk Removal Philadelphia

Our company works day in, day out to remove all kinds of junk and debris from households and properties around the city Philadelphia. If you have anything you need cleaned out or removed from your property or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer competitive rates and serve the whole of the city of Philadelphia.

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